Hubby passed away this morning...

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  • BeelzeDub

    Sorry for your loss. I am sure they will be greatly missed.

  • mouthy

    GOlden Girl ((((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))My deepest sympathy..Now he is free from pain...But now you have the pain.....Hang in there sweetie we are all thinking of you...God give you the strength to get through the next period of your life ( just try asking Jesus to be with you)

  • Brandy5


    You are a wonderful lady. I hope that people were kind to you at the hall. The out pour of love I see on this board is very moving. I hope that you come back here when you feel up to it. Many people here seem to care a great deal about you.

    My thoughts are with you at this dificult time.



  • lollydawdle

    ((((((Golden Girl))))) My deepest sympathy. May you find comfort in your memories and in the fact that others care.

  • Brandy5

    Just wanted you to know that you are on my mind.



  • patio34

    My sympathy for you Golden Girl. So sorry to hear of it.


  • ARoarer

    Golden Girl,

    My heart pains for your loss of such a special one who was your beloved husband. Please accept my deepest sympathy during this sad time for you and your family. Thank you for allowing us who visit this discussion board to be able to share our feelings to you during your time of sorrow. May our thoughts and prayers be with you and give you comfort and peace in knowing how we all care what befalls one another here.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl's 12:50 here (AM) and I am so sleepy!.We went to my daughters after the memorial...But tonight went wonderful...I was so must have been all your prayers!..Really!...You cannot begin to know how I dreaded it. I found strength I never knew I had..

    There were probably as many non witnesses than as there were witnesses..only saw a few that I used to know..I just wanted you all to know things went much better than I expected!..I will fill in more tomorrow because I am just exhausted now. I couldn't have done it without your encouragement and kind words....thank you all so much...Now to start the ups and downs of healing!.....


  • Gizmo

    Sleep peacefully Golden Girls and dream sweet dreams ~~IF YOU HAD A ROSE FOR EVERYIME YOU THOUGHT OF HIM YOU COULD WALK FOREVER IN HIS GARDEN~~

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I thank you all for letting me cry on your shoulder!...Your words of comfort were so warm and thoughtful. I cannot express how much you all helped me survive the last few months. This is the warmest board I have ever been to. I thank you all so much.

    I still have a lot of issues to resolve..My JW Mother in law is calling to see how I am..I want nothing to do with her. I know she will want to dangle the thought that I can see hubby again if I come back and be a JW...How to handle that ..I don't know yet.....Also the JW's that gave the talk want to come visit...I will have to let them know...I am Not interested in returning to the JW religion and never will be!.

    My JW brother in law from NY..had to try one more time to talk with my oldest daughter..Trying to convince her the JW's have "The Truth"..she said she is definitely not interested and she already has the "Truth"..She is very satisfied in her Catholic religion. He just threw his hands up and walked away...

    And last..I have to deal with the loneliness..someone that was a major part of my life for 45 years is gone. The other issues seem so insignificant compared to that. I can keep busy..but I pray the pain gets easier to bear!...

    Again..I thank you all so much!..I am closing this thread now..I need to try and find my way..Away from anything to do with the JW's that caused me so much pain.. especially in hubby's last days.......

    Snoozy...aka...Golden Girl

    Goodbye... and I wish the best of everything to those that had to suffer because of the JW religion!...if there is a God..I hope he will be with each and everyone of us! You are all my "Special Angels!"

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