How Long Before They Introduce Tithing?

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  • Incognito

    As with anything WT / JW, a tithe would be given a unique title and implemented in a slightly different way from other religions.

    As mentioned, WT has already implemented a version of a tithe, but the obligation is not placed on individual members, but on the congregation as a whole.

    Individual congregation members/families were asked to indicate and commit to an amount they will provide on a monthly basis. Although not a percentage of income, those amounts were totalled and indicated to WT as that congregation's ongoing monthly 'contribution' to WT.

    If an individual or family does not fulfil the commitment they indicated, other congregation members are then fully expected make-up for the shortfall.

  • dubstepped

    At least we agreed on one thing Ducker, the JWs don't actually help anyone, it's just not what they do.

    So let me ask you while I've got you, how long have you been out now, since you seem interested in the length of time people have been out?

    What woke you up?

    Care to share some of your doubts with us?

    So talking of things being "alleged" (though I'm not sure where any here alleged such but you like to make things up so do you), be sure to be honest and open.

  • dubstepped

    Good point Incognito, they do pass around slips and pressure people to make promises as to future donations and then to pay what they vow. They already have congregations on that everlasting mortgage plan.

    I don't see them ever going to a straight tithe model of a certain percentage, but they'll just do what they do and be underhanded in the process the whole way. When you have 8,000,000 brain dead followers that you've manipulated into following your direction, you can get what you want.

  • Doubter

    Well, you’re partially correct, dubby. They don’t have any social programs that help people in that regard.

    They do not need them. Jws take care of themselves and each other. They only require the organization for their religious doctrine/training.

    Why do you want them depending on the org for sustenance?

    Will that only increase the alleged “control” you seem to loathe so much?

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    Doubter if they only take care of themselves and each other why do they get charity tax free status?

    That is not for taking care of yourself . Ot is for helping you're community!

  • Sanchy

    He's an apologist. I'm fairly sure, though certain he will deny it, he's involved in various apologist blogs. He claims he was "an exJW for 10 years", though if he is who I think he is, he was born into a JW fam, stopped attending mtgs in late teens and decided to "return" and get baptized as an adult. Hardly the description of an "exJW".

  • Doubter


    Take that up with the IRS. They granted WT tax-free status. If you think they are not meeting the requirements, then it should be easy to have their tax-status revoked.

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    Like talking to a wall.

  • Doubter

    Sanchy, tell me how disassociating in 2003 and coming back in 2014 is anywhere near your assertions? So if you want to keep diverting this discussion, be my guest.

    Many jws are born in, 66 percent of them leave, so flip a coin.

  • sparrowdown

    Like talking to a troll.

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