Breaking News: Anthony Morris III no longer serving on the Governing Body

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  • EdenOne

    Welp, TM3's name has been scrubbed from the official list of Governing Body members.

  • Diogenesister

    I'm going to lay my cards on stage 4 metastatic liver cancer ?pancreatic cancer primary. Just because these guys are so powerful and have towed the line for so long, sexual indiscretion aside (which I can't see with Toni) I just can't see anyone taking them down.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    You would expect that if he was stood down for medical reasons they would have mentioned that in the announcement.

  • Fisherman
    Unless this is history in the making with a new policy, nobody from the governing body in the past stepped down for health reasons or old age. They all died gb. There must be a disqualification even if some other pretext is used. No disrespect for the man. How soon people(jw) forget contributions and hard work (same as with RF.)
  • no-zombie

    Brother Morris's problems aren't going to end by his removal from the Governing Body, as it is highly unlikely that he and his wife will be taking up jobs in Bethel's cleaning department. This means that they'll have to be 'redesigned to the field', which is highly ironic seeing that's what Tony did to so many other Bethelites, when they got rid of people who they considered to be a liability.

    However where will he go, knowing the literally everyone around the world understands that there is now a cloud hanging over your head? Yep ... its going to be hard to quietly slip away . But that's the price that you pay, when you allow yourself to become an international celebrity. Its great you are at the top, basking in the sun ... but its going to be really uncomfortable when you are not. Tony should have read the story of Icarus.

  • Fisherman

    History in the making.

  • Fisherman
    This means that they'll have to be 'redesigned to the field',

    I don’t think so. He is staying in Bethel but anything can happen.

  • Vanderhoven7
  • Fisherman


    2 New gb members. My educated guess, someone else also.

  • Bartolomeo

    I hope that the same end befalls Splane (for the infamous overlapping generation and other ambiguous speeches like the plea bargaining in the courts he spoke about in the 2021 congress) and Jackson (for the infamous statements to the ARC), as a start may be enough.. .

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