Whats the best internet music file sharing thingy....?

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  • SpiceItUp

    Try Blubster

    I agree with points on both sides of the infringement/copywright issue....

    However for me it comes down to a few steps....

    First of all on all those file sharing you are going to usually find the top 40 etc with the artists that are already making millions.

    Second if you do stumble across some lesser knowns all downloading their music is going to do is make you want to buy their t-shirts...go to their concerts etc etc etc. In the end it is the best advertising for some musicians whose music might never reach the other end of their country but with this is raeches all over the world.

    As far as the theivery idea......music is art and art was created to be shared (This opinion comes from a novice musucian/songwriter artist and if I were to make it big it would be more to get my thoughts and ideas out there than to make money....the money would come from the live shows anyway)

  • minimus

    Hey, ANY of you honest people ever buy a knock-off? You know like a fake Rolex watch or Gucci bag or bottle of perfume or cologne?

  • hillary_step


    I have ethics, but when it comes down to this sort of thing, who's it hurting really ...greedy rich peddlers of music.

    This is where you have a conveniently distorted vision.

    I hate to sound so harsh, but if you truly cannot see who is really being hurt by what you are doing you do not have the right to be part of the industry that you claim to espouse. The 'real world' is that your thievery only hurts the people that you claim to admire and wish to learn from. One day, if you succeed in your hope, you may learn first hand what it feels like to have people taking for free what you have invested time, emotion and cash in producing.

    Speak to some real musicians, those who live by their talent. Ask them what they feel about what you are doing, and more importantly why they feel the way they do. You claim to be stealing only from the ‘greedy peddlers of music’. How do you claim not to be stealing from the musicians that you admire in what you are doing? You have dressed your ethics in another persons clothes and buried a principle in the process.

    Not one person seems to have tackled this issue of why they are not stealing from the ‘greedy peddlars of gas, electricity, motor vehicles etc. etc.

    As to your being poor, well if you steal food to eat I sympathize. Stealing music is quite another matter.


  • hillary_step


    Hey, ANY of you honest people ever buy a knock-off? You know like a fake Rolex watch or Gucci bag or bottle of perfume or cologne?

    Speaking strictly for me - no, but what does this have to do with the issue? We are not speaking of 'knock-off's' ( cheap copies ) we are speaking about the equivalent of stealing a genuine Rolex from a Rolex factory. A musical 'knock-off', I suppose Rod Stewart slaughtering Cole Porter might fit into this category, that is if he was stupid enough not to have paid the Scooby-Dooby-dues....lol

  • minimus

    Many people buy knock-offs and feel that it's o.k. even though Gucci and Rolex amongst others have all their items licensed and copyrighted. If you go to most Chinatowns in the US or Canada, you can buy such items (including knock-off CD's). My point is obvious. It reminds me of the brother who was giving a talk about how Christians must be honest in everything and then proudly showed his "Rolex" that his Bethel elder son bought for him. By the way I hear it's officially against the law to make cassette tapes of music, too.....Bullcrap!

  • be wise
    be wise
    if you succeed in your hope

    OK, I can dress words up a bit sometimes ...the WBTS taught me that.

    The fact is I wouldn't be able to succeed in my hope if it wasn't for this sort of thing. And I rest a lot on my musical career, it's a love and a passion of mine that I will not let go off.

  • Simon

    Now, to make it worse, you tell us that we should pay the record companies so they can pay the artist so they can pay some of it back to pay for the promotional material and adverts!

    I hate advertising !

    I agree that they want to be paid over and over for the same piece of work. They make a lot of money and do very well. They can sell direct and make just as much. I'd pay $1 or $2 for music I liked to avoid the inconvenience of having to search for and download it.

    They can do what the rest of us do ... work for a living. Get paid for performing which is what music is really about. This would get rid of most of the dross "we can do it in a studio and mime on stage" rubbish

  • VeniceIT

    Well I don't really buy CD's never have bought to many and if I do it's a band or songs I really like. I've dl'd some songs and found some great new artists and then gone and bought the CD from that. I would never have bought the cd's if I hadn't dl'd the music, so for me it's great advertising.

    I usually dl songs I already have or stuff I'd never buy anyway so I don't feel like I'm cheating them, I'd just listen to the radio instead. To me dl is like chosing your own radio, I mean you don't pay to listen to those songs and can tape them (who didn't have radio mix tapes???)


  • mattnoel

    For a start Scoob, AOL Broadband is not very good, I believe you live in a Telewest Broadband area and strongly suggest using that instead, we have the NTL version down here in Ashford and you can not beat it.

    Secondly - Kazaalite is the one I use. I have an MP3 player on my cell phone and I download the music I want onto Kazaa and then stick it straight onto the phone or onto CD's, its excellent.

  • be wise
    be wise
    This would get rid of most of the dross "we can do it in a studio and mime on stage" rubbish

    Good point Simon, I think most musicians would prefer it this way, to come to some sort of middle ground but the record companys can make too much money for them to stop. Also, think of all the money they make buying the rights to music and then endlessly making complilation CD's every year and saving even more money by using these same songs in the dross 'boy bands' etc that they promote and sell. This is business I suppose but they are killing artists in the process.

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