Afghanistan-Kabul falls to Taliban - U.S. Embassy staff evacuated by helicopter

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  • Rivergang


    Another case of a US-backed military force, superbly equipped - BUT without the will to fight.

  • mikeflood

    Well, I suppose with the faucet of free money cut off, those guys are gonna be in trouble pretty soon....

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    I dunno what the weird problem is with me and links,,,,, did nothing different and it worked!!

    Oh, and I got the title wrong too


  • fulltimestudent
    Rocketman123: "

    "I'd like to know where and what happened to the Afghan government military force , there haven't been much fighting by this force ? Did they put on their civilian cloths and leave the country ?"

    Maybe the UK Guardian has some of the answers, I'll quote bits selectively:


    " ... the whole country has been effectively overrun in a matter of weeks as military commanders either surrendered without a fight or gave up in a matter of hours. ..

    ...a tale of two armies, one poorly equipped but highly motivated ideologically, and the other nominally well-equipped, but dependent on Nato support, poorly led and riddled with corruption. ...

    ...the US military to be persistently over-optimistic about the Afghan military capability, even though it had no reliable evidence to make that assessment ..."

    In connection with motivation, we can ask whether the US Army intelligence correctly understood the feelings of ordinary Afghanis, from whom were drawn the soldiers forming the "old" national army. Where they in the army for the pay, or because they believed in their cause? How did they, as well as other Afghanis, feel about the random killing of civilians in strikes against targeted dissidents?

    The US Army had the same problem in Vietnam, incorrect assessments of the morale of the South's army.

    I read the full article on nine/msn site:

  • asp59
    And as usual we in Europe has to deal with USA government Insanity's like always. Giant floods off immigration gonna hit Europe soon. Happened with Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, somalia and many more. USA government delivers as always.
  • fulltimestudent

    Rocketman, There are more details in this Straits Times (A Singapore newspaper-also government owned).

    Quoted (in Part):

    "The swift offensive has resulted in mass surrenders, captured helicopters and millions of dollars of US-supplied equipment paraded by the Taleban on grainy cellphone videos. In some cities, heavy fighting had been under way for weeks on their outskirts, but the Taleban ultimately overtook their defensive lines and then walked in with little or no resistance."

    "How the Afghan military came to disintegrate first became apparent not last week but months ago, in an accumulation of losses that started even before President Joe Biden's announcement that the US would withdraw by Sept 11.

    It began with individual outposts in rural areas where starving and ammunition-depleted soldiers and police units were surrounded by Taleban fighters and promised safe passage if they surrendered and left behind their equipment, slowly giving the insurgents more and more control of roads, then entire districts.As positions collapsed, the complaint was almost always the same: There was no air support or they had run out of supplies and food. "

    "These shortfalls can be traced to numerous issues that sprung from the West's insistence on building a fully modern military with all the logistical and supply complexities one requires, and which has proved unsustainable without the US and its Nato allies."

    More at:

    And, there's more similar info. One things clear - the 'West' just doesn't get it. By which I mean that 'West,' seems to consistently fail to understand how ordinary Asians may 'see' the world.

    If you wanted to follow that theme through, you may find Pankaj Mishra's book, From the Ruins of Empire: The Revolt Against the West and the Re-making of Asia, helpful.

    The Nations that form NATO and the USA have all attempted to create empires out of Asian nations and somehow all seem to think they are still in charge.

  • frozen2018

    President Biden inspiring us from Camp David during this troubling time:


  • Rocketman123

    Thanks fulltimestudent

    The question remains did the US really accept and foreknow this was the way how things would were going to transpire ?

    Intelligence ?

    Where was Nato ?

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The root cause for both Vietnam and this disaster is the same: the incoming president has no willpower to maintain the status quo and wants to pull out because he needs the funds.

    It’s the same thing McNamara did for JFK and LBJ in Vietnam, just let planes get shot down on purpose and don’t fight back where it is necessary, you wear down the morale of your troops and your country so it’s easier to pull the plug. You leave the locals to die, because they’re not worth anything in your plan because you have better things to do at home with that budget that you just saved.

    And LBJ through these boondoggles was able to renegotiate with Congress for a $100B plan to start a “War on Poverty” and a jobs plan and a ton of social re-engineering policy while Vietnam fell under the rule of Pol Pot and millions died while the Soviets reaped the benefits by going immediately into various trade agreements. Here too, Biden will make the case that we save a few million and he can use that for making his Green New Deal or whatever other issue in a $10T spending plan.

    What do we see today in Afghanistan: hundreds of women that got educated are being locked up and publicly executed. In the mean time China is reaching out to the Taliban for agreements on the building of roads in exchange for mining rights. The Chinese Communists and the American Left (but I repeat myself) are entirely transactional in this thing, they don’t give a flying fuck about the people, the sacrifices, the stability of the region, Europe, Israel. They got their money, saved a line item on the budget, they’re out, what they think their voting base is, is happy.

    Off course Biden knew this was going to happen, Obama did the same, Clinton did the same, LBJ did the same. Everytime the same results whether it’s Pol Pot under LBJ or the Iranian hostage crisis under Carter or legitimizing the PLO under Clinton, this is all done on purpose to keep funding eternal social programs at home and keep a puppet at hand abroad for whenever it is politically expedient to take back out and manufacture a crisis. Perpetual crisis keeps people afraid, keeps people easy to manipulate.

  • Rivergang


    With all due respect, you do need to check your history, starting with Pol Pot. He was nothing to do with Vietnam; he was the leader of the communist faction (known as the "Khmer Rouge") in a neighbouring country, Cambodia. Early in 1975, the Khmer Rouge completed their overthrow of the pro-Western government of Marshal Lon Nol, when they captured the capital city, Phnom Penh.

    Secondly, it was Richard Nixon who pulled US combat troops out of Vietnam. (Although, it must be said, after the Tet Offensive of February 1968, nobody had any further thoughts about winning the war - only about how America could best extricate itself from the debacle).

    Nixon and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, coined the term "Vietnamisation" of the war, in which - similar to Afghanistan - the local military were to progressively take over the fight. I can remember it like it was yesterday when the first US troop withdrawals took place during the latter part of 1969, and all the fanfare that was made of that event.

    1969 was the first year of Nixon's presidency - and it was he that initiated the withdrawal of US combat troops, not LBJ.

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