What is the most strange action of a witness while out in field service?

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  • Vidiot

    Nothing really strange for me...

    ...just occasionally funny.

    Like the time an older fella I was out with asked the householder if he was aware that God had a name, to which he replied, "Sure, it's 'Jehovah'... you guys have been telling people that for years, now".

    Kinda threw the old guy for a loop.

  • OneFingerSalute

    An older guy in the group had to pee, so he threw a whiz right there in the homeowners front yard. Mid-stream he yell out, "DAMMIT, I SHIT MY PANTS!"

    Then we all got to sit in a small sub-compact vehicle with no AC and ride forty miles back to the KH in 90 degree F. weather.

  • Londo111

    Wow, where to begin? The whole thing was strange looking back! And sometimes I was the cause of the strangeness!

    At the door, I was trying to present the magazine about the Bible and science and what I meant to say to the householder was, "Did you know the Bible says the earth is round and has no support?" Instead what I said was, "Did you know the Bible is round and has no support?" The householder just nodded away. Clearly he had tuned me out.

    Another time I was joking with a younger JW who was out with me. I turned to a random spot in the Bible, it ended up being a verse about not cutting down a tree or something. I said, "What if we used this verse in our presentation?" To my chagrin, he began his presentation at the next house and asked the householder if he could read him a scripture...then he proceeded to read exactly that random verse.

  • Dumplin
    i accidentally killed a homeowners cat once.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Dumplin: did you tell homeowner that their cat may come back in the resurrection??
  • Dumplin
    it climbed under my hood to keep warm while i was at the door. no one home. i came back, started my car, and poof! no more cat. So like a conscientious witness, I immediately went to remove the evidence (my wt back issue i'd left in the door). Then my conscience took over and I thought they would wonder why fluffy didn't come back, so I placed the cat in the garbage can so they could find him.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    A JW came to my door and killed my cat.
  • Dunedain

    I got 2 really wierd/funny/strange ones, that happened to my father, not me. These happened back in the 70's before i was born, probably. One, was a woman answered the door, and had a "blank" look on her face the whole time. My father went into his normal presentation, anyway, but then at about halfway thru, the woman while continuing to "stare" and never saying a word, started having some white liquid, like milk, heavily pour out of her mouth. Lol, my father, who was never an uptight, stick up his ass JW, just started laughing, and him and the other bro walked away.

    The other one was that the homeowner was a middle aged man, and he opened the door, and stood there listening to the "message", only to pass out and fall on the floor backwards, like a plunge into a pool. I honestly, dont know what happened after that, i am assuming my father helped the guy, or something, lol, who knows.

  • truthseeker100

    I was in service once and an elderly Danish brother had a householder that sicked a big German Shepherd dog on him. The dog lunged at him with his mouth wide open and the brother lurched and grabbed the dog by the mouth, squeezing the dogs tongue between his gloved hand and the dog's teeth. The dog began to yelp and whimper as the dogs blood from his injured tongue started running out of his mouth. All the while the elderly Danish brother had this, big shit eaten grin on his face from ear to ear as he whispered something in Danish into the dog's ear. The house holder got visibly excited and started yelling at us.

    On subsequent trips to that same neighbourhood the dog would just look at the Danish brother from afar and growl. LOL You just can't make stuff like that up!

  • Dumplin
    James Mixon 12 minutes ago
    A JW came to my door and killed my cat.

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