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    Gage Fleegle

    Jeffrey Winder

    Anyone know them?

  • Indoubtbigtime

    BREAKING NEWS | Two New Members of the Governing Body

    We are pleased to inform you that two additional brothers have been appointed to serve as members of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses: Brothers Gage Fleegle and Jeffrey Winder. Both brothers are anointed Christians who have a long history of loyal service to Jehovah. Brother Fleegle began his full-time service in 1989 and Bethel service in 1991. Brother Fleegle has served as a helper to the Service Committee of the Governing Body. Brother Jeffrey Winder began his full-time service in 1986 and Bethel service in 1990. Brother Winder has served as a helper to the Personnel Committee of the Governing Body. We thank our heavenly Father, Jehovah, for raising up such faithful men to share in the work of the Governing Body. We pray that Jehovah will richly bless Brothers Fleegle and Winder and their wives!

  • punkofnice

    Never heard of them.

    The only Fleegle I know is from the Banana Splits.

  • Indoubtbigtime

    I haven’t ever heard of either of them.

    surely we should know them and recognise them shouldnt we?

    how old are they both I wonder?

  • punkofnice
    We thank our heavenly Father, Jehovah, for raising up such faithful men

    I wonder if they're drunken paedophile enablers too?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    So now they're the "deca-Pope," right?

  • Hellothere

    They didn't use words like wise, good taking decisions, educated. Loving, know how handle finances or balanced. The biggest point was they been in the full time service ( pioneer). In other words, watchtower gonna continue same old routine that got them we're they are now.

  • Indoubtbigtime

    I really want to know the ages?

    who are the youngest members of the GB?

  • markweatherill

    1. Perhaps there are signs that at least one of the established gb is on his way out of this world.

    2. I speculate that there will be some disgruntled gb helpers who thought they were next in line!

  • FFGhost

    Never heard of either one of them.

    Speculating, based on dates given in the blurb:

    Both appear to be “lifetimers” at Bethel. If we assume that a Bethel lifer is likely a born-in, and also likely a congregation “golden boy” who did everything that a good little JW “young one” is supposed to do, that would probably mean they started pioneering (“full time service”) right out of high school.

    In the US, most people finish high school at age 18.

    Assuming my speculation is accurate (which seems likely), that would their respective years of birth 1971 & 1968, making them currently age 51 & 54 (roughly).

    More young GBers. The start of GB 3.0?

    The most interesting question (at least to me) is, when did they start partaking? Are they “overlappers” (started before Fred Franz died in 1992)? Or are they “next generation anointed”? If they beat the Splane-ordained Franz cutoff date to be part of “this generation”, both would have begun partaking while in their 20s. That seems unlikely, given their likely “golden boy” status and subsequent lack of desire to rock the boat. Being a “young anointed” in the 90s would have been a sure way to land in the doghouse.

    So, I think we probably have our first gb guys who are not part of “this generation”.

    As I repeatedly said, this is 100% speculation and inference so quite possibly wrong, but I think the chances of my being right are more than 50%.

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