What will you be doing on the evening of the 11th ?

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    Lunar months begin with a New Moon, literally a darkened moon face. The moon waxes larger and brighter each day until the middle of a lunar month which is marked by the Full Moon. The month ends when the moon turns dark again. The cycle takes about 29 or 30 days, with Nisan always marked as having 30 days.

    This means that the 14th and 15th days of the month are the days upon which the Full Moon lands. The 13th is too early, the 16th is too late. If April 11, 2017 is supposed to be Nisan 14 (after sundown) by JW calculations then something is wrong. The moon after sundown will already have a sliver of darkness upon one side, called "waning." It waxes or gets filled as the Biblical lunar month of Nisan reaches the middle day of the month (the 15th) and wanes as it pasts that middle day.

    Passover is always on the middle day of the month of Nisan. If the moon is waning, you have passed the middle of the cycle. Since the Full Moon past last night, today after sundown the 11th of April can neither be the 14th or 15th of Nisan. The visible and astronomical Full Moon was last night, and thus after sundown the moon indicates that it will then be the 16th of Nisan.

    While I too appreciate the fact that varied points and opinions occur here on this forum, you cannot escape the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses are observing the Memorial this year AFTER the Full Moon. This is the point I made to begin with when I made my original post on what I am doing on April 11th.

    To all onlookers here it is clear you are not producing any empirical evidence to contradict the fact that according to the moon's phases the middle of Nisan has passed. The 14th of Nissan cannot land on the evening of a waning moon, neither Biblically nor astronomically. At the latest today has to be the 15th of Nisan, as Jews claim it is, making tonight after sundown the 16th.

    This is the most important yearly event for Jehovah's Witnesses. With all due respect, it speaks against the claim of worshipping according to Bible truth when you claim that tonight marks the 14th of Nissan and it is clearly visible that the Full Moon waxed last night. If you cannot make your arguments coincide with what can truly be seen by all humans worldwide when looking up in the sky, your claims are false.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    djeggnog asked:

    "What can any human being do about pedophilia, whether among Jehovah's Witnesses or among other religious organizations?"

    This question was answered quite eloquently by Mr. Angus Stewart:

    "What can we do to protect every child...?"

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    What will you be doing on the evening of the 11th ?

  • blondie
    oops, NCIS is a re-run, It's The Americans then.
  • Patrick45

    I will go and eat of the bread and drink of the wine as Jesus my Lord and saviour has wished me to do. That's what and whom my hope, my faith and my trust rests upon, - forgivness of sins.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Drinking fermented Red Wine and eating a crapton of leavened bread...at home.

  • Phizzy

    Thanks for your answers, I am glad that most do not have to go, it is the weirdest of JW meetings, and even when I was fully in, left me feeling somewhat depressed.

    I observed tonight an example of how JW's think and operate. A JW couple pulled up outside the property next door to me, obviously expecting the lady there to accept a ride to the K.H.

    She must have made her excuses, as they soon drove off without her. They know that she will never become a JW, but simply wanted to get the numbers up.

    Not enough to give me and Mrs Phizzy a knock though, not that we would have gone of course. They are desperate for numbers it seems.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Watching the new series of Car share.

  • Xanthippe
    it is the weirdest of JW meetings, and even when I was fully in, left me feeling somewhat depressed.

    Yes I always thought so too Phizzy. Miserable and depressing, all that talk of torture and slow death. Horrible. The ritual of pasing the emblems, weird. I hate rituals and always have.

    Mickey Mouse I'm looking forward to car share too, loved the last series.

  • jambon1

    Juve v Barca has been good.

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