did wt shut doors 9/11?

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    This is a very interesting subject.

    I think if JWs were to individually find neighbors in trouble, they would probably react to help them out. But I have serious doubts about what would happen if a group of them were together--they'd be constrained to be kind, in my opinion.

    It's a toss-up for me. Although there are some reports here of giving assistance, I'm still skeptical. Is there anyone, anywhere, who is not a JW, who has reported on the actions of those in Bethel that day?

    I would HOPE that they did right.


  • bebu

    ...I meant, they'd feel restrained from being kind. Oops. :P ...


    Many dubs thought 911 was the begining of Armageddon..Dubs also liken the WBTS to Noahs Ark....How many dubs would willingly open the doors of Noahs Ark to the people damed by god during Armageddon?..Non that I know of,or grew up with....Were the doors of the WBTS slammed shut during 911?..It`s not rocket science...OUTLAW

  • chachasmum

    I believe they did close their doors. Why? I was in the city that day and for three days i watched all the media coverage. Now there was not one piece of coverage on bethel not one piece of film not one camera not one wrtten account of how those holier than thou dubs helped anyone.Think about it if it happened we would have heard about it not just from their publications but from the news media. It just did not happen.

  • manon

    The door were not only closed on 9/11 but also on 9/12,13,14,15,16,17,18, and so on and so on.

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  • ashitaka


    I think we can probably guess that the actual reaction was somewhere in between. A little bit of helping, a little bit of isolation. Probably in the beginning they locked the doors, but a few people of conscience decided to help later on, I'm sure. Not every JW is inhuman.


  • Gamaliel

    I saw the second plane hit, but checking up on the WTS was the farthest thing from my mind.

    I saw a Watchtower that gave an experience of how someone was impressed with the WTS. Also, Ciro Aulicino's talk makes references to the Bethel experience on 9/11/01 and the talk has been transcribed and exists in several places on the web. In each case they don't imply that there were more than a few dozen people actually helped. (At least they didn't pass out Watchtowers.)

    Ciro, in fact, seems to be covering up for the lack of documented help by the WTS by implying there may have been more done but "we don't let our left hand know what our right hand is doing." I guess I might as well just quote the part:


    So there are opportunities working and opening up for us. So we should take advantage of them. There are so many other things that we are dealing with, friends. But if you meet somebody who is a little regressive, just say, "We are doing everything we can." You can also tell the brothers, these people, say, "Look, we have provided support for the workers. We gave water. We sent tools. We had, uh, food when they came across the bridge. We provided something for them. And we even housed 50 of the victims in our home in New York." Let them know that. See, that they think we are not interested in the community. Of course we take an interest in the community. You are people we want to help, see. So if they know that, then that can be useful. And sometimes that will stop them in their track. "Well, how come you didn't print that?" "Well, like we said before, we don't let our right hand know what our left hand does. We just do, well, God sees our good works and we expect him to reward us." And somehow you can defuse a situation like that.

    But remember, friends, right now it's going to be a time where we can do our good. There may be a time we may not be able to do much preaching. Who knows? But, uh, they may close in on us. It's going to be difficult. We have to stay very faithful, as we mentioned before. It is time to be very soberly assessing what God's organization has revealed to us.

    We're glad to see that so many have suddenly started coming to the meetings again.

    Ciro's dishonest use of statistics comes through loud and clear when he says:

    But I know in New York it's been very traumatic. I went out in service the day, the wee, that Saturday after, and I just stood on the street. And as people walked by, all I said is, "You know, I'm hurting. I'm crying." And they turned and they looked and they says, "Well we are too." I said, "I lost 14 of my friends in that attack." "Oh, really?" Immediately they get on your side, see. So, when you talk to people and they start telling you about this, say, "Well we, we lost 14, too. We lost dear friends. Devoted brothers." Now one is known dead. Thirteen are missing. So we assume they're all gone. And, uh, some of them were elders in the Bronx I know. And it's been painful, you know. So try to get on the people's side. Let them see. Let them talk.

    Ciro says to "say you lost 14 friends" to get them on your side when you are in field service. I doubt Ciro knew even one of them, so what are the chances that these folks listening to his talk in South Carolina knew any of them.

    The previous comments about getting things from the commissary was a nice gesture, but they could have done much more -- even if just for Public Relations purposes. I actualy think the Bethelites would have been happy to give up lunch for them. Lunch was already on its way by the time most of the people got over the bridge. They had the ability to feed a couple thousand. And if some member of the GB had wanted to talk to them at the same time over the loudspeaker, it might have been crass, but even that would have been better than passing out just some food to only a few dozen out of a couple thousand. (100 years from now they could have printed the experience and claimed that 2,000 were fed with just a few loaves and fishes.)

    I have heard that there was too much looking out the windows and some floors were asked to just get back to work. But I'd bet that this was very inconsistent. Besides, when something traumatic happens, they've learned in the past to shut down some of the more dangerous equipment for a while. There'd be less fingers and hands if they just put them all back on the lines immediately. Over the years, the factory overseers have learned a couple of things. (I hope.)


  • obiwan

    now if there is one thing jehovahs organization is based on... its love. Try asking some of your fellow brothers and sisters I think you will be surprised.

  • Valis

    Eh....so they helped hundreds...well what about the thousands that died in the WTC tragedy? Did they go to ground zero and get a good look at what a small piece of Armageddon would really look like? Did they risk their health and safety and send some of those magazine making cheese and cracker men down there to help rebuild New York and help clean up the dead bodies and body parts? Hell no! If you go to their website there is nothing about helping their fellow man right there at home..all you get is two crappy stories, one of which is only about helping JW flood victimes..

    Humanitarian Efforts
    Current News Releases

    01.24.02Goma relief supplies being sent
    07.25.01Thousands of volunteers flood Houston

    So you tell me...are they really concerned? NO and Double NO!


    District Overbeer

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