Hubby passed away this morning...

by Golden Girl 109 Replies latest jw friends

  • FreeFallin

    ((((((((((((((Golden Girl)))))))))))))

    My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family.


  • Shakita


    Mr. Shakita and I send our heartfelt condolences to you. Take care.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • jgnat

    I could not find a card or poem that said what I wanted to say. They either sounded too trite or too preachy. Your final gift of love and caring was so beautiful. (((Golden Girl))). I guess there are not words deep enough.

  • Valis

    Golden Girl...My most sincerest condolences to you and yours. How sincere can one be in a post, I ask myself? Wishing there was a way I could colse my eyes and be with you...hugs and some cheer and reassurances like the fact that now you are no longer bound by the guilt and heavy feeling of responsibility one has being a JW. Instead of worrying about living the way you want, because you might not see him in a paradise and suffer eternal destruction at the hands of a vengeful god if you do, you can spend your time focusing on the good memories of your time with him. As well, if you are a Christian now then your hope of heaven and seeing him again is a pleasant one instead of a looming and precarious ideal.. Not only that, but the way you live your life now can be a celebration of his life and you becoming free, something you might not have done if it were not for someone like him. Just some thought and I hope I haven't offended you or upset you....its just hard to say the things I would say to you in person here.


  • yumbby

    I am so sorry for your loss, and I hope that our hearfelt wishes and condolences help you find a measure of peace in this dreadful time.

  • RevMalk


    I'm so sorry....


  • Oreopandabear

    Golden Girl, My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Oreo

  • outoftheorg

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I followed your posts and in some ways since his death seemed certain, this may be a small relief. I was touched by your description of the last few days and his love letters and your exchange of good memories. Keep the good memories.

    I hope you drop in here from time to time. May you recieve all the best things in life.



    Dear Golden Girl:

    How I wish there was some way to comfort you in this dark hour. I feel the pain of your broken heart more than you could know. I lost my wonderful, beautiful wife of forty years to cancer of the breast, lungs, liver, spine, and brain just five days before the 911 attack in 2001. I hope you will be able to recover from the nightmare more quickly than I. I hope you'll find the meaning that I have yet to find to this existence without your soul-mate, the love of your life, the half that made you whole. I've found that it is possible to live with this unrelenting pain, but it's not easy. All I can offer is my understanding and sympathy, and a sincere wish that you will find the strength to go on, knowing that your survival means that your husband has mercifully been spared the ordeal that you now face.

    May our loving Father be with you.


  • Brandy5


    My heart goes out to you. I lost a daughter so I know how painful this is. I will light a candle for your husband tonight beside the one for my angel.

    Candles in the Night

    Candles flame in darkness, Flicker, steadily glow, Bringing light from shadows And help to soothe me so. My husband like the candles, Gave my life true light, I use the candle's beacon To connect us in the night. As I light the candles, My wish and my request Is that he'll see my signal And know my love's expressed. As her light joins my lights, Our worlds touch and flame. As I snuff out the candles, I softly say his name.

    Snoozy please take care of yourself. As you can see by five pages of posts here that many people here care about you.



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