Favorite/least favorite CO's and DO's

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  • OrphanCrow
    Doc: However, in the last decade or even two decades, I'd say they have all been Company Men committed to watch over WT$ CA$H as the Prime Directive.

    Ah. So that explains why my elderly mother (who owns a house, etc) has been getting visits from the CO whenever he is in that territory. She told me that the local elder and the CO have been to see her several times over the years.

    It made me laugh. My mother was disfellowshipped way back in 69/70 and has held a heart of bitterness towards the org ever since. When it happened, she was shunned badly. It was traumatic and left lasting scars.

    And now. Now. when she is in her 80s, the CO big shot, along with one of the elders, come to visit her for regular "shepherding calls". I asked her why she even would let them in but she is cagy and just said that she wants to know what they will say. I guess the CO's standard thing is to ask her if she will return, blah, blah, blah....bible verse, etc. Haha! My mother and I both know what they are after. Her estate.

    They don't stand a chance and I think my mom is getting some sort of pleasure in making them squirm and come begging with a bible in hand.

    He is going to have a hard time on his next visit. She lost almost all of her hearing recently. And she is 80% blind. But, she won't give up a nickel. That I know. Not a nickel. And, she is armed with all the ARC stuff about child abuse, etc. He might have quite the visit. She is getting really cranky. The older she gets, the worse she gets.

    I don't know the CO's name. But he is doing his job. Bag man for the org.

  • KiwiBoy

    Barry Bines and Monty Gower in New Zealand - both CO organization men through and through in the 60s and 70s, although Barry was possibly a tad more lifeless and plastic than Gower. - Steve2

    Yes I remember them. I also remember here in NZ a CO by the name of Charles Glendinning. Any others from NZ remember him? What were your thoughts? Personally I had little time for him.

  • joe134cd

    Charles the hit man Glendening a total self righteous wanker. His brother unfortunately wasn't to much better. Trust me you weren't the only person who had little time for him.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    Charles the hit man Glendening

    Lol. He sounds quite the chap 😂😂😂

  • joe134cd

    Unshaclethechains = Yup his reputation exceeded him where ever he went. I can't recall having one pleasant memory of the guy. In fact I always tried to stay away from him.

  • sparky1

    "Ray Harriman was our CO"..........DocBob. Yeah Ray was quite a 'character'. He and I and my girlfriend sat up late a few times and watched Saturday Night Live. He really loved TV for some reason. He tried to strong arm me into pioneering and I would have none of it. After that, he barely spoke to me. My mother used to call him 'Happy Harry' to his face because he acted like such a buffoon lots of times. Under that 'happy go lucky' exterior, he was a real company man.

  • ttdtt


    Gregory A. Moore

    He was mentally unbalanced, maybe had dementia, but caused lots of destruction.

  • dugout

    Pedro Hines was the coolest slickest CO I knew. Young. Goodlooking slim. Good natured. Dressed To the tee. Had a goodlooking wife also, forgot her name. She could sing too. I mean R&B. Sorry to here he passed away not to long ago. NOW Did not like Dyson. THey used to call him slicing Dyson had a reputation for deleting bros. Very arrogant thought he was the shit. He told the sisters in a talk he gave to stay out his face when they talked to him. This man was worshiped because he was feared.

  • DwainBowman

    I have had so many, having been in so many cong's, in so many states!!

    The one that stands out for me was Bill Baxter, in the Atlanta area back in 84. He was so kind and caring. My dear sweet grandma, died, and I missed his visit. Two week's later on a Monday evening, he and his wife showed up at my door, just to visit!!!!

    Lou Razor, Was a total jerk and ass-hole!!!!!!

  • karter

    Kiwi boy,Charles Glendening was disliked by all that knew him i worked on an Assembly with him,Be reasonable brother do it my way.

    Monty Gower was OK barry bindes i agree with steve 2.

    Do you remember Woulford and Betty Johns?

    Lovely couple,Loved children when the retired from the circuit work they said "If we had known the system would go on this long we would hve had children"

    They would have made great parents.


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