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  • prologos
    The GT was always perceived to be something to occur just before Armageddon,

    Jesus included in the ALL things that have to occur an event that is more terrible than any before (including the "flood"), the extinctions. is not Armageddon more terrible than the GT?

    so why, Finkelstein or anybody else, do you think that Armageddon is not part of the great tribulation?, but happens after it,

    After all, the greatest disaster ever, past or future, can not be followed by a greater one?

    added request: can we get a transcript of DS's spiel?

  • Finkelstein

    How many JWs seriously believe Christ had in mind the concept of "overlapping generation" when he said, "This generation will not pass away until all these things happen..."?

    The WTS/JWS has disregarded many teaching of Jesus Christ in their inherently expressed doctrines. This generation meaning overlapping generations is a strategic way to hang on and support 1914.

    They are kind of stuck on this doctrine (1914) as time progresses along but don't be too surprised if they drop 1914 all together one day. They will eventually receive New Light .

    Meat in due season and food at the proper time will come to be sure.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    steve, so true. Since when does a generation overlap 2 or 3 times, this will I'm sure be a tough one for the rank and file to get there heads around. Many, many of them will just lap up and swallow whatever the GB tells them.
  • baldeagle

    This September’s broadcasting is clearly showing the general resistance to this asinine teaching launched back in 2010. That’s when I finally had enough and faded completely off the radar never to engage in another JW religious function. Unfortunately my wife still attends. Do I have any regrets? Definitely, I wish I had woken up years earlier like back in 1995 at least, when “this generation” got its first major overhaul.

    Here they are again trying to explain how; "the overlapping generation" has to involve "two groups of anointed Christians." These two groups must be "anointed contemporaries" of each other. Also understood are those, "in this second group are themselves advancing in years."

    The WTS is trying to emphasize that the second group are quite elderly “advanced in years” in so doing; this should stress the nearness of Armageddon. They have basically gone back to their original idea that these anointed ones are getting old, and will not “pass away before seeing the start of the great tribulation.” This should instill a sense of urgency for JW’s that “little time remains.” It’s the same old doctrine just incorporating or allowing another generation to piggyback on it. It’s all made-up, designed to keep JW’s on the edge believing that the end is “just around the corner.”

    Their being locked into the year 1914 is causing all this insanity in trying to teach a doctrine that makes no sense. In time they will just piggyback a third group onto the first two when this teaching becomes untenable.

  • prologos
    baldeagle Also understood are those, "in this second group are themselves advancing in years." but
    really not so, for if the second group would be somewhat like their primadonna. F--- Franz, that prophetic group would be only 41 years old today. do the math:

    2015-1992= 23+16=41 1992+ (99*-16)= 2075 *age of FF at his death.
    Has wt changed the overlapping anointed doctrine to overlapping governing body members? can't be, there was no GB, FDS in 1914.
  • nicolaou

    They're so stupid they can't even change doctrine to make their own existence more secure! If they just conceded that the 'little flock/144,000' was figurative they could uncouple all their 'last days' chronology from 1914 and be done with it!

    Jesus prophecy of 'this generation' would be left in the 1st century where it belongs.

    Ugh, Bible stuff . . . . . I need a shower.

  • flipper

    Bottom line is the WT Society redefines definitions of words into some fantasy made up definitions to suit their own doctrines.

    REAL definition of the word " generation " in the Webster's New World College Dictionary : " generation - 3. a single stage or degree in the succession of natural descent ( father and son are two generations ) 4. the average period ( about thirty years ) between the birth of one generation and that of the next . "

    So - Not too difficult to understand.

    WT Society's definition is : generation about 70 years 1914 - 1984 .

    The REAL world's definition is : generation is 30 years.

    So in reality from 1914 to 2015 it has actually been 3 generations plus 11 years.

    If you count from 1879 to 2015 ( when Russell first made these asinine predictions ) it has in the real world been exactly 4 generations plus 16 years.

    I swear I'm getting tempted real soon to start a thread on WT Society fake definitions of words compared to REAL definitions of words. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • smiddy

    2 years ago I posted a thread listing 3 Bible accounts indicating a generation was approximately 50 years in length , using the scriptures Matt 1:17 , Luke 3 : 23 -38 ,and Matt 24: 34 , and simple maths.

    "Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses A matter is Established" .and used those scripture to back up my point.

    Prologos makes an interesting comment on that thread

    And Splash includes many more scriptures that confirm that a generation as used in the Bible is approximately 50 years in length.

    The last comment on this thread was about 3 months ago.

    I have no idea how to add it to this thread


  • LostGeneration

    Bald Eagle makes a good point above, which is basically you cannot run an end-times doomsday cult without ratcheting up the pressure to make them think it really is the very, very, very end.

    They used "this generation" tied along back to 1914, and added the cherry on top of 1975 to grow their membership from zero to several million. But once the jig was up in 95 they lost all urgency.

    They drug that corpse out of the grave and came up with this overlapping bullshit five years ago, and everyone just shrugged their shoulders. Well the smart ones left. Now they are doubling down like idiots spouting this bullshit publicly. I predict we see plenty of new apostates here in the months ahead after watching this airplane crash.

  • besty
    So Mark Sanderson is FDS but not "this generation"? unless they have published the date he started partaking the emblems and that date is before FWF died in 1992...?

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