Whats the best internet music file sharing thingy....?

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Brad, what an interesting thesis. I have heard of the book, but I think I want to check it out now. I'm curious about the 'control dramas' though. Are these orchestrated by the individual in question? And if so, are they acted out because of some inner need/desire?

    You strike me as a perceptive person. Interesting observation.

  • ballistic

    Brad, I started reading that book, but never got into the book after a few pages. By the way, what kind of person would you say I am?

  • hillary_step


    I am not Brad and this is way off topic but I will comment as I have been meaning to say this to you for some while and especially as you now ask for comments about your personality.

    When you came to this board you appeared to be a very angry person and seemed bitter and cynical. I know that you had a particularly hard time of life as a JW, yet, over the months you have become a transformed person and now strike me as one the the Boards most reasonable, gentle and understanding posters. So, whatever happened to you has happened for the better and you stand as a good example of how a person can move on from the self-destructive cycle that being an XJW can become for some.

    Thats it....lol

    Cheers - HS

  • Earnest

    A British tabloid, which I decline to name on the grounds of my right to remain silent, reported on April 24 that :

    "Fans will be able to legally download hits from the internet for £1 under a scheme being launched by music giant EMI. The breakthrough service will include 140,000 tracks by 3,000 artists, including Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra and David Bowie.

    "It is part of a desperate bid to scupper online music pirates who are forecast to cost the industry £3billion in lost sales this year. Users will be able to play the tracks after downloading them to their computers from around 20 different internet sites, including HMV, Freeserve, BT Openworld and Telewest's Blueyonder. The sites will set the price - about £1 for a single and under £10 for an album.

    "Global music sales have plunged recently due to illegal downloads of tracks through net services like Kazaa - similar to the original track-swapping service Napster. Analysts warn that, if record bosses do not persuade fans to pay for legal music downloads, firms will be forced out of business. Jay Samit, head of EMI's anti-piracy drive, said last night: 'People who steal music online are taking away artists' rights to make a living.' "

    This can be confirmed at http://www.emigroup.com/news/index.asp.


  • hillary_step

    Hello Earnest,

    Interesting post, thank you.

    This same a facility has been available stateside for some while but it does not seem to be working. The whole issue revolves around whether a person will pay for something that they can obtain without cost with virtually the same amount of effort. Obviously the quality of an illegally obtained mp3 is nowhere near that of a direct song download from an official site but this seems to make little difference.

    The perception is that record companies are greedy which is true, musicians and lyricists are all rich, which is not, and downloading illegally from the Internet only hurts the record companies, which is also not true. I think that a perception also exists with some that making music and art is an interesting hobby and vocation, which like religion should be given freely without expectation of a financial reward. Attack the French for many other things, but one thing that holds them way above most other industralized country's is the governmental respect that they show to their artists, musicians and writers.

    Something has to happen to attend to this issue and frankly I have seen no arguments presented on this thread by people who download illegal mp3’s that leads me to believe that an allowable case exists for legalizing this practice. There may be one, but I have not seen it yet.


  • ballistic


    thanks for those kind words which I take as a compliment. To be honest, I sometimes wonder if I even get noticed on this board, so it was a double honour that you remembered my past. I don't actually remember change, but I guess you must be right. I have changed in the real world, healthier lifestyle, given up smoking, cut down drinking, new job, and my friends say I've changed, but it is food for thought that my on-line persona has changed. I wonder to what extent some of that change was because of the board itself? Who knows?

  • anti-absolutist


    I don't want to take any of the wind out of your sails that hillary step just gave you and I have noticed that HS is a very objective person, from what I have read in her posts, so I respect her views enough to suggest that her feelings are justified, as far as your good qualities.

    However, I have not really noticed any major trend in your posts to make a fair judgement as to what control drama you may lean towards. (Scooby's control drama is a lot more evident because his posts are more direct/opinionated and easier to see).

    I will, however, pay more attention to your posts in the future, if you do want me to express my opinion/understanding of it.

    Thanks for asking, Brad.

  • anti-absolutist

    Big Tex,

    Thank you for the compliment. I certainly have become more and more perceptive since leaving dub land. Of course, after leaving the WBTS, the only way to go is up, it seems.

    I'll do my best to answer your questions (without giving too much information for those who want to read "The Celestine Prophecy').

    The book basically talks about everyone's inherent NEED for energy, which they get mostly from love. In our early youth we begin to demand (and get) this energy from our parents and other people of great influence in our life. The control drama that they are already experiencing directly reflects the one that their kids will end up with.

    As an example, (and not to pick on Scooby here, but) Scooby Snax tends to offer up questions to get opinions from others. Then when the answers he gets are not to his liking, he tends to criticize them. When this happens to a child, eventually he stops opening up to his parents, and there is a subsequent loss of energy/love. This would cause the child to likely have an aloof control drama, where he, later in life has a hard time offering his TRUE feelings to other people.

    Intimidators are people that are violent physically or emotionally, even going so far as to cause great fear in their kids. They tend to cause their kids to have a "poor me" control drama (thus limiting their full potential) OR the kids go down the same path as their parents and as soon as they have the opportunity they use the same "Intimidator" control drama.

    Hopefully that gives you an idea of how this happens, without me saying too much.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I see what you're saying regarding that person and I agree. Now that you mention it, I think back on his posts and I do see what you are talking about. Interesting analysis. I think I want to check this book out. Thanks anti-A!

  • ScoobySnax

    Celestine Prophecy or not.....if there were ever a post as hi-jacked at this one....well. Hope I'm not being too "Intimadating" or "poor me" ... who knows. Why don't you blokes start a new thread on it... it should be a winner...

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