Breaking News: Anthony Morris III no longer serving on the Governing Body

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  • vienne
    slimboyfat9 hours ago
    vienne it’s a bit graceless not to even acknowledge responses from me or Jeffro. I know it’s not pleasant to be wrong, but I hope when others point out a mistake I make that I will be thankful to them for correcting a wrong idea I had, and have the respect and the self confidence to express it.

    I'm waiting. ...

  • slimboyfat

    Your original claim was that “all of Franz's articles were omitted. That’s simply not true. You’ve had four different posters tell you as much. Far from all his articles being omitted, you’ve not been able to find a single article of his that was omitted.

    So you’ve changed the goal posts and wasted a lot of time.

    Now instead, to save your blushes, you say articles Raymond Franz wrote were “edited”. Many articles were shortened and updated for the Insight books. That’s different than being “omitted”. You’ve presented no evidence the material Raymond Franz wrote was given omitted. There is no evidence, because it wasn’t.

    The entries for “Overseer” in the Aid book and the Insight books respectively can be compared on the links below. The Insight entry is shorter, with much of the same material, and in no reasonable sense of the word “omitted”.

  • Mit123

    I have reliable information that Tony is attending one of the Poughkeepsie NY congregations. I think there are 5 of them. If anyone is nearby why not check it out

  • vienne

    I've named ALL of his known articles. Name another if you know of one. I did not say his articles were edited. I said he acted as an editor in the Aid Book project.

    The articles are on the same subject, but they are NOT the same articles. As they are in the Insight book, they are by someone else. They are NOT Franz's articles. Those are gone. That what is in the Insight book is on the same subject does not make them the same article.

    You are trying to save face. Period.

  • slimboyfat

    First you said that “all” Raymond Fran’z articles were “omitted”. That’s false.

    When this was pointed out to you you claimed they were “rewritten”.

    As anyone can see by comparing the “overseer” entries above, much of the same material was used including the original wording.

    And you’ve completely ignored the points Jeffro made about the chronology article:

    Though there are some significant alterations to the versions of the Chronology articles in Aid and Insight, there is no evidence that 'those are the bits Franz wrote' (or that the remaining parts are the bits he didn't write). Most of the omissions relate to weak apologetics that raise more questions than they resolve (especially inconvenient after the publication of The Gentile Times Reconsidered), as well as material that is already covered in other articles such as 'Persians', or that was too outdated by the time Insight was written.
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    So is the April JW Broadcast a marking talk directed toward Anthony Morris. Was Tony being likened to Jehoshaphat...has Tony made some bad choices and decisions in life...has he been disagreeable, maybe lacking in humility?

    If Tony screwed up royally...then just come out & tell us what the hell he did?😂

  • vienne

    Jef's comment is not relevant. And it is off the mark. The parts of the article that remain are traceable to previously published material that R. Franz had no hand in writing.

    AND the other two articles are totally new articles on the same subject. NAME any other articles R. Franz wrote for Aid. A rewritten article replacing Franz article omits the original article. Do you always have this much trouble with the basic definition of words?

  • vienne

    I should reiterate that Franz did not start fresh. If you recall, Knorr handed Franz and his team a pile of already written material. If their additions (and one can presume corrections) were removed, some words would remain from the Aid article as written anew for Insight.

    Do we have any proof that the Watchtower changed anything in response to Gentile Times Reconsidered?

  • babystar_jr
  • Diogenesister
    . Fat thinks I owed him obeisance as the corrector of my wrong statements. I do not. I view most of what he says on this board with considerable skepticism or disdain. He is more often wrong than right.

    I'm sorry you lost your mother so very young. I truly am. But that doesn't give you the right to be rude unnecessarily.

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