Whats the best internet music file sharing thingy....?

by ScoobySnax 118 Replies latest jw friends

  • anti-absolutist

    I like to hold on to my money as much as the next guy, but I personally have never downloaded a song from the internet and I NEVER will.

    There are different levels of stealing and to try to justify it is just plain selfish.

    Based on most previous posts from scooby I am not at all surprised that he STEALS music. He tries to steal energy from everyone on this site, so why not music too.

    Like I said on a previous post, I look at him as being in a more shallow level of spirituality than even JW's; he is trying to re-invent the JW religion. Can we say, "Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire."

    I hope you realize where you stand, spiritually, soon Scooby.


  • foreword

    El Kabong

    Of course if you already purchased an album you are entitled to use it as you wish for your own use. It is the rights to the music you purchase and not the medium it's recorded on, so yeah, download the music if it's convenient for you.

  • Makena1

    Just came across this on Yahoo News regarding setback to recording industry efforts to shut down Morpheus, etc.


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    Technology - Internet Report
    Court Rejects Suit Against Web Song-Swappers
    2 hours, 4 minutes ago
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    By Andy Sullivan

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A federal court denied a request to shut down Internet song-swapping services Grokster and Morpheus on Friday, handing a stunning setback to the record labels and movie studios that have sought to curb unauthorized downloading of their works.

    U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Wilson said the two services should not be shut down because they cannot control what is traded over their systems. Like a videocassette recorder, the software in question could be used for legitimate purposes as well as illicit ones, he said.

    "It is undisputed that there are substantial noninfringing uses for (the) Defendants' software," wrote Wilson, who serves in Los Angeles.

    A recording-industry trade group involved in the case said it would appeal.

    Wilson's decision marks the first significant legal setback for the entertainment industry in its battle against the wildly popular "peer-to-peer" services that allow users to download movies, music and other files for free.

    Federal courts have ordered earlier peer-to-peer services such as Napster ( news - web sites) to shut down, and courts have so far supported the industry's efforts to track down individual peer-to-peer users, as well.

    But Wilson's ruling gives Grokster, Morpheus and other Napster successors some legal basis on which to operate. Just as the Supreme Court in 1984 said videocassette recorders should not be outlawed because they can be used for legitimate purposes, peer-to-peer services should not be shut down even though users are certainly trading copyrighted movies and music, he said.

    Grokster President Wayne Rosso said he was surprised by the decision because it showed that the judge understood the technology. Peer-to-peer services could be used to enable the Pentagon ( news - web sites) to better share information, among other uses, he said, and the recording industry should try to work with such services rather than driving them out of business.

    "Grokster doesn't and hasn't ever condoned copyright infringement," Rosso said. "We hope this sends a clear signal to the rights owners in this case to come to the table and sit down with us."

    The Recording Industry Association of America ( news - web sites) said it was disappointed with the decision.

    "Businesses that intentionally facilitate massive piracy should not be able to evade responsibility for their actions," RIAA CEO Hilary Rosen said in a statement.

    Rosen highlighted two portions of the 34-page decision she found favorable: first, that individuals are accountable for copyright violations; and second, Wilson's statement that Grokster and Morpheus "may have intentionally structured their businesses to avoid secondary liability for copyright infringement, while benefiting financially from the illicit draw of their wares."

    The Motion Picture Association of America, whose movie-studio members also filed suit, had no immediate comment.

    The decision could also provide a shot in the arm to Kazaa, another popular peer-to-peer service involved in a separate legal battle with the entertainment industry. A Kazaa spokeswoman said the company's lawyers were still evaluating the decision.

    A Morpheus investor, speaking to Reuters on the sidelines of a conference in Silicon Valley, said the decision would give his product a boost just as the company plans to roll out a new version.

    "The timing of this couldn't be better," said Bill Kallman, a managing partner at Timberline Venture Partners, which has invested about $4 million in Morpheus since 1999.

    RIAA members include AOL Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Music; Vivendi Universal's Universal Music; Sony Corp ( news - web sites).'s Sony Music; Bertelsmann AG ( news - web sites )'s BMG Music Group; and EMI Group Plc ( news - web sites )..

