did wt shut doors 9/11?

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  • topanga

    is it true because all of those tunnels dinning rooms factories and supermarkets could be of great help to the community in a time of attack.

  • undercover

    I don't the actual facts, I wasn't there but I did hear that they locked up tight. They even closed the blinds so the bethelites couldn't look out the windows. The Society claims to have helped people that came across on foot over the Brooklyn bridge. I think the number they used was around 80. Considering the hoards of people that crossed, my guess is that they were only allowed in after showing a blood card or pioneer card or something that could prove they were JWs. If these facts are true, then the WTS failed at showing Christian charity to people. But like I said, I don't know for sure. Maybe someone else here has real facts.

  • TresHappy

    I have heard different stories. I heard they closed up for "security reasons." I don't know what it's true. If what I think is true based on previous behavior, it makes my skin crawl.

  • amac

    I've heard stories both ways and would love to see some verification either way. I've heard they helped a lot of people from active witnesses and that they locked the doors up from ex-JWs. I'm sure the truth is in the middle somewhere. FYI, their commisary is not really a supermarket, more like a corner market at best.

  • TheTRUTH

    this is funny. i wonder where the res of you that have responded get your info? well my brother is in bethel and happened to be in one of the buildings upstairs in brooklyn. someone mentioned that they heard that they even closed the blinds so no one could see what was going on. funny thing is that my brother witnessed (no punn intended) the whole thing. so there goes that theory.

    also my brother told me that they helped hundreds of people that were coming on from the bridge - now i cant lie and say i know numbers. but from experiences from the past.... does it seem right that bethel would shut its doors and not help people in need of help - now if there is one thing jehovahs organization is based on... its love. no matter how much someone might want to criticize JW's come on.. you can actually live with yourselfs stating that we CLOSED the doors (i do understand for security reasons) but for someone to think that they didnt want to help anyone - or that you had to show your pioneer card or no blood card - WOW......... unbeleivable.

    well if anyone has any more "prooven facts" let me know i am curious to hear them. againt he info i have is straight from someone who was there... who witnessed everything.

  • LittleToe

    And we should believe this from a newbie with his first post???
    Time to get a life, and get out of the Borg, buddy!!!

    I think I shall dub thee "Troll!"

    LT - Scottish Overbeer.

  • MikeMusto

    Relax little toe..what he stated was true..

    unless you live 8 miles from bethel like i do...and

    have spoken to a number of bethelites like i have....his story is straight

  • Sentinel

    Yeah, why should "they" help anyone who isn't going to survive Argmageddon anyway? Better to just keep out of things and pretend the world doesn't exist. (Not that some weren't curious, I'm sure) Were these people "coming off the bridge" interrogated to see if they were either Df'd or Da'd before they gave them any help? You mean, they actually did help people who weren't studying or distributing their literature? I tend to believe that if they helped anyone, it was their own members who had lost family that day during the tragic events.

    They had to keep their doors shut tight, to avoid having to deal with "non-members". When you stop to think about it, this is sorta how they say Armageddon will be anyway, and they certainly don't plan to assist anyone other than their own who are in good standing. I would really love to know the true story, so if you have some facts that prove how they helped hundreds, please post it here, otherwise, I'm extremely skeptical.

  • metatron

    There are two conflicting accounts here - both from people who claimed to observe Bethel that day.

    I believe that freeminds posted how the Society changed its "story" on the subject - and he noted the sudden shift

    to charity in the later account. I note that one reported observer watched from outside, in the neighborhood, and

    saw security tighten outside the doors that day.

    I can tell you from years at Bethel that you would not believe what can go on in another room, on the other side

    of a wall or in another dept. - that no one else will know about. I knew a lot of gossip there - but was shocked

    to learn about other things that were so well covered up - I only learned about them years later.



    The WBTS helped hundreds of people they want dead? Sounds reasonable to me..LOL!....OUTLAW

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