Favorite/least favorite CO's and DO's

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  • HereIgo

    I posted this thread sometime last year but thought I would revive it due to the new ones on the board, and to change things up a bit. My favorite? Bro Murikami, from Hawaii, very humble, kind Bro. Served in Phoenix, AZ area around 2003-2006. The worst was D. Allen Phegley 2007-2010, Phoenix, AZ. He was the most cocky, arrogant, company man you could ever know. Excellent speaker though. CO David Schroeder 2010-...extremely boring, dry and a company man. DO Chuck Wahler, Southern CA and Phoenix, AZ area, very humble and didn't strike me as much of a company man. Your thoughts? Go!

  • jambon1

    Ian Shanks in Scotland with hs immaculate suits and suave hair along with pinkie ring and tie pins.

    Talked a good talk but you'll never see a more repressed homosexual male than this guy.

  • tepidpoultry

    I don't remember his name and I think he just had one visit with me before I moved, but what struck me was this: At the time when COs were all getting new leased cars, this fellow was driving an old clunker! I asked him about this and he just didn't feel right driving around in a new car being supported by the brothers, Wow! This man was bucking the Society!! He seemed really nice, spent the day just me and him :0)

  • smiddy

    David Madzay a canadian I think gave really good talks but ended up a tragic .

    Another guy I cant recall his name offhand did excellent gestures tall skinny with glasses Australia.

    Bob Blackstock ? is one I remember also.

    I didnt think much of Vin Toole and think even less of him since the ARC ,what an A-hole.

  • joe134cd

    Hans Hubler. Total prat. I hate the guy with a passion. He was so obnoxious he would order women out of the conventions with crying babies when he was giving talks. I believed he upset a few to many people and Wt stepped in and removed him, but I'm just surprised it wasn't done sooner. Just a really rude, obnoxious man. Does anybody know what happened to him. I heard a while back he had died.

  • Chook

    CO Australia Malcolm Clarke pure dickhead. CO Australia Edmond Morassas seemed half nice but I cornered him one day and he lied and I caught him out because I pulled up and told him he was lying, they are pure clergy class .

  • konceptual99

    I gave up on any sentimental ideas about CO/DOs of the past years ago.

    Some are worse than others. Some might have good motives. Some are not intrinsically vindictive, nasty people.

    What they all are however are company men. They rarely do the morally right thing. They follow the company line and ensure elders err on the side of judgementalism rather than compassion. Even when injustices occur and the CO/DO steps in the motive is not looking stupid in the eyes of Bethel rather than the individual concerned.

    Then there are the "characters", the so called funny ones, the charismatic speakers. These are the worst. Loved by masses but invariably hatchet men behind the scenes, in love with the sound of their own voices and egos.

    Some would be nice out of company colours, some are idiots, most are misguided but a significant portion are simply bastards at best and proper c**** at worst.

  • stillin

    They don't make them like they used to. Will Gotham, Bob Simons, both in the Southeast part of the US. Both good hugs with real people skills and interest in not just management but all.

  • Chook

    Hans hubler end up in Maryborough in vic Australia all the JWs in the central vic region built him a modest home free of charge , the society got all local JWs to provide for his long service leave. I didn't like him strong opinionated European, but we believed god was using this idiot.

  • NoviceLocs14

    Don't really have a favorite CO, but there was one who I thought was the most "real" out of all of them. He didn't have all the "bells and whistles" and faux comedy, and I honestly think he was actually awake in an undercover sense. Unfortunately, he got a lot of "flack" for being "boring". Wakelin was his last name I think.

    Now...least favorite...hmm...we'll go with the bitter old fart who said my stepdad couldn't have additional privileges because his grown daughter (me) was attending college and bettering herself. He also degraded my mother for "having a child out of wedlock" (me again, who she had before she became a JW). His last name was Hartman.

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