did wt shut doors 9/11?

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  • manon

    This is getting awfully boring truth. Just like a midweek meeting or book study.

    The wtbts had every opportunity to shine like the sun or like the yellow facade on there building on 9/11 and post attack.

    But the fact is that they did not rise to the occassion like the other christian churches, jewishs synagogues, as well as the other organizations that provided round the clock effort and relief for the workers at ground zero.

    This recovery and relief effort went on for 24 hours a day 7 days a week non stop for more than 30 days. These organizations such as the Red Cross, Catholic church established posts directly on the site. They offered water, masks, a place to rest, spiritual guidance for the overwhelmed laborers.

    As well as Trinity Church that maintained its doors open during this entire time so that anyone who need to come in and rest could do so. I just love that little pre revolutionary church that withstood the blast directly accross the street from the wtc and is still standing today very proudly with loving christian arms extented.

    These laborers consisted of heavy machine operators, body sniffing dogs, fire fighters, sanitation workers, police officers, emergency medical services, clergy, national guards doctors, vets, nurses.

    The wtbts offered a band aid to the ruptured artery of the city of new york. They did not establish themselves on the front lines. They were not a force present in spite of the fact that they had vast amount of resources and man power at their disposal. This affluent organization could have easily afforded more.

  • cruzanheart

    Nice pun, Gamaliel! I agree -- when I was growing up one simply didn't do charity work and Goodwill was somehow part of Babylon the Great.

    As for you, The Truth, you are very complacent about your Bible knowledge but show by your words that you have no concept of the love and empathy that Jesus showed to people while he was on earth. He was not setting up a bunch of rules for a big corporate organization -- he was teaching by example. When he saw people in need, he helped them. He listened. He was harsh only to the Pharisees -- the rule-setters who cared more about words and rules than the people. So to you I will give Matthew 7:21-23 and Matthew 25:41-45 and ask you what you have done to help your fellow man? Given them a "good witness" and a bunch of literature? You'll notice that Jesus was talking in Matthew 25 about basic human comfort, like food and clothing. Sounds pretty straightforward to me, though I know that scripture has been contorted to apply only to spiritual food and clothing. Jesus balanced his preaching work with humanity, not doubletalk.

    Now get thee hence and become a better man/woman/hermaphrodite. And before you label the people of Silent Lambs as "misled" I'd like to see you go through a little of what they went through. Ever been sodomized? I hear it's not pleasant, especially when you're 5. How dare you trivialize their pain.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Oh hell. I'm going to regret this. These JWs always let me down.


    I left Jehovah's Witnesses when I was told that a child must have two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses (prefereably in good standing) stand and observe as a pedophile sexually assaults that child. These two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses need not interfere or make any effort to stop said rape, but should act as observers only. After the pedophile has had his fill and pleasured himself thoroughly he may withdraw and leave. The two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses then should not offer said child any comfort (God forbid they even clean the bloody sperm off the child!) or make any effort to seek medical treatment for the child, or (even worse) contact the police. Instead the two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses should "wait on Jehovah" for the elders to contact them to act as witnesses to the alleged event. After all everyone knows children make up all sorts of wild stories. It surely is a sign of the last days that children even show up with venereal diseases! Satan is everywhere. If the elders feel it is appropriate, then they will contact the two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses to see if (1) actual penetration occurred; (2) did the child ask for it; (3) did the child enjoy it; (4) did these two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses do anything to influence or encourage the pedophile to rape the child, and (5) what sort of underwear was the child wearing?

    If after all this data has been accumulated, then the pedophile may be subject to discpline, perhaps even placing the pedophile on private reproof. After all we don't want reproach on Jehovah's name. The child of course may not contact the police or (God forbid) a psychotherapist since that would bring reproach on Jehovah's name as well as everyone knows that psychologists are all demonized.

    I was told this by my entire body of elders, two circuit overseers and one district overseer. I am a survivor of incest and sexual abuse as a small child. I was also told by one circuit overseer that I would be disfellowshipped unless I stopped "slandering" my pedophile father. To demand a child have two eyewitnesses to their rape is not only wrong but evil. Anyone who supports this teaching is either evil themselves or astonishingly ignorant and close minded. I cannot conceive of any god not named Satan who would demand his followers follow this monstrous rule.

    Okay, I've been through this drill before. Go ahead and ridicule me and my experiences and/or call me a liar. Oh, and don't forget to respond in a condescending and arrogant manner.

