What is the most strange action of a witness while out in field service?

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  • Dissonant15

    Oh my gosh @wingcommander I was just telling stories about Paul Oxenreider & getting ready to type them out. A few years before he died he really lost his mind but insisted on going out every day.

    This one time he went to a door in the territory where a woman answered & he said "I had a dream about you last night, but you were wearing a black dress."

    Once we were doing a street and he picked up a dead squirrel off the street by its tail and carried it several yards and left it in a householders yard "to get it off the street."

    He tried to "turn over" an RV with a young lady who answered clearly drunk and holding a towel on her naked self with both hands. He launched in to a very long sermon and tried to get her to take the magazines. She awkwardly tucked them under her arm and he proceeded to ask her, "Would you be more comfortable if this sister with me calls on you from now on?" To which she replied "I don't care?" And he went on to say, "Well the problem is that I'm not comfortable calling on you. So I'm turning you over to her now."

    Another call he tried to" turn over," a big black man answered the door and P.Ox says, "You're not a white woman??!" ..."No, I'm not..." "But my call book says I talked to a white woman!" ..."You're probably referring to my wife. And what may I ask do you want with her?"

  • Question_Mans_interpretation
    The craziest thing to happen to me was in our rural part of the territory there were some very isolated houses. This one particular house didn't come into view until the last minute when you were practically in the front yard. When we pulled up there was a full on naked guy working in his garden patch trying to hide behind his tomato plants which thankfully were tall enough to hide him while we talked to him a ways off. The funny thing was he was wearing some tall rubber garden boots which the sisters and I later joked about that at least we could count on him practicing safe sex, he wears his rubbers.
  • DwainBowman

    So many great fs stories! I have had many over my 53 years in.

    One morning when I was 12. I was walking down the drive way to a house. The woman was working in her flower beds. She saw me coming, and walked over and unchained her large dog, pointed at me and said, sick him. The big dog starts running towards me barking and growling, I quickly looked for some where to go, but nope. I started running at the dog barking and waving my arms like mad. The dog turned and ran behind the house. I straightenedmyself up, and walked over to the stunned woman, and may my presentation, she said, Yea I'll take it. She gave me two dollars for a tooth book, and a set of mags. I thought I was rich!


  • DwainBowman

    Working college areas, can be surprising.

    I have knocked on doors, and been told to come in. Open the door to a room full of almost naked girls. It's a game they play, just to rattle people! A number of times it has happened to me. I always go right ahead and make my presentation, and offer! Twice, I have received a standing ovation! For not getting all rattled and messing up!

    One naked drunk college girl ran and grabbed me and and started hugging and kissing me, and ran her hand down my pants so fast, and she wouldn't let go!

    OMG what a rush!


  • smiddy

    I was in field service on a Saturday morning when this Elder put his finger over one nostril and blew into the gutter , and then did the same with his other nostril , I was appalled he could do this in broad daylight while in field service.

    I walked away , I am not with these people , .so embarrassing .


  • dhlpcjw

    On the very first day, the first year they started having a special campaign for the district convention invitations me and another brother were assigned to go work with old brother Smith. He was in his 80s and had only studied and gotten baptised in the past couple years and was still extremely intimidated by FS.

    Before we left the hall the FS conductor stressed for 10 minutes not to engage with the householders; that we were to simply hand them the invitation and tell them they were invited to an upcoming event. That if they had any questions we should take their info and return another time so as to focus on canvassing the territory. We were also told not to go in pairs but just one publisher to a door.

    So at the first house that morning Bro Smith shuts his car off and goes around the corner to the front door. A minute goes by. Then two. A few more. Over an hour goes by and me and the other brother are unsure what to do. I went and knocked on the door to see if everything was ok but no one was answering because apparently they had gone into the basement and couldn't hear me knocking. So we just waited in the car for about another half hour or more then Bro Smith appeared.

    He sheepishly introduced us to the householder who had followed him out to the car. Then he explained that he had been "enlightened" by the householder as to some of our incorrect beliefs involving the Trinity. He didn't agree with what the guy was saying but I think he wore bro Smith down and forced him to come out and admit his defeat to us.

    Poor bro Smith was a nervous wreck after that but we didn't care because it was time to meet back at the KH and end our morning and we didn't have to do a single door.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Knocking on a stranger's door to disturb them for the sake of a silly message.
  • floriferous

    I used to curl up with embarrassment in densely populated areas when the other JW's congregated together & laughed loudly about the householders they had just called on & what they had said.

    I knew something was wrong with the JW/WT many years before I finally got out.

  • WingCommander

    Haha! & Dissodant15!! Poor Paul! I hadn't seen Paul since about 1999 at my father's funeral. I had no idea he had lost his mind so badly. Why would they allow him to continue on in FS like that, embarrassing himself like that? I spent many a long night at the Book Study's with him and Dorothy (his wife) at my family's home. I'm talking, till like 10-11:00 at night. They and my parents were hardcore into the End Times 1914/Generation nonsense in the 1980's. It's like fed off of each other. Scary.

    Weirdest Paul Oxenreider story? He shows up one summer to visit with us. This was probably 1992-1993. We were at Red Lion Congregation at that time, he at one of the Mt. Joy Congregations. Anyway, he starts telling us about this Society-Approved Brother who's come thru the local congregations with his new-age type healing/cure thing. We were like, who? What? So Paul starts tells telling us how this guy can "test your body" and tell if you have multiple personality disorder and demons, or other ailments. He even gave us an example of how this guy "tests the body", by asking it, touching certain parts, etc. Of course, the guy charged some exorbitant fee to "test your body" and sell you his crap!!! He'd then move on to the next Congregation full of victims! I believe this was Kiniesology or some such new-age crap. My father and I agreed it was the biggest load of crap we had ever heard!!!

    Oh, and at the District Assembly in 1994 at The Vet in Philadelphia, my mother and I ran into Paul. He asked how things were going. My mother stated that her younger brother has passed not even 6 months before. Know what Paul asked without missing a beat? "Oh, was he a Jehovah's Witness?" No sympathy, no empathy, no words of consolation for my grieving mother.....just ask about his "status" in the Org, which he didn't belong to. My mother was STUNNED and aghast. Some Christian Love, huh? Maybe Paul was losing it then, cause that was cold as HELL.

  • mynameislame

    I remember once going out with someone that actually rang the bell and used the bible when talking to the householder. It was quite bizarre.

    Just kidding, nobody has ever done that.

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