Iraq Parades dead US soldiers

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  • ISP

    I've just seen the Al-Jazeera footage. Its truly shocking. There were about 6-7 US soldiers. They had been partly undressed. Most had shots to the head. One Iraqi guy in a blue shirt was grinning from ear to ear trying to move some of the dead to get a better camera shot of the wounds.

    They was also some interviews with some very scared captives. One was a black lady who was close to tears.

    Its the worst nightmare for the coalition forces.


  • patio34

    That must be the video that was referred to on NBC that won't be shown until after next of kin notification, if ever. Horrible.


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  • ISP

    I'm sure the video won't be shown on the usual networks. There has been criticism of Al-Jazeera for showing it in the first place. The whole thing is gross. I have to say that on the same program there was graphic shots of civilian dead from Basra. There was a camera-man who was going round the hospital filming the dead and dying. Obviously no censorship.


  • Simon

    I've seen film of Iraqi dead shown on the BBC (one still holding a white flag which surprisingly was not picked up on). I'm sure this is just as harrowing and unpleasant to the families of Iraqi's that have possibly been conscripted.

    There seems to be a greed for 'instant news' now and not enough consideration given to the families of the victims. A tradgedy seeing the dead from both sides.

  • wednesday

    I have not seen any of the iraqui soliders on american tv being mistreated. They are being shown surrendering.

    I have family over there. I family in the 82 AIR BORNE. I would be horrifed to see my famliy on tv like this. I can only pray for all involved and hope for a speedy conclusion to the war.

  • Angharad

    I dont think anyone is saying the Iraqi soliders that have surrenderd are being mis-treated. The point was that it is wrong to show these pictures on either side - the picture Simon was refering to was one that was on the news late Saturday night when they were showing the front covers and headlines of the Sunday papers.

    There is tragedy on both sides of this war and many people have lost and are going to loose someone they love and it would be awful to see them on tv or in pictures

  • Trauma_Hound

    Just Sad, the colition of the willing, was saying there were NO colition captives in Iraqi hands, guess the Colition was lying.

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    Guest 77

    Angharad, I agree with you. they shouldn't show any pictures, however, the system has conditioned us to view killings on a daily basis. Television, video games and motion pictures has been a convenient tool to desensitize us. What about the front page picture and TV news during the Vietnam war when a prisoner was shot right in front of the cameras? The news crew had to go through special drills and exercises to be in the front lines to cover the story.

    Guest 77

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