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  • dubla


    that website looks to be giving you conflicting reports......heres another article from the same website, talking of the crowd:

    There was some suspicion that the crowd that jumped up and down on the metal carcass had been bused in from the Shia suburb of Saddam City. That was not the case, they were mostly local. But they were the same people who chanted "My blood, my spirit, I shall die for you O Saddam" – until the last day of the regime.

    so, which is it? were they brought there from the pentagon as your picture suggests? or were they local as this other front page article admits?

    notice how the article tries to make it a point to talk about these people and their former worship of saddam, as if their newfound excitement was, duh, of course they chanted worship of saddam, for fear of being tortured....i probably would too.


  • dubla


    more about your picture post......the guy circled in red, purported to be one of the same "greeters" in baghdad....number one, i cant tell if thats the same guy or not....number two, how is that bottom photo proof that he is greeting soldiers in baghdad before they take down the statue? i looked at the article that photo came from, and they give no sources for the photos, and no proof as to the location of the man.

    how can you claim anyone is being duped by propaganda when this is what youre reading? do you not see heavy signs of biased writing and propaganda in these articles? is "propaganda" a u.s. media tool only? heres another statement from those articles:

    wide angle shot in which you can see the whole of Fardus Square (conveniently located just opposite the Palestine Hotel where the international media are based)

    notice how fardus square is "conveniently located opposite....where the international media are based". do you see how this statement immediately leads the reader down a train of thought ending quickly with "hey, that is pretty convenient....they did stage this, it must just be a media ploy."?........but is that really why fardus square was a significant place to accomplish this? was it simply for quick access to the media for their fake celebration? consider this.....the palestine hotel also happened to be the only place anyone spoke directly with the iraqi regime....the daily news conferences with the iraqi information minister were "conveniently" held there. hmmmm, maybe the fact that we easily rolled tanks up to the last remaining regime location would be a significant sign that the regime has toppled, thus the celebration from some of the locals?......and also a statement to anyone who was buying into the information ministers lies all this time....hes not standing there spewing lies now, is he? perhaps that could be why the media coverage came in so handy?

    we are constantly being told to "wake up"......well, i would simply say the same to those buying into this crap.


  • obiwan

    Well I don't know about everyone else, but it sounds to me like dolphman is the one with his panties in a wad. If you read his posts carefully, it has all the rants of a troll. Just remember dolphman, don't point your finger because there are three pointing right back at you.

  • freedom96

    It is very clear, that once the threat was removed, the Iraqi people are very happy. I personally know some from Iraq, and we have not even seen the worst of what goes on over there. They said that the people will be finally be free.

    But, it doesn't matter. There will be those that refuse to believe it. The United States and Bush will always be the bad guys.

    How selfish. The women and children of Iraq just were not worth it? Were they?

  • Realist


    just out of curiosity...what do you think Bush's motives were for this war?

    same question to dubla and the others in support for this war.

  • ThiChi

    Reasons for the War?

    1. US Security. It has been proven that Saddam was in bed with Terrorists. The Camps have been found. WMD are being identified as I write. It is a fact. Hard to believe? No not really, Saddam has been in bed with almost everyone else, including the US.

    2. Geopolitical Power. It is no secret that most of the hot bed of terrorism is in this area. We are now a position to deal with these rats.

    3. Oil: Any Industrialized Nation that does not admit that oil is the life blood of its existence is a liar. The difference between France and the US is that we are willing to take out a dictator and then buy oil. France has no problem putting the money in the pocket of a dictator.

    4. The by product of our security is Iraqi freedom. The fact is the US is the most benevolent World power in the History of the world.

  • teenyuck

    We won't know GWB motives until he writes his memoirs. Until then I will believe he has more information than I at his fingertips.

    I support the troops. I support letting those people govern themselves. Having heard first hand what Saddam was doing 20 years ago, I think it is great he is gone.

    Please read:

    TIME mag this week had a very balanced view on why the war is happening. It looked at all angles and pointed out the flaws on all sides.

    Acknowledging the flaws, errors and mistakes won't make me doubt that the people shown on TV rejoicing, are really happy Saddam is gone. The only ones unhappy are the ones in his inner circle with the most to lose.

  • berten

    >... The fact is the US is the most benevolent World power in the History of the world....

    ThiChi,ever thought about becoming a comedian?

    This one made me laugh...

  • freedom96


    I do not know President Bush personally, so it would not be fair for me to speculate on what his "real" reasons are for war. I would imagine that they are what he has already said.

    I however, do know people who do know President Bush, and from what they have said, is that he is one of the most sincere and good hearted people they have ever met. They say he is a stand up guy.

    Unless we personally know President Bush, how are we supposed to sit there and insist on what the real reasons are? Are we so full of ourselves that we honestly believe that we know it all?

  • gitasatsangha
    The fact is the US is the most benevolent World power in the History of the world

    Examples of US Beneviolence:

    Native American Conquests 1775-1890
    Insitutionalized Slavery 1776-1864

    Conquest of Half of Mexico: 1846-1848

    Latin American "Interventions" 1890-1933

    Vera Cruz Landing 1914
    Gen Pershing's Mexican Invasion 1916-1917

    1954 invasion of Guatemala

    Lebanon Intervention 1958
    Dominican Occupation 1965
    Bombing/Evac of Cambodia 1969-1975
    Bombing of Laos 1971-1973

    Killing of AIM activists at Alcatraz: 1971

    Killing of Aim activists at Wounded Knee 1975

    CIA sponsired coup of Chilean dictaror Pinochet

    Burning of Branch Davidians 1993

    Bombing of Sudanese Aspirin factory 1998

    "Liberation of Afghanistan" still onging

    "Liberation of Iraq" still ongoing

    many more then I can list. Yes.. quite benevIOlent

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