Afghanistan-Kabul falls to Taliban - U.S. Embassy staff evacuated by helicopter

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  • fulltimestudent

    So what's next for these poor damned people?

    Australia's ABC writer, Stan Grant attempts to detail the history of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

  • Rivergang
    Without our military presence you and the rest of your European cohorts would be speaking german.

    It was an Allied effort that defeated Nazi Germany.

    • Britain keeping the fight going for 12 months, during which it stood all alone (up until when Hitler made the mistake of attacking the Soviet Union).
    • The various resistance groups in occupied Europe (such as the Norwegian one, which destroyed the German's heavy water plant, and thus stopped Hitler from developing a nuclear weapon).
    • The much-maligned Soviet Union. Germany's back was broken on the Eastern Front, while the Western Allies mounted a largely ineffective strategic bombing campaign on the German war effort. (Despite an intensifying aerial bombardment on German industry between 1942 and 1944, its war production - tanks, submarines, aircraft, small arms, ammunition etc - just kept on increasing. Thanks largely to the genius of the Nazi's Minister of War Production, Albert Speer, German industry effectively thumbed its nose at the Allied strategic bombing campaign). By the time the Western Allies opened the "Second Front" in June of 1944, the Wermacht was already well and truly on the run in the East.
    • And, of course, the USA. Fair to say that once the American industrial system got fully geared for war production, that put the seal on things.

    However, it must be stressed that it took an allied effort to defeat Hitler. The USA did not win the war all on its own, as you were trying to suggest.

  • Rivergang
    All the Taliban did was just wait till the American went home. They hardly even engaged western forces, so I wouldn't say it was a military defeat.

    Classic guerrilla warfare tactics

    • When your enemy attacks, you retreat.
    • When your enemy reaches the limit of his advance, you begin harassing him (using snipers, roadside bombs, booby traps and similar measures).
    • When your enemy retreats, then you attack.

    The whole idea is to make it a "protracted campaign", so that your enemy (particularly if it is a Western power) eventually loses the stomach for the fight. Every power that has attempted to occupy Afghanistan has learned this - usually the hard way!

  • Me.Wonderful

    If you want to talk WW2 , it was actually the Soviets who defeated Germany. The shear size of the Eastern front and the men and equipment involved and the lose of life was insane compared to the Allies in Italy and France.

    I try and stress this point when taking to JWs about being banned in Russia about how much blood was spilled protecting the motherland and how going door to door telling people its not right to join the military because eight wizards in America is pretty insulting.

  • Rivergang


  • Simon

    What an embarrassing debacle.

    Who will volunteer to help the US in future?

    This is on Biden, but also on Bush and Blair and all the war-mongers who pushed for a pointless war based on lies, and then continued the lies for the next 20 years.

    The US spent two decades apparently building and equipping an army ... one that folded like a deck-chair within days.

    What a joke. Next time "intelligence" officials tell you something, remember: they don't know jack shit about anything.

    And Biden is still an incompetent corrupt racist fool.

    The Taliban is now in possession of all the advanced US weapons that were left behind, including military drones.

    Good job Biden, go get an ice-cream ...

  • Simon
    When the U.S. located bin Laden's hideout in Afghanistan and bombed it military forces soon learned that bin Laden escaped.

    If he was ever there. Don't fall for the mistake of believing anything that the DC warmongers tell you. Remember the James Bond Villain style graphics that has Bin Laden living in some hollowed out mountain lair? It's all BS propaganda to justify them bombing somewhere.

    Why bomb Afghanistan? Well once you drop the bombs you have to buy more. Imagine if you own shares in the companies that make them, how rich you can become ...

    Haven't people learned anything from the last 18 months? Governments and "experts" default position is often outright lies.

  • fulltimestudent

    All kinds of info is now appearing in my FB feed and some of it's useful (acurate?) some not!

    But. among it all this list of American equipment taken over by the Taliban is amazing, This list, has been ade by a contributor to Oryx, this Oryx is not the Cambridge University's conservation journal named Oryx, but has a twitter page ( .

    We don't know yet, what policies the new Taliban government will have, but just imagine - more than 300,000 (the number of soldiers in the former Afghani National Army) hand-guns, rifles and sub-machine gun type weapons floating around the world, available to radical groups (and, possibly, criminal groups, what could be the copnsequences?

    So here's a link to the list compiled on Oryx:

  • Justaguy

    And thats why the chi-coms are giggling at the US withdrawal

  • Me.Wonderful

    It’s sure strange how the people of Afghanistan just seemed to want to be ruled by pro law and order religious zealots.

    Least they won’t have to worry about any vaccine drives or mask mandates.

    Now the US army can do what is was intended to do. Building field hospitals in red states for covid victims.

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