Favorite/least favorite CO's and DO's

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  • Lostandfound

    For me, the wives were the least favourite , poisonous vipers crawling about as if they were The Messiah incarnate, many clearly fed gossip to hubby, the C O, who then acted on it like a lapdog. One name Seidler, repels me to think of

  • jookbeard
    its clear the deluded morons from HQ read our comments hence the removal a few years of DO's, cant be long before the CO's are put out to pasture, what is the point of their existence?
  • stuckinarut2


    Joe Slaiman (Travelling Overseer from Australia and New Zealand.)


    Because he woke up too!


  • nowwhat?

    In the midwest, brother gus was a real good guy. He spent many years in Alaska as well. Then there was Samuel Brown. What a piece of shit he was. On his first visit he asked the brothers to form a receiving line to greet him! Also scolded the congregation for not applauding him after his introductory talk .

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    One name Seidler, repels me to think of

    Mike & Dody maybe?


  • SnakesInTheTower


    Paul Illingsworth was a nice guy.

    Indeed he was. He was one of my 2 instructors in MTS (62nd US class - St. Louis). For who he was, and who he worked for, I respected him as fair in his dealings with me. I have a picture of him with his feet on a desk reading Sports Illustrated or something golf related.

    The other instructor, and ancient fart, told me I needed to upgrade my suits, even though HIS looked like Goodwill rejects. Mine were off the rack, but custom tailored to fit. Fu#k him, he's probably dead by now.

    Snakes (Rich, of the Free of Caring About Suits Sheep Class)

  • sparrowdown

    The whole CO arrangemnt was total BS, with the congregation on best behavior for a week while pathetically sucking up to the visiting VIPs for all their worth to avoid a bad report or achieve an appointment - sickening.

    A couple I shall call Joe and Helen were particularly good at being the official WT "suck-ee" recipients for the week accepting all sorts of "gifts" from locals while tearing them a new one at the same time. They were feared and worshipped in equal neasure.

  • hoser

    Shit flows downhill. Circuit overseers are nothing but middle managers for the watchtower corporation.

    I'm sure they get royally crapped on too when they don't report growth and profitability to the head Borg.

  • waton

    report growth and profitability to the head Borg.

    yeah, one CO commented about congregation analysis: : "-- when the contributions are ok, everything else will fall into place.." or words to that effect. Also playing the local pride card.

    abstaining from voting, but there were ones that worked their guts out, sacrificing family life, at the end wt left them disillusioned.

  • a watcher
    a watcher


    CO: Timothy Eudy

    DO: Charles Valorz

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