Breaking News: Anthony Morris III no longer serving on the Governing Body

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  • Fisherman

    a more damaging scenario to what's really happening in PA.


  • joao

    The news is not there anymore, is it?

  • llubrevlis2000

    How can we find out if he went to his local meeting today?

    It should be on an ex JW forum somewhere soon should it not?

  • Diogenesister
    As per Ray Franz, the GB needs 2/3 of votes to decide on important matters, such as change in doctrines or policy. Now, when they were 7, a change could only be obtained with a minimum of 5 votes in favor. Conversely, 3 votes would be enough to block a change.

    It's changed as far as I know. Eden to unanimous vote in order to enact change.

    Great walk through though, and if the voting system remained a likely scenario. I do see Toni as the type to throw in the towel if he were defeated by politiking.

  • Walter

    I personally think, any speculations about a connection with PA cases are completely unsubstantiated. GB has been continuously trying to tell that child abuse cases are handled correctly, based on biblical principles. If AMIII really is facing any legal difficulties in PA, I am convinced that GB would stay together and fight. They would tell that such legal difficulties just prove that Satan is fighting against the org (similar as they have been doing with legal difficulties with shunning in Norway in the last months). Removing AMIII in connection with his handling of such cases would not strengthen, but weaken GB's standing inside the org.

    And, given AMIII's age, his very straightforward and loyal talks, and the fact that in announcement he is explicitly called "brother", I don't see a chance that he is a kind of second Raymond Franz.

    Theoretically possible are following scenarios:

    1.) There was any wrongdoing requiring a JC. If so, I doubt that any future WT org's publications would enable us to draw conclusions on nature of wrongdoing (Elders schools highlightened importance of confidentiality of JC matters). I hate any speculations on kind of possible wrongdoing; especially in a forum dominated by ex-JWs it should be well-known that such speculations are often ill-founded.

    2.) Recent new appointments changed majority in GB and made serious changes possible; AMIII is not agreeing with changes and decided to resign. If so, we should see any major doctrinal or organizational changes before end of 2023.

    3.) He resigned for personal reasons, such as severe health problems, or severe situation in family. This would be very unusual for a GB member, but as AMIII talks were quite direct and straight forward, I consider it possible that he fells such an unusual decision. If so, they would not mention the reason in official announcement (as well as an announcement doesn't give reason if a congregational elder, or a regular pioneer, decides to resign for similar reasons). But I guess, that, in such a case, to avoid negative speculations, they would mention AMIII in an appreciative way, let's say, in a future monthly broadcasting.

  • Rijk

    The Governing Body with 'mRNA propaganda leader' Anthony Morris III supporting exactly what is explained below:

    And now millions of people worldwide die or are damaged by mRNA technology. There are also brothers and sisters who have taken the jab at the suggestion of the Governing Body. Or would it have been a personal guess from Mr. Antony Morris in the Governing Body update 2021 no.10?

  • Listener

    The Watchtower is one weird organisation.

    We aren't talking about an Elder or a MS, this was an individual given the highest position in the organisation, one that every JW has been told to be obedient to and to trust.

    He is now no longer a part of the FDS that Jesus appointed and the organisation can't be bothered to say whether he was stood down due to disciplinary action, being prompted or for personal reasons. Why? They can hardly claim that it's nobody's business. They can't claim they are being discreet about it since it affects the faithfulness of all JW followers, every one of them.

    Do they understand that there is a big difference between speculation and rumours? They would like JWs to consider them to be the same thing in situations like this but they are not. The speculation will continue and now, it won't be Morris that looks like the clown, it will be the rest of the GB and the Watchtower.

  • sec_ip

    what is not speculation or rumor is that he is no longer a member of the faithful and discreet slave according to present light. that is just bizarre under any circumstance other than wrongdoing. can you imagine st John no longer being an apostle just because he started seeing things in his old age?

    wrongdoing or not it certainly seems the organization has fumbled this one. not surprising at all.

  • EdenOne
    2.) Recent new appointments changed majority in GB and made serious changes possible; AMIII is not agreeing with changes and decided to resign. If so, we should see any major doctrinal or organizational changes before end of 2023.

    Someone pointed out that the decisions on the GB are made by unanimity now; in this scenario, it could be that Anthony Morris became so entrenched and isolated in resisting a change of some kind, that the others concluded that he was resisting the flow of the Holy Spirit and asked him to resign ... and perhaps (why not?) using his known alcohol excesses as leverage against him to force him to resign.

  • Paul Bonanno
    Paul Bonanno

    If you see the “Shepherd The Flock of God” October 2022 - Chapter 8 paragraph 38 (Announcement of Deletion) it states the following: Announcements of deletion, including those because of resignations, should read as follows: “Brother [name of person] is no longer serving as an elder (a ministerial servant).”

    The announcement of Anthony Morris was exactly as above mentioned.

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