Whats the best internet music file sharing thingy....?

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    Once again, an excellent post. I note a sympathetic vibration.


  • ballistic

    Well, although I find the debate interesting, I don't think I can say much more than I've already said. Except that whatever the argument is, it is that much stronger here in the UK because the general public feel ripped off. I cannot stress this enough.

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    This topic is getting too out of hand . This thread should be locked as soon as possible.

  • SYN

    One problem with MP3s you download is that often those MP3s are not terribly great quality. I can hear definite degradation of the sound at 128KPBS, minor degradation at 192KPBS, and anything higher than that makes it impractical over a modem (but broadband is still OK). That's why I tend to buy CDs instead, which are not created using lossy compression algorithms, although recently being a broke programmer I haven't been able to buy too many.

    In South Africa the music price problem is horrible - due to our exchange rate etc, what you pay for a CD today could buy you dinner for a WEEK! And I'm not joking! But that's a poor analogy, because food is still fairly cheap in South Africa...I must say there's been quite a few CDs I've listened to first as MP3s, then gone out and purchased based on liking the MP3s and wanting full-quality "studio" versions of the tracks.

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    Thank you everyone for alerting me to Kazaa He he he!

  • ashitaka

    I haven't downloaded a song from Kazaa in a while (over a year I think), but I still won't pay 20$ for a CD. Never. No matter what, those bastard companies are just going to have to put up with shitty sales until they make all CD's reasonably priced.

    I go to indie shows, and when I'm there I ALWAYS buy the albums that are made directly from the band. They sell between 8-12$. This, I think is reasonable. I wouldn't rip off their music, because they are funding themselves, and the prices are reasonable.

    I won't buy anything from a corporate label again----it's already been three years since I bought a CD from anything but indie labels. I'll sit by the radio and wait for hours for a song before I ever spend money like that again.

    Also, as a side note, many of the songs I download I've owned in the past. I just think that I shouldn;t have to purchase an album 3 times because of how fragile CD's are. (scratches and such) Once is enough. I owned the LP and the cassette of Piano Man from Billy Joel. Would it be wrong if I downloaded it, even though I bought it twice before?


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    I am not sure anybody at the creative end of the process 'swears' by it, but they do acknowledge, as does the Law the need to protect copyright. The Law is imperfect but at present it is the only one that we have.

    Here is a link for those who while they do not 'swear by it' do realize that there are two ends to the stick labelled 'intellectual copyright' :


    Best regards - HS

  • Wolfy

    Here is a couple of links about this issue that I have found interesting:)



    Especially this one http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=9048

    There is always two sides to the story. I do believe that music piracy has had an effect on music sales. I also believe the current business model for record companies and a global downturn in economies have had an effect on music sales. I would like to see the record companies launch a GOOD online subscription service and yes I would pay to use such a service.

    In regards to Kaaza and the like. I will not install or use these programs. I work as a repair tech and I have had to format countless systems because of the spyware(contained in Kaaza and the like) and the viruses that users inadvertently download. Kaaza is monitored and I have seen recently a cease and desist letter that was sent to a customer. His IP was tracked and they monitored his download(LOTRII). His ISP was notified as well as the RCMP. His account was cancelled and he was warned. He could have been fined a very large amount of money.

    With that in mind I just want to tell everyone to be careful. Life is full of consequences and so is downloading off the Internet

    My 0.02


  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    The Music Industry has been double, triple, even quadruple dipping for some time now. As soon as the technology changes. For example, I bought the Sgt Peppers Album. Then it came out on 8 track (I heard the news today --click-- oh boy), then cassette, now CD. If I don't have Sgt Peppers on CD and I already bought the album, but my turntable is busted beyond repair and can't find another one, why can't I download a song from that album so I can hear the music I paid for?

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