Afghanistan-Kabul falls to Taliban - U.S. Embassy staff evacuated by helicopter

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  • slimboyfat
    Embassy officials are described as still busy burning documents.

    US colonisers learned from their British forbears to cover their tracks.

  • waton

    the viet cong won in part because they were backed by the crude but effective russian-chinese war machine, finance, common cause.

    the taliban won in part because ----.

    the vietnamese had defeated the french foreign legion, then the will of the US & allies,

    The Afghans had defeated the Mighty Red Army's expeditionary force, now the same collection again. so ---

    there are other determined ideologies on the march.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I understand why the West went into Afghanistan - to clear out the Taliban and catch Bin Laden - but they sadly didn't really have a long-term plan.

    Joe Biden - a supposed feminist - has abandoned Afghani women to the misogynist Taliban, who are notorious for treating women and girls as young as 12 as sex slaves and chattel. Weird, huh ...

  • truth_b_known

    I understand why the West went into Afghanistan - to clear out the Taliban and catch Bin Laden - but they sadly didn't really have a long-term plan.

    The U.S. invaded Afghanistan to locate and apprehend/kill Osama bin Laden, the Al Qaeda leader behind the 9-11-2001 attacks in the U.S. The Taliban, sympathetic to bin Laden's cause, gave safe haven to bin Laden. The Taliban had nothing to do with 9-11 and had no intent on attacking the U.S.

    When the U.S. located bin Laden's hideout in Afghanistan and bombed it military forces soon learned that bin Laden escaped. That was the time for the U.S. to pull out of Afghanistan. That failed military strike was in 2001.

  • Justaguy

    😂😂😂😂😂 slim slim slim slim slim slim slim…

    the US of A Has never, ever, had colonies (Libera being an experiment and not a colony as such), but nice try. Thats your people.

    If you mean “military presence” in other countries, then you can simply say “thank you”, and on behalf of America, I will accept. Without our military presence you and the rest of your European cohorts would be speaking german. Saving your ass did not equal colonizing you.

  • Freemail

    “Bahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂

    withdrawal is not defeat, but nice try. We could have held the land of goat herders indefinitely, but apparently Ole lunch bucket Joe had other ideas.

    You can crow all you want about “defeats” but the Japanese showed how soft your people are and America pushed those same Japs back onto their island for good.

    Let us hope the proxy war never becomes full blown war between the two real antagonists. For now even your chi-com overlords are smart enough to know a shooting war with the US of A is a losing proposition. Tragically our ruling class is too stupid and/or paid off to fight back effectively in this full blown cold war, so ultimate victory may yet belong to china.

    However, until then….

    USA! USA! USA!”

    JG, you sound like one of those retards that reckon we’d be talking German if it wasn't for you.

    Pathetic. Fancy the yanks being scared of a bunch of goat herders.

  • Me.Wonderful

    All the Taliban did was just wait till the American went home. They hardly even engaged western forces, so I wouldn't say it was a military defeat.

    Oh well, It wouldn't be my son fighting over there. Not worth it.

  • mikeflood
  • mikeflood

    Just imagine....the Afghans were fighting the taliban with this pompous guy....right now he is in a foreign land probably drinking piña coladas....I'll bet my taxes cover de cost of some of his medals....

  • waton

    the takeover went too smoothly to not be an arranged affair.

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