Largest amount of refugees since WW2 in Europe

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  • kaik

    Vienna is far more diverse than Munich. I go to both cities regularly and Vienna looked like Teheran already in the 1980's. My aunt and grandaunt used to live in downtown of Vienna since WWI and even back then many areas of the city were extremely dirty with the refugees. West Bahnhof or Sudbahnhof looked far worse than train station in Russia or Ukraine. Last time I was in the area to refresh memories of my deceased relative, I got extremely unease feeling of general lack of safety. Some Kosovar Albanians were chasing a guy through the streets not far from Hofburg castle, empty stores fronts, and streets abandoned by 6 pm.

    Austria is generally a crap country with nice scenery. Moment you take a train from Germany to Salzburg and than continue to Linz, you start to get delays. Cities in Lower Austria look as run down and impoverished as the cities in Moravia in the Czech Republic or western Slovakia. At least these two countries were under Soviets until 1989, while Austria kicked Red Army in 1955, but has very little to show for. Refugees that are pouring from Hungary do not want to stay in Austria, but go to Germany. Austria has much harder immigration and residency requirements than Germany, and currently its economy is in long stagnation since 2008 (one of the lowest economic growth recorded in old EU). Austria has a share of populist like deceased Heider, they play on both sides, to demonize East Europes and refugees, and Germany, but also maintain a face that they will welcome everyone. Any case, Austria often on its own closed borders with Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia in past 25 years and we in the Czech Republic calling it Austrian farmers showing their farm vehicles and equipment, because this is one way they do it.

    Lastly, all Central Europe is worried that Germany will eventually close borders and will expel refugees eastwards as they had done with Vietnamese community in East Germany. Nobody, and I mean no politician in Visegrad group, Balkans, Baltic states trust any word that comes from German official mouth. Merkel is as much trustworthy as Putin. Dealing with tens of thousand people who do not want to stay in Central-East Europe would be very problematic.

  • kaik

    Joke from Czech media:

    First school day in Bavarian class:

    "Mustafa El Ekh Zeri."


    "Mohammed End Ahrha."


    "Mi Cha Elma Yer."


    "Mi Cha Elma Yer."

    Nobody is answering

    "One more time – Mi Cha Elma Yer!"

    At the last desk in the back a small blond boy rises his hand

    "It could be me, but you need to read it as Michael Mayer."

  • TheWonderofYou

    I really never read anything about how many refugees Czech or Slovakia have granted asylum or how many newcomers stay there at the moment, and how they are integrated, perhaps this is because each country in europe has an other language and in Austria normally you dont here ,much in the media about Czech daily life or politics. Altough we are neighbours or because it is only that I am not interested enough.

    My explanation, what you critize, was in regard to member states ofEU, that they cant find political conformity in the aportionment of the refugees and one line. It was not in regatd of hospitality.

    I know many nice Hungarian, i like Budapest at night, i like Brno, the zoo in Brno is very beautiful, going to a concert on spilberk in brno. Praha, and zoo in PRAHA too, at least one time a year i am Praha, i like the modern the atmosphere in Praha. In vienna i like most the center, the first district , the impressive imperial atmosphete, and im always going to the dome.

  • TheWonderofYou


    -Between the greek island Lesbos and Hungary all together appr. 50.000 refugees currently on their march to Europe
    -European Commission will present aportionment quota for 120.000 refugees in EU-countries tomorrow
    - Since January 2015 356.000 people fleeing from Syria, over 2700 died
    - Rich arabic countries Saudi-arabia, bahrain, emirates, kuwait, oman, katar will not accept refugees in their countries, but are paying billions of petro dollars to keep the people in the camps in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordania, so they cant come to their doors, why? They would have the same culture and religion. Hmmm. So the refugees go to Europe.

    One argument: Fear of vengeance because Saudi Arabia and Katar are financing ISIS and / or djihad. to fight against Iran and enemy assad. (according to Sultan Barakat of Brookings-Institut in Qatars capital Doha, the arabic brothers are more worried about what the syrians refugees could do in the arabic countries then thinking of any integration.)

    Another argument is that in many little sheikdoms of emirates and qatar the arabic indigenous people are already a minority, the work is done by mostly southasian working-migrants.

    The resstrict visa-policy doesnt even allow to lead famillies togehter. Most people in Saudi-arabia, in the emirates and quatar like the course of the government, says michael stephens of british royal united services.

    Third: they are concentrating on the conflict in Jemen, where shiitee houti-rebells want to expulse the sunnite president.

