Liberals have lost the Iraq argument, so please stop whining...

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  • Trauma_Hound
    Liberate them?? I swear I have a Kuwait Liberation Medal in my closet someplace. hmmm

    Kuwait isn't a democracy.

  • rmayer32

    Didn't say they were a true democracy, nor am I saying they should be, however they are a bit different then Husseins regime in a very good way now aren't they? Why? Because we liberated them and drove his sorry ass out.


  • Prisca

    My apologies, Iron Gland, I was thinking of Iron Eagle.

    Wildhorses, I don't try to stir things up deliberately, but perhaps if you read Iron Eagle's farewell post, you'd understand why I said what I did.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Its a wonder how a 30 second staged clip can influence the public perception.

    My understanding is that the Iraqi's had an army of 200,000. I am wondering where they all went to? I haven't seen evidence of that many captured and killed. Did they all have a change of heart and gave up their weapons? So where did they all go to? Did they realize that it would have been a losing battle so they blended back into society? So caution must be taken, it may not be over yet.


  • Azalo
    We are giving away our freedoms just as fast as we can arrange to do so. My in-laws are refugees from Castro's Cuba. They are appalled at seeing the American people give away a LOT of freedom, for a LITTLE security. Soon, we will have neither. My fatherinlaw just shakes his head in disbelief at what he sees going on in the so-called democrat party.

    You're right Francois, its called the Patriot Act and the Patriot Act II, which were pushed through by our republican president Cheney, errr I mean Bush and the republican congress while they had everyone distracted with Operation Enduring Freedom, what an oxymoron. Do you actually read anything of substance or do you just regurgitate the opinions of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and oh yeah your father in law?

  • happysunshine

    Oh man- I have the answer to The War. It hit me like a ton of bricks while I was researching this thread:

    Its as clear as day. Disconcertingly simple. A bit upsetting really, and comforting at the same time. Can anyone else see it?

  • Realist


    that was brilliant!

    yeru & rmayer,

    you two crack me up just as much as irongland's post! its obviously too late for you to wake up from your dream world.

  • berten


    >...The iraqis have welcomed us with open arms...

    check the frontpage of

    to see how large the crowd is at the "ceremony"...

  • berten

    Yeru wrote:

    >...When Belguim does something for the world other than offer waffles, let me know.

    OK,I'll bite:

    For starters it's "Belgium" and they *do* have to offer more than waffles,maybe you don't like their beer,fine,it can happen.

    But note that the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard made a contract with the Belgian firm Barco to deliver them

    displays and graphic controllers. ( check the menuheading "Press" and then "2003" )

    So now you know...

  • Brummie
    NOTHING YOU HAVE SAID WOULD HAPPEN HAS HAPPENED. You have all been DISCREDITED. For a bunch of intellectual elites,

    WTF? and what do you know about intellect? geeesh I havent heard those kind of "na'na's" since nursury.


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