If she doesn't comply an orange jumpsuit is in her future

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  • DJS


    Goodness. You are so full of hate. Blacks, gays, liberals, Hispanic immigrants, Muslims. Anyone else? I'll bet we just scratched the surface on you, didn't we. You seem to suffer from Angry Old White Male Syndrome. How do you feel about Jews? Women? Women for President? It must kill your soul that a black man has been elected TWICE to our nation's highest office. What are you going to do when Hillary or Elizabeth is elected?

    Come on, get it all out. Don't sit there in the corner brooding, letting all that hate pile up and make you even more impotent with suppressed rage. Let's hear it.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    ziunzucz, do you get your information from this guy? He sounds pretty rational.


  • _Morpheus

    Ironically, i am no fan of obama. I think his economic policies are terrible, his foreign policies are horrific and his domestic policies are bad. I will also bet money that neither hilliary nor EW will be elected (sanders is far more likely than either of those two at this early date...)

    that said, what does any of that ridiculous rant have to do with the little cleark in the middle of bum screw america not doing her job? She dosent get to make law. Thats not in her purview. Current law says homos can marry same as hetreros. Issue the licenses and protest if that floats your boat but do your job.

    And for god sake stop making irrational arguments full of red herrings and obvious emotional termoil. You and i would agree on certain points but i cant even begin to touch that radioactive nonsense to try to see where there may be common ground.

  • zimunzucz

    It's not hate to disagree, nor will I interrupt my retirement to provide research that is openly obtainable for anyone.

    I'm not an antisemite- I'm not a Christian, either.

    .Seriously, anyone who thinks the FBI would go up against Obama, is living in PollyanaLand.

    Simply put, the future generations of mankind derive no useful benefit from homosexuality. Traditional marriage is all about procreation and the viable continuation of our species. Homosexuals have won the right to be tolerated, the sodomy laws were struck down= no more jail for them.

    I thought when they got domestic partnerships and access to their bed partner's corporate spousal job benefits that would satisfy them-

    Nope, then they wanted the Federal benefits from Social Security- hence, the push for marriage licenses. Some of those gays appeared awfully happy to see a non-believer go to jail - she never stopped any from obtaining a marriage license from a gay-tolerant clerk in another county. So it seems its all about stamping out dissent, which seems rather Marxist to me or maybe it's been taken straight from the WatchTower playbook on intimidating all who dare say- NO

    Finally, I am wondering, if this is a sly Federal judge- he jails the woman and waits for the government attorney to charge her for a crime- hunt, hunt look, search for an applicable federal statute she violated ( marriage licenses are not in the constitution= states domain) and then in a few days her lawyer gets her released - it's called habeus corpus. Well, we shall see what happens.

    Obama pushed the Gay agenda through, so he is fair game as to his reasons for doing so-

  • Junction-Guy
    Z--- I agree with you 100%, and I am not afraid to speak out against the Watchtower or the Gay Agenda. I support Kim Davis.
  • _Morpheus

    Sigh again.... People were procreating long before marriage licenses

  • Simon

    Kim Davis is a hypocritical moron who should be in jail. If she actually lived in the bible times she professes to support then she would have been stoned to death.

    The "gay agenda" that some people want to paint is really simply equal treatment and *not* being discriminated against.

    Religiots always want the right to discriminate and persecute others and complain that not being allowed to do that is somehow persecuting them.

    But it's funny to watch their little hate and bigotry filled world crumble and collapse around them. When a religiot claims moral reasons you know they are hiding things - something about being too keen to point the finger at others.

    When the Duggars and this dumb bitch are your hero's I think you should know you're on the losing side of history.

  • Junction-Guy

    I would rather be on the losing side of history,than the wrong side of God!

  • Simon
    Don't forget Santa, the tooth fairy and HeMan when you are building your list of mythical imaginary inventions to be afraid of.
  • kaik

    "Sorry, but marriage is for a man and a woman. Go back to your domestic partnerships"

    You do not decide it what relationship of two adults should be called.

    "Rightly so, many in America see the supreme court ruling as being an illegal ruling.... a new president may force the supreme court stop making politically influenced decisions that have little constitutional basis"

    What ever can define >>many<< is irrelevant to SCOTUS, which does not determine its ruling. You also seem clueless how SCOTUS work. At the time of the gay marriage ruling, it was already legal in majority states, and some states like ME implemented gay marriage by popular vote. U.S. president cannot force SCOTUS making decision, and USA is not single party or one man dictatorship.

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