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  • Simon

    Now, you may not like people criticising your country which is natural but the denial of any wrong combined with an insistence of almost devine status is what fuels a lot of criticism for many. It just grates.

    After I have posted what I have about the British and the Boer war (combined with many previous posts of a similar ilk), will/can someone keep going on about it and throwing it in my face? No ... because I have taken any wind out of those sails and shown that it does not harm me as a person and there is no need for me to get defensive about it.

    If I made a big deal about it and showed it was hurting me while at the same time denying that any wrong was done ... well, I'm sure a topic about it would go on for several pages.

  • freedom96


    The friends that I have that know Bush, are that, friends, and hold no political status, though are influential in the business world. They are not involved with business dealings with Bush or his family. Their names are likely not those that anyone here would recognize. My point is this, that unless we know someone personally, and know what is in their heart, we should not be so quick to rush to a judgment to their charactor. What we see on TV is exactly that, bits and pieces of video, or speeches. It does not show what happens in day to day activities, behind closed doors.

    There are so many on this board that are ready to blast Bush and others, when they don't know the whole story. Who are we to judge, when we don't know the person? It would be rather foolish of us to state that we know what the "real" intentions are of anyone that we don't know.

    How many of us really even know one another here on the board? It takes a while to know anyone in person, let alone on a chat board. Who here can say even what my intentions are? I only have met 2 people on this board in person, and one is my wife. People have gotten to know a little about me from reading my posts, but until you spend time with someone, how do you really know? But yet, some watch a little tv, read some magazines or the newspaper, and think they know everything that is going on, and what the true intentions are of people they have never met, and never will.

    I encourage all to take a step back, realize that we don't know everything, and to give others the benefit of doubt, until proven otherwise.

  • Realist


    wow impressive...they must run pretty big buisnesses.

    you know i am inclided to follow your logic....however did you read about Bush's biography? the very questionable deals he was involved with? his weir perception that he views himself as being God's tool (thats at least his attidude when he appears on TV and talkes about war on terror). also how sincere are politicians in general?

    he might indeed be a good hearted person...but there is a lot of evidence speaking against it.

  • freedom96


    As far as Bush being God's tool; interesting. However, devil's advocate here. When there is someone like Saddam, God is not likely going to take care of him by some means such as fire raining from the sky,etc. It is up to us on earth to take care of a problem.

    Reminds me of a saying: Pray as though it depends on God, ACT as though it depends on you.

    Perhaps we all can be a tool of God, by our actions, what we do while here on earth. Maybe it is up to people like you and I to make a difference. President Bush is simply in a position to do more than us. Maybe, he is being used to make a difference. Think of all the countries that refused to do anything about Saddam. Someone needed to make a stand, to do what was right, though maybe not very popular. Now, millions of Iraqi's will have a better life.

    Tough spot to be in, no doubt. A lot of responsibility. If he is wrong, then one day he will have to answer for it.

    Though I cannot speak for God and say that He has put Bush into the situation to be a "tool", but personally, I do believe that some people are destined for greatness, to make a difference. Are they allowed to be in that situation because they are a "tool" for God and what he intends to do? I think at times, yes. Who, and why is not for me to decide.

  • Realist


    ok let me try to get this straight....

    you actually think God (the christian one i assume) appointed Bush to rid the world of evil?

    i think that makes any further discussion unnecessary

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    Read my new link, I wonder if God was on Bush's side regarding the Afghan Massacre.

  • Xena

    <---knocking knuckles on Simons head...HELLO MCFLY...some of us DO acknowledge the bad things our country has done..we can accept that it isn't perfect and move on...but you appear to never see those people...selective sight...very interesting indeed..

    For some reason you appear to WANT to believe the worst of the majority of US citizens and I can't help but wonder why that is????

  • LyinEyes

    I basically see the same thing Xena.

    Many American's will give you a good long list of things they want our country to change. Sure we are proud of our country, but that doesnt mean that we are blindly , not seeing any fault our country has. We are not like a parent of a child that in our eyes can do no wrong.

    There are many , who in our country could care less about the going on of the government, politics, even local, their own city going's on. Some even hate the government. Some just co exsist with, while others vote and try to make things better rather than complaining about it all. Which is something I intend to do , register to vote.

    If only you could see the wide range of diversitiy in America, so many viewpoints, so many different races, cultures etc. of lump everyone in one boat is ridiculous.

  • Realist


    i know.... i guess if God really picks guys like Bush for his assingments than its not surprising this planet is so screwed up!

  • freedom96


    Remember I said, devil's advocate regarding President Bush.

    That being said, however, I do believe SOME people might be allowed positions best suited to God's interests. Who are we to know?

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