how do you feel re homosexuality?

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  • RandomTask

    Picturing it. ahh yeah, thats the stuff...

  • SixofNine
    SO basically you don't know shit about what really happens and neither do I. So we form our opinions based upon our own observations. You seem to treat yours as fact which it is far from being.

    It's worse than that; the truly sleazy, this-mufuc-a-needs-to-shut-his-ignorant-mouth aspect of ThiChi's opinion, is that it ignores the feelings and experiences of gay people themselves. Until science has some conclusive data to work with on the issue, gay people, and straight people with varying amounts of attraction to people of their own gender, are the only place to get any understanding of homosexuality. I submit that ThiChi, unless he has some attraction to men, is a complete and total ignorant dumbass on the subject.

  • ThiChi


    I have not presumed anyone’s intentions here, neither should you. My very first post shows my feelings. I simply answered a question from my viewpoint. I have only defended my viewpoint.

    Again I ask, where does it all stop? A fair question, based on what is happening in the world today. The only replies I received were claims based on false accusations to comparisons, thus missing the point, or answers based on feelings. I just disagree with the "I can't help it" mentality.

  • ThiChi


    What is stopping you from starting a new Topic? Get to it.......

  • Mulan
    I think that homosexuality is the result of some sort of error in DNA replication, or in the formation of some part of the brain. I know that homosexuals don't care for that kind of idea, but something has to explain the phenomena, and that's my idea.

    I think this might be true in some cases, but not all.

    I think their lifestyle is a personal matter. I don't think about my heterosexual friends' sex lives, so the same is true of my gay family and friends. The homosexual people I know are wonderful people. I wouldn't ostracize them for the world.

    I am not sure about all people having the right to practice their sexual preference though. There are men who prefer little boys, and and some like pre-adolescent girls, for some odd reason. I wouldn't think they are a DNA error. I think they are sick in their heads. Same is true for those who have sex with animals.

    I believe you do have to say "No" to some things. It's not true that "anything goes". Just my opinion.

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie
    Why do people constantly get a knot in their panties about stuff that isn't even any of their business.

    I confess that I don't like spinach. Actually I hate it. I can't stand to see it or smell it. I prefer it be in a sealed container if I am in the same room with it. Honestly, spinach is nasty.

    But I don't hate spinach eaters. And if eating spinach is good for them, and harms none, that that shall be the end of the matter, to misquote Crowley.

    Yeah, what he said! Thanks, Git, you saved me the trouble of having to post essentially the same thing.

    "do you actually compare homosexuality with rape"

    I am amused how the point is missed and we go to left field. No, I don’t. The topic was not which is worse. The claim was that DNA makes people do what they do. Following this logic, one could do anything related to drive and defend it. Where does it stop?

    And yes, you DID equate the homosexuality with rape. You can't come back afterward and more or less say "Sure, I used both terms in a comparative manner in an analogy but that doesn't mean I was actually comparing the two." Please. As to the point you were trying to make, it's apples and oranges. You absolutely cannot compare acts that are consensual and have absolutely no direct effect on anyone but the willing participants. Just because there are people in this world who get off on being tied up and whipped by another person who just loves to do the whippin' does not then mean that we can say it's OK for criminals to violently assault other people.

    The point is that you can be personally outraged by homosexuality from some long-held wacky religious belief, you can think to yourself "Ooh, Ick!" all you want, you can even believe that it's unnatural and wrong and vile and evil. And then you can take a breath, calm down, and realize that it doesn't affect you in the least. That's the moment when you realize that you've finally gotten over your little self.

  • LB
    What is stopping you from starting a new Topic? Get to it.......

    I think I did, in the middle of this thread, but it appears that this thread can't be hyjacked. You guys are too busy bitching each other out to notice. And I mentioned shania and faith for crying out loud. So who's gay now????

  • ThiChi

    """It's worse than that; the truly sleazy, this-mufuc-a-needs-to-shut-his-ignorant-mouth aspect of ThiChi's opinion, is that it ignores the feelings and experiences of gay people themselves."""

    Here is a good example of what I am talking about. Instead of debate to an issue that has many aspects to the issues and feelings on both sides, this is what some resort to. Intolerance of another viewpoint. I have friends who are guy, and we debate often. Shame, shame!

  • ThiChi

    "", you DID equate the homosexuality with rape""

    No I did not. please reread. The question was "were does it stop" not which is worse. I stand by my comments. You just don't want to go where the path leads.........nice smoke...but it is not working.

    Let the readers decide!

    here it is:

    Warning: Adult Content! please don’t read if you object to psychological nudity;

    The DNA a connection could be easily be debatable as junk science......see past posts on this topic for information.

    ""What's interesting to me about that explanation is that the homosexual person is in no way responsible for whatever it is that results in their sexual preferences""

    A true sign of the times. Lack of responsibility for their actions. Some like to make love to animals, is there a DNA connection to justify that? When do we say enough is enough? Some like to kill and rape, it that ok? The lack of responsibility and the resistance to a dely of gratification shows what the world has sunk to.

  • RandomTask

    Sure, there has to be a moral line in the sand drawn at some point, thats why my personal belief is that its all right for consenting adults. That is where my line in the sand is drawn and I believe society should feel that way too. I know a majority of society DOES feel that way (in that sex with a minor of any gender is wrong, or sex with animals, sex with dead people, etc).

    But then to actually say science has proven anything would be a tremendous fallacy. There is a lot of data and a lot of studies that suggest certain things, but there is nothing conclusive. Furthermore even though I believe that it may be something genetic, I know there is no proof for this, only my observations of homosexuals that I know.

    My personal opinion is that we have nothing more to fear from homosexuals than we do with heterosexuals, and the things we fear from each of them have little to do with a sex act.

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