  • Realist

    the truth,

    where would i go to get so much biblical information? where would i go to get proper guidance?

    how about reading the bible for yourself? instead of believing that these stories are meant to be taken literally make an effort and try to capture the true meaning of the adam and eve story for instance.

    about putting god's name in the bible...who says his name is jEhOvA? it could as well be JiHiVi. and how many times did jesus use the name anyway? not to often as far as i know.

    about the love for non JWs....i have noticed that most JWs look down on other people in trouble. they automatically assume the people are poor, sick etc. because they are not JWs.

  • GermanXJW

    [quote]In each case they don't imply that there were more than a few dozen people actually helped. (At least they didn't pass out Watchtowers.)[unquote]

    I don't have the Yearbook 2003 at my office but I remember that there is a report in it with a fireworker or so saying "Well, everybody gives us material things but you read a text from the Bible. This is what we need so much."

    To me it was like satire to me but it can be found at the current Yearbook 2003 in the general part at the beginning. Does anybody have the English edition at an arm's length?

  • Pleasuredome


    this is the quote you are after;

    one of these brothers was roy klingsporn, a pioneer. he said: "with appreciation, an air force sergeant was involved with the relief work said: 'everyone brings us food, hot coffee and dry clothes, but you are the first to read a scripture. we need god at a time like this.'" (page 10, 2003 YB)
  • Realist

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    roy klingsporn

    i studied with this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cruzanheart

    My, it's quiet around here! I guess "The Truth" had enough truth and had to leave before his brain started absorbing it. Wouldn't want to disturb those sleeping brain cells, now, would we?


  • TheTRUTH

    well i cant speak for everyones experiences ----------- im sure that in these troubled times there is alot going on that not everyone knows about ----------- im SURE that there are cases in which situations where not handled in the proper manner - same that happens in the world same that happens in everyother religion ----------- in the US judicial system a person is inicent untill proven guilty... am i right? should jehovahs orginization be any different -------------- im think it is awful for a child abuser to be hidden behind the walls of a religion - specially behind JW - ------------- the reason the GOD included mathew 18:15-17 is to avoid slandering --- to avoid false acusations ---------- beleive me there has been more than one person executed in the united states that was falsely convicted -------------- now for those of you who have suffered child abuse ---------- i do apologize if my words have sounded like if i didnt care -------- this was not my purpose ------------ i will give my experience with child abusers--------- MY father is an elder ------------- he has had more than one case (but not many, like people tend to beleive) with a child abuser ------- i can remember one of them in my hall - just one -------- which is already too many ---------- there were no witnesses to that CRIME - yet the brother was disfellowshiped ---------- the man was also reported to the state of california and he will always be registered as a child molester ------ yes for the res of his life -------------- he was convicted and served some kind of a sentence -(i cant remember how long)------------- needless to say that all that is said that the witnesses DONT do ----- WAS DONE -------------- now i cant speak for every congregation in the whole world - ---------------------i would like to say that right away if a child has been abused ------- it is the parents responsibility to CALL the POLICE - i know that regardless of what an elder - or district overseer would tell me - if my child had been abused by a person - the first place i would go would be the POLICE station ------------ see how that works............. I AS A FATHER AM LIABLE FOR MY OWN CHILDREN --------------- then i would tell the elders so that the matter can be delt with in a proper manner with in the congregation and that person can be disciplined withing GOD LAW - now - i dont know if any of you EX-JW's know that once someone has been clasified as a child abuser in the orginization that person can no longer have any prevlidges FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE - much like in the real world - where a sex affender has a hard time finding a job - ALSO HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO PREACH ALONE OR BE ALONE WITH LITTLE KIDS ------- meaning that the society does take measures to unsure that it will not happen again - ITS VERY HARD TO BELEIVE THAT ANY PERSON WITNESS OR NOT WOULD KNOWLY WANT TO HARBOR CRIMINALS SPECIALLY CHILD ABUSERS -------- is there cases that we not treated correctly? im sure there is. ----------- remember the orginization is PERFECT but not the HUMANS WHO ARE IN IT. there for there will be things that go wrong.

  • Valis

    either dubbies get more illiterate all the time or this one surely is a troll...I mean come on now! In the 17 years I was a dub I learned how to read, write and give talks in an organized and understandable manner...what we have here is either a fine example of someone who is in desperate need of an education or a troll...or maybe both. I'm done with it...As ballistic mentioned this one won't or can't stay on topic. However, for those of you new to troll hunting, get to it and give him Kingdom Hell! Stick around Truth...sooner or later you will find it. One piece of advice about dealing with people here and I mentioned this earlier. Come with your proof please...anecdotal tales of your dad the elder do not hash in our world...newspaper articles, court briefs, press releases, etc, will only help when it comes to trying to defend your beloved Watchtower Printing Organization. Faith without works is afterall dead. Bye now!


    District Overbeer

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