Liberals have lost the Iraq argument, so please stop whining...

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  • Realist


    yes africa is ignored. i stated exactly that in my last post. the reasons are manyfold. primarily because the media doesn't care anymore since after decades of war its no NEWS if people get killed in africa.

    I have little faith in a 'Peace' movement that completly ignores Africa's World War. Why isnt anyone crying out for UN Sanctions against Congo, Uganda, and all the other countries.

    also there is very little one can do. put a boycot on whom? its always civil war so who should get boycotted?

    Where are the UN peace keepers?? NO ONE CARES and until they do the Peacenicks are a bunch of selfish FAKES.

    exactly nobody cares....where is Bush and the US freedom fighters? apparently they are not too interested in bringing peace to that part of the world either. i wonder why?! i also wonder who is the greates weapons supplier (including landmines) for these countries.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I will give you the benefit of the picture of the protester as I felt it was inconclusive. I wanted to post the picture to get another view of what was going on. The news reports I watch on the TV the other night looked too "staged" to me. I was only showing that there was not as big of a crowd as what was portrayed on the news reports. News coverage is done in just a way to catch your attention with 30 second blurb to get their point across without too much thought. Like I said it is presented for the new generation that has a short attention span. They don't give much thought to world affairs. As long as they have their Nikes, WWF wrestling and Nitendo games, that’s what matters to them. They don't care about the fact that thousands of people are dying as long as it doesn't effect them. So those news clips are made to make a point, whether truthful or not.

    I have learned to not believe everything that the media is telling us. That is on both sides. Yes I have read some anti-American articles and I don't believe all of that either. I believe the truth is always somewhere in the middle. It is up to an individual to read and watch both sides of an issue and draw their own conclusions. I and millions of others just want the truth with all the BS. We all deserve the truth whether it favors one side or the other. I am concerned about the people involved on both side as miss information could give a false sense of security and may end up ultimately putting them into a worse situation. The generals remind me of what Jack Nicholson said " The truth you can't handle the truth". Actually they don't think we deserve to hear the truth.

  • SixofNine

    William Penwell, have you ever tried to stage a media event? How 'bout in the middle of a war?

    I'm tired of my intelligence being insulted by you.

  • Simon

    Yes, peolpe DO care. UN troops have already been sent to the Congo:

    Maybe you weren't aware because they were not US troops. Perhaps it has not been on the news over there.

  • Simon

    Another example:

    Again, stopping oppression and civil war. No Americans I believe. No oil I guess.

  • LyinEyes

    I think about the people in Africa thanks to the Woman's Magazine called Marie Clarie....... it is a fashion, beauty and woman advocate( worldwide womens issues) montly magazine.

    For years this magazine has talked about many plights of women in many countries ,,,,,,,including those in Africa,,,,,,,the rape, the inhumane treatment in genereal, but the most memorable thing is that of female gential mutalation, also called female circumcision. The horrors these little girls go thru is terrible. More and more people are getting involved by going over to Africa to make this practice known world wide, and there has been a public outcry , here in America. It has even been featured on many shows, news shows and Oprah Winfrey.

    So I can say, that yes, we here in America have been aware of this problem there, as many other problems there, and there are many who have given up good office jobs to be in the fields to support and help these woman find ways to help and educate each other, living with them , and helping to get world support and recognision for the plights of these women and young girls.

    I am not sure what the American government is doing in regards to this situation, but there are many woman's advocate groups that I know for a fact are doing alot to get what is happening to these women , and girl out in the open and public knowledge. But I as an American AM interested and terribly disturbed by the rape and mutalation of the the woman of Africa and the plight of woman in many countries.

  • jelly

    Dont worry Lyin Eyes, the UN is there now they will have it fixed soon Just like Rawanda.


  • searchfothetruth

    Former secretary of Defense Lawrence Eagleburger said live on British television the first week of the war that although he is an ardent supporter of G.W.Bush, if NO weapons of mass destruction were found or used in Iraq, then Bush was finished.

    The reason given to 'justify' this invasion of another sovreign state was to rid it of WMD.

    Non have been used.

    Non have been found.

    The American propaganda machine moves into its next phase, and only the gullible, or Americans, will fall for it.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    Did you notice on the news coverage how the cities are being pillaged and plundered by the Iraqi people. Where were the American troops??? Why they were out guarding the oil wells. I mean if this war was about liberating the people of Iraq that should be their first priority. Seeing the Americans have knocked out all of the Iraq's infrastructure, they have a responsibility to bring law and order now to the people.

    Now Mr. Bush, repeat after me, This war was not about oil, this war was not about oil.

  • LyinEyes

    Terry, I do not know if the the UN or anyone will help the people in Africa............ I was simply stating that I , personally, try to read and find out what is happening to people in other parts of the world, and the stories are horrible, just like the stories of the way women were treated under the Talleyban rule, and by Saddam.

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