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  • Rattigan350

    " when the Bible clearly says that ALL Christians should take from the emblems"

    The Bible says no such thing.

    The Bible only says that the 11 were to partake in remembrance of Jesus.

    What authority does Paul have to alter that?

    All since then have the 4 gospels to read from to remember Jesus, not bread and wine.

  • Rattigan350

    " and only one token minority"

    Why does that even matter?

    There is no policy race wise anywhere.

    The reason that people call for races and women on the supreme courts is because they deal with racial and gender issues, but the governing body has no racial issues to deal with, nor gender issues.

  • Indoubtbigtime
    Beth Sarima day ago

    "Do the new member of the GB wear pinky rings?"

    Evidently, maybe ,they could be. Likely


    There is hard evidence that early JWs were part of secret society and had images on early publications like the cross on a 33 degree angle

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @rattigan: the Bible makes clear that for salvation you need to partake of the flesh and blood of Christ. It’s a cornerstone of the Christian faith for most denominations. John 6:53–57 - it’s a command from Jesus himself.

  • hybridous
    My understanding is that it requires 2/3 vote of the GB to change "doctrine". With the 8 GB members, that means it takes 6 to make any kind of change. Adding a couple more to the mix may make it possible to push through some changes that are being resisted. You can be sure the Alpha GB guys know how the 2 add-ons will think (vote) on everything.

    OK - but now consider this:

    If the 2 'new guys' are brought on board to get the numbers to change doctrine, does it imply that the current group is at an impasse?

    I wonder WHO wants to change WHAT....and WHY?

    No doubt they will have to do some maneuvering. It's been long-predicted that they'll necessarily get more 'CULTY' as they try to maintain control of things.

    I'm just interested in what they're going to try to do next. If I know what my relatives are being told, it can help to get out in front of things...

  • Nostromo

    I believe they have ditched the 2/3 rule a long time ago and nowadays the decisions have to be unanimous. I don't remember which video it was but some elder who had been at Bethel had talked with a GB member and got the impression that all the members have to agree. I will try if I can find that video.

    This info about 2/3 majority is based of Ray Franz's book. He left in 1980 and many things have changed since then.

  • Nostromo
  • stan livedeath
  • stan livedeath
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Look for the ramping-up of Governing Body praise, brought to you by the GB

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