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  • dubla


    Sure, what you described is an option. But we dropped leaflet telling the Iraqis to surrender and they wouldn't be harmed. So, the Iraqis are donig what we told them to do. Seems to be the better option than hiding when you would sure to be found out anyway.

    actually there were leaflets dropped for soldiers, and leaflets dropped for civilians. we would never ask the civilians to surrender, as we have no intentions (or resources for that matter) to take them as pows. the civilian leaflets depicted families staying in their homes, sitting around a dinner table...and read something to the affect of "stay in your homes, do not leave, be safe".


  • teenyuck

    Hi Robyn! I am good.

    My brother was put into juvenile detention at age 13. For 5 years. He was trying to burn down neighbors homes. The worst part? His mother (my step-mother) became a born again christian of a sect that is convinced that armageddon is around the corner. I am sure this screwed up the poor kid, however, his parents divorce probably did not help. (she is just like a dub, except no field service; just fire and brimstone)

    Other than that and dealing drugs, he might be a nice kid.

    Seriously, I know we lock up children. I don't know why those children in Iraq were in prison. However, the likelyhood that it was for a slight infraction is high. It is much harder to lock up a kid in the US. My step-mother tried for two years to get my brother locked up. He was that bad. He started his arson spree when he was 11. She tried every therapy, anti-depressants, everything. Because he was so young, they wanted to see if he would "grow" out of it. He did not.

    He is a bad person. He is hateful and a criminal. When my dad died last year, the kid was living with him, having just gotten out of detention. He was dealing drugs within a week. My dad said dealers were coming to collect their cut at all hours of the night. My dad died on a Monday; I got to his apartment on Wednedsay. My brother had ransacked the whole place, cleaned out his checking and savings accounts and started selling his belongings.

    Locking kids up is a last resort. I saw it up close and personal. I have mixed feelings on trying them as adults. It depends on the crime. A well thought out murder is different than a kid playing with uncle's gun and it discharging accidentally.

  • teenyuck

    Hmmm.....I don't know where this came from. I must have hit enter by mistake

  • Simon

    Dolphman. There was absolutely no reason to start two topics on exactly the same subject now was there?

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    Once again, my point is proven.

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    I just love it when people generalize. I happen to be a liberal and at this point in time, my panties are fitting quite comfortably. My husband is liberal and he doesn't even wear panties! So why are you making such generalizations, geez!!!!

  • rmayer32
    Suppose you were an Iraqi and lived in Baghdad. Suppose you hated George Bush

    Well it would be difficult for them to truly hate Bush, as until the tanks rolled into town they didn't even think we were coming, thanks to the propaganda machine formerly knows as Iraqi TV as well as their Minister of Misinformation.

    Simply put, they know how they were treated by this regime, and rightfully they are thrilled that it is all but over and no matter what government gets installed it will sure as hell be better then what they had, no more murders, tortures.. etc.. etc... etc...


  • Yerusalyim

    Trauma Hound...You had a point? When?

    Suppose you were an Iraqi and lived in Baghdad. Suppose you hated George Bush but thought (through personal observation over recent days) that the invaders would -- without hesitation -- fire on you with tanks – even if you were unarmed. Would you be able to put on an act? Would you have a choice?

    You can bet that there are people over there putting on a good show. Don’t be fooled by what you see on TV.

    Problem with this here premise. No Iraqis saw American tanks fire on unarmed civilians.
  • berten

    >No Iraqis saw American tanks fire on unarmed civilians...

    Those American tanks are far too busy firing at independent journalists staying

    in a hotel from which there was *no* threat,but they fired anyway...

  • Azalo

    funny I haven't seen too many stories about the 1000's of Iraqi civilian casualties, oh sure they've been mentioned as an afterthought, but I've seen no bed side interviews, no in depth investigations into if they have adequate supplies to treat all the innocent victims. but the image of some stupid statue getting tipped over, i've seen that probably a 1000 times today.

    Oh BTW to my british peops, Bill Oreilly (Fox News pundit and conscience of the American right wing) blasted the BBC today and is encouraging AMericans to boycott or something along those lines, I tend to tune out most of what he says. he was mad because they didnt show they very important statue tipping over.

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