did wt shut doors 9/11?

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  • wednesday


    i have shoes older than u, and know that the org has always been 'the ark".

    after 9/11 all anyone cared about was " were there any JWS in the towers?"

    any jws that survived was evidence of the angels intevention, anyone else that survived-oh well, they made it.

    There is no love among JWS, only hateful contempt for others.

    i have survived incest and rape at the hands of jws. don't tell me this is an apostate tool.

    I don't care about your spelling, i can't spell or type worth diddly, but i do care what u say.And if u come around here with this BS, be prepared to get told to go play on the freeway.

  • tyydyy

    I think the lack of spelling skills in today's JWs can be directly attributed to home schooling.


  • undercover
    remember the orginization is PERFECT but not the HUMANS WHO ARE IN IT. there for there will be things that go wrong.

    An organization can't be perfect if the people running it are imperfect. Even if it is from God, as long as man runs it, it is not perfect. The GB makes decisions for the whole of the religion. Are they perfect? If you say yes, then you are against the Bible. If you say no, then your statement is false.

    If it was perfect, how come they change doctrines? I was told my whole life that "millions now living will never die". Well, I've watched my grandparents generation die, I am watching my parents generation die and in a few short years my generation will die. So we are three(or four if you count our children's generation) generations from the generation that wouldn't die. In 1995 the organization changed the meaing of the "that generation". So is the organization perfect now that they changed it or were they perfect before they changed it? They have admitted their imperfection by changing the doctrine no matter if it was right or wrong before or now.

  • Gamaliel


    Who studied with whom? (Roy Klingsborn, that is.)

    and...What a crazy thread this turned out to be!



    Hey the Truth,just one more post to you and then I am done..I only have so many posts to waste on a moron who can`t be bothered to research his own religion..In your last post you said(I hope you don`t mind,I cleaned up your crappy spelling.).."In the US judicial system a person is innocent until proven guilty...Am I right? Should Jehovah`s organization be any different?"....Actually you are right,on both counts..If you would bother to do even a minimum amount of research you will find WBTS has been proven guilty over and over again..A totaly brain dead moron can find the evidence,as it is documented..You don`t seem to have the brain power of a brain dead moron,LOL!..I leave you to the newbies,to cut their intellectual teeth,on your stupidity..Good-bye troll.....OUTLAW

  • cruzanheart
    dont know if any of you EX-JW's know that once someone has been clasified as a child abuser in the orginization that person can no longer have any prevlidges FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE - much like in the real world - where a sex affender has a hard time finding a job - ALSO HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO PREACH ALONE OR BE ALONE WITH LITTLE KIDS ------- meaning that the society does take measures to unsure that it will not happen again - ITS VERY HARD TO BELEIVE THAT ANY PERSON WITNESS OR NOT WOULD KNOWLY WANT TO HARBOR CRIMINALS SPECIALLY CHILD ABUSERS

    That's what they SAY. Reality is somewhat different. In my late father's congregation is a convicted sex offender, age 15, who sexually assaulted a 4-year-old. You can find his profile on the Texas Department of Corrections website. He is still considered a moderate risk. He is included in every social function in the congregation. When he got out of juvenile detention, the elders allowed him to come back to the very congregation where the little victim was and despite protests by most of the congregation, this was forced through. The victim's family left the congregation and "the truth" in disgust. The protesters were ORDERED by the elders not to speak of this or they would be disfellowshipped. As a result -- I was attending that congregation at the time -- I knew NOTHING of the situation. This little creep attended a skating party that my children were invited to. I watched him hold children on his lap at the Kingdom Hall while his mother stood smiling next to him. My children at the time were 5 and 7 years old. A gossipy sister, who, according to the elders, could have been disfellowshipped for this, told me about the situation and suggested that I not allow my children to go to the bathroom by themselves at the Kingdom Hall, or visit with their friends out of my sight.

    If you really want truth, look at what is DONE, not what is SAID.


  • rocketman

    Truth, you said "should Jehovah's Organization be any different" (no question mark).

    Yes, it should be. It claims to be, very emphatically in fact.

  • lulu

    We seem to have gone of the subject a little I feel. Nevertheless, the WTBTS did very little to help anyone, apparently they were very busy cleaning up the broken glass from the windows after the explosion. Proof of this can be obtain via a video taken by a JW.I think the link is from free minds. What is a fact though, that there are no, repeat no, facilities of homes for the aged or the abused and their children run by the WTBTS. Not one.

    My husband and I were DA'd for asking for an explanation regarding the WT/UN debacle. If we spoke face to face would you say we were lying. You would, I assure you ,be questioned by our lawyer with a few more folks( just go on the list) for accusing us of wrongdoing!!

  • Realist


    roy klingsporn gave me bible lessons. he is a very nice person i want to add. he told me about him preaching to the people at ground zero.

    of course his efforts were lost on me.

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