Favorite/least favorite CO's and DO's

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  • Lostandfound


    robbing couples of the opportunity to raise a family is disgusting, even now the failed 1975 promise is advanced as the brothers fault, disgusting, will they say those who forwent the opportunity of parenthood to serve Kingdom interests was selfish on their part and they should have shared the gift of life. Any failed expectation is no ones fault at the top who Farm out such stuff, but fault of the brotherhood following instructions on the tin to the letter. Excuses department must take a lot of office space at Warwick.

  • KiwiBoy

    Do you remember Woulford and Betty Johns? - Karter

    Yes I do. They stayed with me on one of their visits. Betty and her pink clothing...I remember so well. I can recall so many of the NZ CO's going back many years...some good friends others not so. Like Joe134cd I had little time for Charles. I never had a good word for him. Worked with him often at assemblies but hated it. I was talking to another brother one day and he came along and said to him: "Why are you standing here talking to the likes of him"? I was right on the verge of leaving the assembly right then! If anything went wrong it was my fault. Shall never forget his arrogance. Glad I no longer have to see him. His wife was lovely...I see she passed away not long ago. Sad.

  • LongHairGal


    I don't know how you can sit idly by and hear that your 80 year old many-years-out mom is being regularly visited by the CO and an elder.

    I have no use whatsoever for this religion and put nothing past them.

    You are correct that they are after her money. They wouldn't even care if she were a raging, spitting "apostate". They still would sweet talk her in hopes in a moment of weakness she'll agree to give something.

    If it were my parent I would put a stop to their visits. This isn't funny and I'd do something about this.

  • OrphanCrow
    LongHairGal: ORPHAN CROW:
    I don't know how you can sit idly by and hear that your 80 year old many-years-out mom is being regularly visited by the CO and an elder.....

    That is because you don't know my mother. Or the situation. My mother is more than capable of handling those guys and I wouldn't doubt it if she is setting the CO up. She will bide her time and when he least suspects, she will attack. That is her modus operandi. I know that.

    So I armed her. I gave her lots of stuff to put in her arsenal. She is up on the ARC and all sorts of other things. The child abuse stuff really makes her angry and she remembers what the local elders did to my sister when she was raped.

    My mother has a bone (or two or three) to pick with the WTS that goes back years and years and I am going to let her do it. I certainly will not be the one standing in her way.

    This isn't funny

    Actually, it is. What will be even funnier is when the CO finds out that my mother isn't a vulnerable old lady - she is vicious. She has only been playing with him and the elders up to this point

    ...and I'd do something about this.

    Nah...I just hope I get to hear the story when she finally lets loose on them. I might not - I do not have any contact with my mother except through a sibling. She is so hard to handle that I no longer visit her or even speak to her.

    Thanks for the concern, LongHairGal, I do appreciate it. But if anyone needs to be warned or be concerned...it should be the CO and his elder buddies

  • Butyoucanneverleave

    Worst ones were John Mason and ? Meekums. Can't remember his first name but he was a real piece of work. Gaskins was pretty good.

  • LongHairGal


    Well, I am certainly glad to hear your mom is capable of handling herself and has anger to back it up. I am sorry to hear though about what took place in your family to cause such pain and anger. You say she's hard to handle and you don't see much of her. So, I'm getting a sense of a lady who is as hard as nails and she's toying with them!

    The elders and the religion deserve what they get for underestimating an elderly lady and insulting her intelligence. I hope she finally tells them off in a way they'll remember!

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    No one may know this Cuban C.O. (Spanish circuits), but I have to give credit where credit is due. Samuel Izquierdo was a great speaker.

    I remember my stumbling him about the quotation marks around "Samuel" in 1 Samuel 28 in the JW bible. He offered to give me an answer the following day. He did. Sounded almost like an admission that the quotation marks were wrong.

  • Tight Pants Twinkle Toes
    Tight Pants Twinkle Toes

    So many Assholes so little time,

    some nice guys....

    DO..Floyd Kite, CA 1973ish,

    DO...Bartell, TX, 1980ish

    CO..Roger Cantwell

    Assholes: DO.. Brandozzi super dick.

    DO..Angelo Mannera thought he was hot shit.

    CO..Bruno Fredinelli looked like afucking bulldog acted like one to.

    CO..Joe Tucker..idiot..

    CO..Dick Jones self righteous BOOB

    CO..Floyd Garret..wife Sea Hag. I was an MS in a small town in EastTexas, Pittsburg to be exact. Caught a couple of elders in some shit and lying about it. I'd had enough and decided to leave, elders told me if I'd keep my mouth shut and be a good boy Iwould be an elder with the next CO visit, if not I asked? He drew his finger across his throat. We moved to a near by cong. Got a bad letter, the PO had been a friend for many years, and wanted to dispute the letter. I said forget it but he went and got Garret involved. He 'investigated', a few weeks later he came back and said, " you were right, and they were guilty, but I'm going to remove you, because it's easier to remove an MS than elders, and besides who will I find to replace them? And it was to much paper work" I said "how about a couple of sisters?" He didn't think that was very funny, I told him I wasn't trying to be funny, and this wasn't fair, his response.."who said life was fair?"

    Sometime later we moved to Tyler TX. A year later guess who our new CO is ? Bingo...Garret. He puts me in his service group, The rest of the group were in the car, he stops me and says "Your a fighter, I didn't think you would make it after what happened before". I responded " what if I had not made it?!? If you were to lazy to do your job, and couldn't handle the paper work then perhaps you should retire and let someone else do it, and if this is your feeble attempt at an apology, keep it, and we should get back in the car because I have a real urge to knock you out right here." Funny he never mentioned our little chat to the elders there.

    Biggest Asshole of them all ( based on my limited exposure )........Steve Ferrel, but this a story for another time, this one stands alone, and is what really started my journey to freedom.

  • ttdtt
    CO..Joe Tucker..idiot..

    I had Tucker - I thought he was a very nice man, who loved people.

    I was stupid in that he said we should not watch Disney Movies.

    And Beauty and the Beast promoted Bestiality - what a joke.

    But he was really nice, and so was his wife.

  • Tight Pants Twinkle Toes
    Tight Pants Twinkle Toes

    I knew Tucker before he went into circuit work, your right, nice guy, still an idiot.

    yeah the Beauty and the Beast thing was a real hot button of his.

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