What will you be doing on the evening of the 11th ?

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  • David_Jay

    Yes, for those who may wonder about my last post, the language was purposefully facetious. The message is true but I thought using some language JWs use in their publications would present it with a sardonic touch.

  • djeggnog

    @djeggnog wrote:

    I spoke in opposition to your view of the [date] when Nisan 14 occurs in 2017. I don't recall saying anything to you here about "worshipping according to Bible truth"; you made this up.

    Let me say again, I don't recall saying anything to you here about "worshipping according to Bible truth."


    First of all, speaking "in opposition" is presenting an argument. If you had no desire to do this, you would have never posted anything "in opposition to your view of the dats [sic] when Nisan 14 occurs." Arguing is "expressing opposing views in an exchange" or "to speak in opposition of another's view."

    This you were clearly doing to begin with. The reason you replied now is because you had no answer to give me. You had immediate answers for others, but you could not answer mine right away. So you took the time to research it.

    I have been given 168 hours each week to carry out the various tasks I've taken on, which includes broadcasting and production work and study (I'm currently in school); I also work part time and I also need to sleep. In fact, all of such "tasks" consume much of the time I'm allotted each week. Reading the posts in this and other threads is a low-priority task and, as an a academic, I have no need to conduct any research before responding to any of your posts, but it does take additional time from more important tasks to engage in social media exchanges (like this one).

    I never argued with you, nor posited any argument; our opinions differ on the date that corresponds with Nisan 14 on the Hebrew calendar, and since I fully accept that your opinion on this matter differs from mine, your allegation rings rather hollow, but ok.


    Finding you could not argue against the facts I presented, in order to save face you finally came back and now claim that you just don't have an "interest" in the subject any longer.

    And I was not saying that you personally made a claim about "worshipping according to Bible truth." That is the teaching of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. I was speaking against their claim. If the Memorial was really taking place on Nisan 14, the Full Moon would not have risen a day earlier.

    In an earlier post, I fully comprehended this as being your opinion; I just don't agree with your opinion.


    And if you do not agree that the Jehovah's Witnesses do not teach according to Bible truth, then you are telling us that you don't believe what your religion teaches.

    I don't recall saying anything to you here about "worshipping according to Bible truth," and your continued repetition of this false allegation will not change this fact.


    But on the other hand, if you do agree that the witnesses teach according to Bible truth, then you have just demonstrated that you cannot explain the point I countered with.

    How do you figure?


    The solution is simple. Either the Witnesses are wrong and that is why you couldn't give an answer, or the Witnesses are right but you are bad at explaining what they really teach.

    Either way, no one should pay further attention to you. If the religion is false, who wants to listen to you--a member of a false religion? If the religion is true, who wants to listen to you--a bad example and bad teacher of life saving truths.

    ok; perhaps you're right. 😊


    We Jews are still celebrating the Passover for a few more days yet. Part of this celebration is to declare liberty to those enslaved even today. People can be enslaved by false religions and even bad teachers of truth. Whatever happens to be the case with you, what kind of Jew would I be and what kind of liberty could I declare if I did not speak up against the tyranny of falsehood?

    I don't know, not do I care to give you a grade.


    Remember how Elijah challenged the false prophets of Baal? He proved their worship was false since they could not get Baal to ignite their sacrifice. If your worship of Jehovah were true, there would be no question you could not answer. You would not merely say you have no interest. You would have the answer immediately, as fire from Jehovah ignited Elijah's offering. Is not the "sacrifice of praise, that is, the fruit of our lips" greater than the offerings of the Jews? (Hebrews 13:15)

    If by "fruit of lips" you refer to prayer, why?


    Is not the spirit of God with you? Why are your lips not ignited with the flame of the spirit, the power from Jehovah that should light your offering of "the fruit of our lips"? Why no answer after all this time?

    "After all this time"? To what time do you refer? Do you imagine I owed you an earlier response or any response at all? You really should not feel I have such a debt to you; I don't.


    That is because you are like the prophets of Baal. You do not worship Jehovah. You claim to and make an idol of his name, but you fail to offer the 'sacrifice of praise...the fruit of lips.' Jehovah cannot fail, cannot offer imprecise dates for the Memorial, nor be powerless to give one of his true worshippers the ability to light their "[sacrifice] of praise."

    I find this statement of yours to be incoherent.


    Therefore you are like the prophets of Baal, a worshiper not of the God of Abraham but of a false idol that enslaves people to the imprecise, imperfect direction of fallible men who run the organization that offered the Memorial on the wrong day.

    Passover is a call to end all types of slavery. So if you wish to offer your words that enslave people to your false religion, in the spirit of Passover I declare you another false teacher like Jannes and Jambres. And I declare all who have left the Jehovah's Witnesses freed from the tyranny of falsehood, from slavery to lies.

    Be gone, you false representative of the God of Abraham. You are but a worshiper of a dungy idol you call "Jehovah" but is anything but!

    I enjoyed our exchange here and find your comments in this thread to have been "exhausting" (for lack of a better word), but this worshipper of Jehovah is not going anywhere.


  • Ucantnome

    if an invitation is important to you, then, as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I hereby extend to both you and to anyone you choose to accompany you an indefinite invitation for your attendance at any meeting (or assembly) of Jehovah's Witnesses until the Lord comes.

    Thank you djeggnog.

    It's not that important, it's just that it wasn't there this year in the box. I think the person who usually delivered it is too old and ill to deliver one to me. Unfortunately they were of the generation of my parents. Hopefully the message regarding the resurrection is more sound than the message regarding the generation that will not pass away. (1Cor.15:9)

  • HbgDude

    April 11th 2017? I was on a date with a beautiful woman who I hope will want to marry me someday.

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