    MPAA members include Walt Disney Co.; Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.;Paramount Pictures Corp.; News Corp Ltd.'s Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.; Vivendi Universal's Universal Studios Inc.; and AOL Time Warner's Warner Bros.

    (Additional reporting by Ben Berkowitz in Los Angeles and Eric Auchard in Santa Clara, California)

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    Next Story: U.S. Court Rejects Suit Against Web Song-Swappers (Reuters)

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  • minimus

    File Swapping Tool Not Illegal Per Judge.....just as I thought.

  • hillary_step


    File Swapping Tool Not Illegal Per Judge.....just as I thought.

    Are you a prophet now, you old fraud! Your comments regarding this whole issue were made pre April 25th when this judgement was made. When you made your comments it still was and actually still is not a defined law as it is being appealed by the Industry. For the record, it will of course eventually become a legalized practice to swap music merely because of the impossible practicality of policing the system, similar to the pornographic industry. It is up to the music industry to protect both itself and its artists. I have no doubts that they will protect themselves, but many musicians will be left unprotected legally for a while. Eventually a system will be developed that will protect the intellectual 'digital' rights of musicians, just as has happened with authors. You got caught with your shorts firmly entangled around your ankles on this one Minimus - "just as I thought", my eye! HS

  • ScoobySnax

    Well thats not very nice is it Brad..... how exactly do I "steal energy" from people on this site? Is it because I don't agree with everyone here? Thats not a bad thing you know, after all its what the majority of posters say they most hated about the WBTS, that of having to agree with everything that was said. I don't know you and by the tone of your post,and on first glance, probably wouldn't want to either, but I might be wrong. "I am not suprised that he steals music too"

  • ScoobySnax

    Explain why you feel so bitter towards me, and maybe then we can talk.

  • minimus

    I asked you, Hillary, if it was actually illegal. I didn't think it was. That's all. Was it illegal last week and now legal??? If it was actually illegal last week, my humblest apologies.

  • hillary_step

    Yes, this judgment, which incidentally is not as yet binding was passed down on Friday. It may pass into Statute, it may not. I suspect that it will at some stage. I was talking to the owner of a small Jazz label this morning and I understand that technology exists to place a digital key code within music to trigger unacceptable distortion if played in mp3 mode, but I cannot see this working in the long run. Soemthing has to be resolved and very rapidly. My own feeling of course is that until musicians 'intellectual property' is protected and this protection is clearly defined by law it will always be unethical to take something that was produced for sale and not to pay for it. At the moment it still is.

    Time will tell - HS

    PS - No apologies needed Minimus, I have a mischievous sense of humor that is often misread and I do not tend to take this stuff terribly seriously. Like JW’s we XJW’s sometimes think that we can effect world issues by some comments made on a discussion Board…..lol. Until we can then all we have is conversation. Free speech is wonderful, but frankly actions speak louder than words.

  • anti-absolutist


    The book "The Celestine Prophecy" explains in much greater detail what I refer to, but I will summarize what I mean.

    Everybody has certain traits that they have developped, based on their environment/upbringing as a child. The book breaks it down into what it calls "control dramas". Some people are "intimidators", some "interrogators", some are "aloof" and some are the "poor me" type of personality.

    I would place you in the "interrogator" category. You seem to post 'topics for conversation' here and then when someone disagrees with your opinion, you put forth a great deal of effort to refute that opinion. You seem to get "ENERGY" or feel more powerful by disagreeing with someone. (I say this because of the length of your NEGATIVE comments compared to your positive ones)

    Whether it is conscious or not is up to you to discern. But it seems that you likely post topics for the reason of receiving the energy you get from, afterwards, disagreeing with another person.

    Having said that, I am not suggesting that you are an evil person. You have taught me a lot of things, based on what you have written here. Also, I have my own control drama that I am learning to deal with. I am more of a "poor me" type of personality.

    The fact that I can recognize that I also try to get energy from other people using my own methods, is the first step in correcting it, and thereby growing as a human. The fact that we are all imperfect shouldn't ever stop us from trying to become better still.

    It may have seemed offensive, how I said it, but it was unintentional. Take care,


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