Need advice: Intimacy with my wife almost non existint because she considers me an apostate

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  • LisaRose

    That must be very hard stillin. It sounds like your marriage is bad in a lot of different ways, not just when it comes to sex. It's really hard to salvage things when they have gotten to this point, sex is never going to be good when there is that much hostility. I can tell you that as a post menopausal woman (who also has serious pain issues) that having a good sex life is still very possible, although it has it's challenges, but it's not possible if there isn't the will.

  • LisaRose
    And LisaRose, women often use sex as a weapon whether the man loves intimacy or does nearly everything right in a relationship. Those are red herring arguments.

    I agree that women use sex as a weapon, I agree that it's wrong. I am not trying to excuse the behavior, just point out some things that men can due to improve their sex lives. Of course if a woman is only interested in what material things she can get out of a man and has no interest in sex, none of that will work. But I don't think it's that extreme in most relationships, and I think there are a lot of marriages where the sex could be better and where the woman would be a lot more interested in sex if the sex was better for her. It won't work in every case, it depends on how willing both are to make changes. Many men don't want to divorce but are not happy with their sex lives, what do they have to lose by trying to improve things?

    But you two keep blame shifting this to men.

    Nope, it takes two to tango, as they say. But again, if you are a man and want better sex, there are things you can do, or at least try . The OP was written by a man, if his wife had written it, I would have advice for her. There are things a woman can do to make sex better for her and for her partner.

    The generations coming after you don't look like you, and that is excellent.

    Yeah, I'm old fashioned, I want to love the man I have sex with, but I agree it's a good thing that women today are more liberated and confident sexually now. But people still get married and I still think there are differences in the way women and men think about sex and relationships, and that a smart man knows what works for his partner (and vice versa).

    connection, not marriage, but Being a kind, considerate, respectful and affectionate should be a part of every healthy relationship.

    I totally agree

    But sex is sex.

    And thank God for that.😉

  • Shiva
    What is Guardians please? I hear you and feel for you dude, its not right. They are responsible for breaking up so man families. Is there a chance she might listen to reason? If not idk its sad to say but you may have to go your own way. Life is too short to not be enjoying it
  • Heaven

    Shiva said: What is Guardians please?

    Hi Shiva... one such reference is related to the testimony of Geoffrey Jackson during the Australian Royal Commission's investigation into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Case #29 The Jehovah's Witnesses. Jackson referred to the Governing Body as 'The Guardians Of Doctrine', which interestingly enough, creates the acronym G.O.D.

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