What is the most strange action of a witness while out in field service?

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  • WasOnceBlind
    Speaking of cats, towards the final days of me doing field service, me and my service partner stole a cat ( I like to think we rescued it). It was a small gray malnourished kitten, that was outside. We knocked and since no once answered we took the cat and went home.
  • the comet
    the comet
    I remember being out in rural territory all day with an elder, his wife and a pioneer sister a few years older than me, I was about 15. Well at the end of the hot summer day the elder announces, "geez a cold beer sure sounds good about now!" We were working a town about an hour away from home so he stops by a gas station picks up a 12 pack of beer, gets behind the wheel, cracks one open and hands them over to his wife to pass out to us! Best drive home from service ever! By the time we got home we had polished off the 12 pack. Nothing like that ever happened again and none of us talked to anyone about it. If service could be like that maybe I'd consider going out again...
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Wow! what's next, killing someone cat and stealing one. JW come to your door and your pets disappear.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    holy crap. Stealing a cat and drinking in FS, lol, ROFL!!!
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    I may have stayed in , beer in FS. Holy shit...
  • Dumplin

    Just came home from work and thought of some more.

    When i was just 15 yo one of my first doors was a 30 something woman who opened the door topless.

    Another time, my wife's skirt fell off while we were talking to some guy at the door... it was one of those Ricky Ricardo moments...ha!

    Then there was the time my 5 yo son disappeared while I was talking at the door. I ran around the corner of the house and he was peeing on her rhododendron.

  • stuckinarut2

    An old newly converted brother used to carry a drum stick to the doors to knock with!

    Once I remember that he was still holding the stick up when an old lady opened the door! She felt threatened and screamed!

  • kaik

    I have seen some embarrassments while on field service. One elder loved to stop people in a passage way connecting bus terminal. He often did it that way that he will stop in front of them and prevented people to walk by. However, he caused one elderly woman with a cane to miss her bus. She came back waving the cane over her head screaming that because of him, she missed her bus. We very quickly disappeared in near by apartment complex.

    Other time, we were doing field service in Carpathian mountains when we were invited into the farm house. The old man had hand carved huge, old, dinning table with field and forest life motifs: wolves, sheep, goats, bears, but the elder wife refused to sit by the table because she considered the motifs demonic.

  • Dunedain

    I remember an older brother who would have a ton of return visits all over the different territories. The problem was, that 90 percent of these return visits, were just people, mostly other older men, that he would just small talk with. NEVER, anything about the Kingdom, or even the bible for that matter. He would just be talking about the weather, or current events, baseball games, like if the Yankees were doing good this year, or if the Knicks had a team or not, lol. His many return visits were just going around and shooting the [email protected]#t.

    Funny thing is that when he would bring certain brothers to these specific return visits, they would usually just let him do his thing and BS about the weather and sports, but on a few occasions when they would chime in and start talking about the bible, they were actually thrown out and told never to come back, and they were return visits for YEARS, lol.

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    So many experiences can only pick out a few.

    In London I was in service with a very strict nigerian sister who was a pioneer like me. She had a very stern manner and one of her calls was a regular not at home. This particular day she was sure the person was home so she bent down and shouted loud with her nigerian accent "I know you are in there, I want to tell you that if you do not listen you will die at armageddon!" I was dying quietly by her side.

    Another sister I worked with insisted on leaving magazines in baby prams left outside of the houses or apartments, she got upset when I told her I did not think it was right to do that.

    I had a pioneer partner who was single and very prudish, one day I was talking to a lady at the door and my partner suddenly went red and started to cough and look so distracted that it put me off my presentation. When we left she started saying she was unclean now. Apparently there had been a naked guy standing on the top of the stairs behind the lady I was talking to and I had not seen him but my partner had got a full view.

    My mother in law was a pioneer and very erratic and at times funny without her realizing it. She pulled a door shut so hard the handle came off. We stood there looking at each other and the handle when the householder came out and looked stunned. We handed it back and walked off.

    One time the bell I was pressing got stuck and I was battling furiously to try to pull the button out when the door opened and I nearly fell in.

    The worst experience from a yucky point of view was the time I went to a door and a man opened it with a hankie sticking out of his eye. He had no eye and must have been cleaning the socket...I nearly fainted.

    Oh I could go on and on...one last one. My husband studied with a very ardent young man who was crazy about the things he was learning. When we took him on service it was fraught with anxiety for what he could find out to say. One day he grabbed a householder who said he did not believe in God and dragged him to the balcony to look at a tree, he was shouting, look at the tree, look at the tree, who made it?! I had to go get my husband to tell him to calm down.

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