Favorite/least favorite CO's and DO's

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    I always loved Léonce Crépeaux. He was an outstanding speaker and anytime he was on stage, time would just fl; I felt this way even as a kid! I loved the guy.

    Than, about 3 years ago, he appeared in a French documentary about the Jehovah`s Witnesses and he lied with a straight face! He said that JWs didn't force their religion on their children and didn't shun them when they choose to leave. A lie like this, coming from the man that pushed my dad to baptise me at 13: the hypocrisy!.

    That day, any respect I had for that man was dead and gone.

  • _Morpheus

    Brian Thorton. Couldnt stand dealing with him. Arrogant and self righteous. I laughed when he got removed.

  • silas hobbs
    silas hobbs

    It was CO Baxter for me.

    My oldest daughter left home , got pregnant and asked to come back home. She came home and had the baby a beautiful girl well I knew there would be problems,,,you know an appointed man having this going on in ones on house. Sure enough Baxter described my situation to a tee at an elders mtg. without mentioning my name.he called it indirect counseling, and saying that such a man would have to have his qualifications examined.

    I told the PO it was me he was talking about and he responded whether I wanted to go through that an I said no so he said let it go. He was a great guy ,,Bro Henderson thanks to you on that day I got angry enough at the org.to start my research on their history eventually leading me here.

    By the way my granddaughter is going to ASU on schlorship

  • Funchback

    The ones I ever had to deal with were pompous or arrogant...or both:

    Philly area...

    There must've been more but I don't remember anymore.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Least favorite CO and DO: All

    Most favorite CO and DO: None

  • Quarterback

    Hans Hubler? I do remember him Joe. I was at his funeral. I remember a baby crying at his funeral.

  • joe134cd


  • joe134cd

    So Hans did die. I heard that through the grape vine. Was it true about the rumours I heard about Wt stepping in and removing him. I heard it all went down in french Polynesia / Pacific Islands.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Anyone remember C. O. Lou Razor, Southern California or Mid West? This was a guy who overstayed his visit at every congregation he went to. A real piece of work...but then again they were all a piece of work! They all kissed 'Mother's' behind!

  • minimus

    Terry Angelacos.... just an asshole

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