    Gulf Times wrote that it is to regret that these rich states havent made any statement concerning the crisis, not to mention proposed a strategy. The most refugees are muslim.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Syrian girl: Where can I go to school now? I hope in Europa because the arabic countries cant immigrate me, i wonder if they speek arabic in europe or if they know the beautiful story in the koran, i will tell them. It will be a long way but Allah please help me that I can live in peace.

  • kaik

    TheWonderofYou Generally, Western press especially German and Austrian provide untruthful accounts on Central Europe and their Slavic people all the time. Sometimes even blaming for bad weather like the heatwave in East Germany and low level of water on Elbe was caused by Czech (did not drought was widespread). Eastern Europe is doing what is required by treaty and they doing what they can. Merkel lifted the barriers, and bypassed all the regulation established by Dublin, and Germany is experiencing floodgate of the refugees. German press constantly accuse that Hungarians mistreat refugees, threaten them with expulsion of EU, blockade, sizing the state properties abroad and so on. But this mess was created by Merkel, and she will be ultimately responsible hosting 800,000 people on the taxpayer money.

    Visegrad followed the rule, but it was Germany that broke them. There is no treaty nor regulation among EU where refugees will be settled by some quota. There is none. Every country in EU has own immigration procedure, and EU cannot dictate to who can settle there outside EU community. Every government in EU know that Germany would pick the best and will attempt to leave the undesirable migrants in Eastern Europe.

    German media play key role in disinformation. They hide what is and what it not right. They only cite some foreigner news, or journalist does not ask correct question. The reports on refugees show heartbreaking scene and stories. Because West Germans did not experienced censorship; they take the news as objective view of the events. And government propaganda goes overdrive. Instead taking care of children and orphans that are truly affected by the war, the pompous welcome on the train stations are primarily fro economic immigrants. Germans respect the position, because they are persuaded that another approach is not possible nor tolerated.

    Go to any Hungarian website, and you will see how these refugees were throwing food and water from the train, and vandalized the area. This people are heading to Germany. What they find will be another refugee camp and some allowance that would bring more relatives. In the long term it is not sustainable and one thing will have to cave. Either EU or mass exodus stopped by military mean.

  • barry

    Tony Abbott has announced that Australia will accept 12000 refugees but there will be no Muslims in that number. Australia will only accept minority groups Christians and other minorities.

    We gave the world the Royal commission and we gave Australia safety because of less guns and less muslims.

    I'm getting proud of our country.

    It takes 5 people to track 1 suspected terrorist and I'm sick of people coming here and threatening to kill us all because we aren't the right religion.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Syrian girl: Where can I go to school now? I hope in Europa because the arabic countries cant immigrate me - no, Saudi and the gulf states can accept refugees but choose not to. Why? Is this Ummah an Ummah of convenience?

    Douglas Murray wrote an article on this. Here's the last paragraph:

    There is much to be mulled over in all of this. But one thing I think we can all take away is that the ‘Ummah’ is a croc. There’s no such thing. It’s just a trick to beat Americans and Brits and Israelis with as and when it suits. That much is clear. But why some Europeans are falling for the idea that it is entirely our responsibility to clear up the Arab world’s self-created mess is still a question I would value readers’ opinions on.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Dear kalk:
    First of all I like czech beer "Staropramen" I like to drink it if I visit Czech, Liberec. Na zdraví!

    Regarding to the refugee crisis let us hope that Czech and Austria will not get more refugees this year additionally than those in the plan to be relocated according to european scheme of relocation. +2978 (Czech),+3640 (Austria)compared to +31443 (Germany) of a total number of 160.000 to be resettled within EU-countries.
    Today Juncker said before the Eu-Parliament: " they still represent just 0.11% of the total EU population.


    I compared this numbers with the number of refugees that other country already have to care for according UNHCR:

    Turkey (direct neighbour): 1,938.999 syrian refugees
    Syria itself displaced refugees: 7,6 million refugees
    Lebanon (neighbour): 1,172.753
    Iraq (neighbour) 249.726 refugees
    Egypt 132.375 refugees makes 16 Mio people in need of assistance!

    In the beginning mostly young men, now families
    240000 came since beginning of the year over the Balcan route in the direction of EU countries. 74 % of them were syrians. In the beginning mostly young men, now families, the middle class is coming now, joiner, butchers, bricklayers, workers200000 are yet awaited... Refugees arrive in waves depening of how much and the people smugglers in Turkey are transporting. 30000 are on the greek islands, 20000 alone on Lesbos.

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