Liberals have lost the Iraq argument, so please stop whining...

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  • Abaddon


    Neither Israel nor the US are subject to the World Court, we didn't sign on to that treaty, therefore, the World Court has ZERO authority. When Belguim does something for the world other than offer waffles, let me know.

    Were this suppossed World Court free of political taint and if "international law" really meant something, we'd talk.

    Yeru, HOW can International Law mean something if the most powerful country in the world ignores it, and refuses to even be involved in a court designed to deal with War Criminals in case their own troops do something that can be defined as a war crime?

    IF the most powerful conutry in the world regarded themselves as under International Law as the smallest country in the world, then International Law would mean something. But they don't so it doesn't.

    IF smaller countries didn't have to worry about the USA's double standard (set up Guantanomo Bay for their own devices (in such a way that would be banned under their own Consitution if it was on US soil, wooo, moral!) and ignore the rest of the world's efforts to deal with it in a codified way), then the 'World COurt' might have some authority.

  • Trauma_Hound
    WTF? and what do you know about intellect? geeesh I havent heard those kind of "na'na's" since nursury.


    Notice the idiot, did a hit and run? Not a peep from him, in his own thread.

  • dubla


    I think the "ha ha we told you" attitude that comes across strongly is quite telling of the mentality of some. Just picture if it was the other ways round ... imagine the American troops suffered heavy casualties. Do you image we would be posting "Right-wingers have lost the Iraq argument, so please stop whining ... yah boo we told you so"? I don't think so ...

    maybe not those words exactly, but your side of the argument has indeed taken part in these same types of "ha ha" antics. not that i condone them from either side, but since you are asking us to picture if it was the other way around....actually it has been:

    All I gotta say, is a big F*&%ing I told you so! But no the bush borgians can't listen to anything but they're own flap traps.
    (that was in regard to the article about the iraq expatriates returning to fight the u.s. troops)
    and he continues on, talking of suicide attacks against the u.s., and the civilian lives that were lost because of them.....
    You bush people can go to hell, as far as I'm concerned, and acording the rules of texas, you need your asses kicked. I knew this was going to happen, I just knew it, people don't listen thats just one quick example, there are others. aa
  • dubla


    Its a wonder how a 30 second staged clip can influence the public perception.

    the u.s. propaganda machine "staged" the celebration of the iraqis? how far do the depths of paranoia go?

    My understanding is that the Iraqi's had an army of 200,000. I am wondering where they all went to?

    you might want to check some of the grand canyon sized craters left behind by the ungodly amounts of bombs/missles weve already used in the war. in fact, we are still dropping bombs on ground forces, mainly in northern iraq as i understand it. the republican guard is reported to be down to only one division, and their tank supply has been depleted by something like 80% (from memory, not sure on that stat, id have to do some checking). we wont get the actual body count for awhile, if ever....but rest assured, its up there.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Here's a long distance shot of the toppling of the statue of Saddiam. Doesn't look like a massive crowd to me. Maybe about 200 people tops and that’s not including the US marines and this is from a city of 5 million people? Is that the best they could do? Why there are more people at the last Pat Boone concert than what was there. This was a staged publicity event in front of the American media, for the benefit of the American public. The generation that has grown up on WWF wrestling and Nitendo games. Give me a break, how gullible does the US think people are to buy this BS.


  • dubla


    i posted responses to this photo on the other thread you posted it on, so here they are:

    that website looks to be giving you conflicting reports......heres another article from the same website, talking of the crowd:

    There was some suspicion that the crowd that jumped up and down on the metal carcass had been bused in from the Shia suburb of Saddam City. That was not the case, they were mostly local. But they were the same people who chanted "My blood, my spirit, I shall die for you O Saddam" – until the last day of the regime.

    so, which is it? were they brought there from the pentagon as your picture suggests? or were they local as this other front page article admits?

    notice how the article tries to make it a point to talk about these people and their former worship of saddam, as if their newfound excitement was, duh, of course they chanted worship of saddam, for fear of being tortured....i probably would too.

    more about your picture post......the guy circled in red, purported to be one of the same "greeters" in baghdad....number one, i cant tell if thats the same guy or not....number two, how is that bottom photo proof that he is greeting soldiers in baghdad before they take down the statue? i looked at the article that photo came from, and they give no sources for the photos, and no proof as to the location of the man.

    how can you claim anyone is being duped by propaganda when this is what youre reading? do you not see heavy signs of biased writing and propaganda in these articles? is "propaganda" a u.s. media tool only? heres another statement from those articles:

    wide angle shot in which you can see the whole of Fardus Square (conveniently located just opposite the Palestine Hotel where the international media are based)

    notice how fardus square is "conveniently located opposite....where the international media are based". do you see how this statement immediately leads the reader down a train of thought ending quickly with "hey, that is pretty convenient....they did stage this, it must just be a media ploy."?...........but is that really why fardus square was a significant place to accomplish this? was it simply for quick access to the media for their fake celebration? consider this.....the palestine hotel also happened to be the only place anyone spoke directly with the iraqi regime....the daily news conferences with the iraqi information minister were "conveniently" held there. hmmmm, maybe the fact that we easily rolled tanks up to the last remaining regime location would be a significant sign that the regime has toppled, thus the celebration from some of the locals?......and also a statement to anyone who was buying into the information ministers lies all this time....hes not standing there spewing lies now, is he? perhaps that could be why the media coverage came in so handy?

    we are constantly being told to "wake up"......well, i would simply say the same to those buying into this crap.


  • Crazy151drinker
    Crazy151drinker still waiting to hear from the 'Liberals' who kept crying about "ohh the Children, dont hurt the Civilians...war is bad...blah blah blah' and yet they havnt said a Damn thing about the war in Congo that has killed 4 Million people in the past four years.

    All I see is a bunch of selfish protesters who dont give a rats ass about 'the Children'. All they care about is themselves. Where are the protests against the Russians??? Why are there no "Stop the Congo War" signs??? Instead of blocking traffic why dont you send some food to Congo. Do something productive for a change.

  • Trauma_Hound
    Instead of blocking traffic why dont you send some food to Congo. Do something productive for a change.

    I have been, I've been giving food to our homeless first.

  • Realist


    don'T you think you make a couple of very broad and unfair assumptions here? i dare to bet that most anti war protestors do so out of concern for human rights. much media coverage did the war in kongo get? exactly zero. so nobody knows about it. also its an internal conflict and people are (as sad as it is) tired of the constant civil wars in africa. the matter of fact is nobody cares about it anymore.

    lastly there is a difference between a civil war and a preventive war (if not war for oil) were a sovereign nation gets attackt for no obvious reason.

  • Crazy151drinker


    If you want to talk about Realism, talk about how Africa is IGNORED by EVERYONE be it the Left, Right, Middle, Peacenicks, WarMongers, Europe, Asia.......EVERYONE. I just think its Pathetic that we have all of these people bent out of shape because they are 'concerned' about the 'poor Iraqis' yet no body says a #@%% thing when 4 Million Africans die in 4 YEARS. I have little faith in a 'Peace' movement that completly ignores Africa's World War. Why isnt anyone crying out for UN Sanctions against Congo, Uganda, and all the other countries. Where are the UN peace keepers?? NO ONE CARES and until they do the Peacenicks are a bunch of selfish FAKES.

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