If she doesn't comply an orange jumpsuit is in her future

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  • Diogenesister
    Hello, this is racism! This is what black folks have been trying to tell white Americans about for years! This is what it's like to be judged unfairly because you are black.

    Oh boy great teacher if you click the link that Z guy put up Obama is not just gay but a drug addict AND a muslim radical just because he visited Pakistan with his college room-mate!!!! Its just risable, these people cannot be taken seriously, I am just surprised they don't add "and your mum is fat and your dad eats poo"My nine year olds wouldn't fall for such name calling rubbish. I cannot believe these people are adults.

    Oprah winfrey once said that racism will die off when these old bigots die off, or something to that effect. What I can say is the kids in my boys primary school know better than to be racist or even judge people for being gay (though Im not sure they fully understand what it means they know that homophobia is a big no no). So Oprah may have a point. The next generation will not tolerate prejudice of any kind thank goodness.

  • DJS

    With clerk jailed, gay couple receive marriage license. Sep. 4, 2015 - AP News

    Photo taken just before orange jumpsuit issued

  • Vidiot

    DJS - "Photo taken just before orange jumpsuit issued."

    Clerk told about couple receiving marriage license just before photo taken (judging by expression in photo). :smirk:

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Good riddance. If your commitment to an ideology overrides the need for empathy or compassion you have no place in the future of a progressive society
  • _Morpheus

    To be clear, im fairly conservative in my views (especially on finances) but this who todo is rediculious. She's plainly wrong and its hard to fathom why people dont get it... I would illustrate this way:

    if her religion dictated that she not eat pork, all well and good , nobody is making her. The problem is she got a job at a place that sells pork and is making sure nobody else is eating it.

    Whether or not she agrees with the premise, its the law. Her job is to record documents and ensure they are issued per the law. Thats it. Approval of concepts isnt in her purview. Neither is legislating.

    Under normal circumstances i would simply say fire the fool and everybody moves on, however i dont think thats an option her case (legally). She was warned by a judge. She choose not to resign (clearly her paycheck was at least as important as her principles). She got what she wanted and deserved in my view. Problem solved. The system woked in this case.

  • Fisherman
    With clerk jailed, gay couple receive marriage license

    They were entitled to it by law. I've had issues with gov agency people not doing their job, I got my problem solved without getting lawyers after them or making trouble for them.

    Seems to me you are very happy and looked for it with anticipation. Were you also happy when not long ago gay conduct was a a crime in many States and government did not enforce the law.

    The woman was remanded for willful disobedience. But does anyone know if it is over for her?

  • Fisherman
    I am trying to be objective too. It is not about the gay issues.The issue is should elected officials expect to have to violate their religion if it becomes law and should they have to when it does, because this is a disqualification for anyone that practices any religion.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    The system woked in this case.

    Indeed! Although we still have a long way to go as a society, I'm still amazed at how far we've come in just the last 15 years. I'm sure the vast majority of us would never have conceived that gay marriages would become legal by 2015 had we been asked in the 90's if we thought it possible.

  • DJS


    I'm happy whenever discrimination against people who are causing no harm ends. Apparently, so is the SCOTUS, as they have helped end such discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, in 1964. Other groups, those with disabilities, age, etc. have since that time also been provided fair and equitable treatment through laws and SCOTUS interpretation of existing laws.

    In 2015 gays and lesbians received similar protection against discrimination. They still fight to be treated fairly, and it is sad that the primary discriminators against them are the religious, who received similar protection against discrimination in 1964. I find that, as Simon stated, more than a bit hypocritical. I also find it sad, pathetic, delusional, arrogant, evil, fill-in-the-blank, that so many religious people support their bigotry and hatred based on their religious beliefs. Keep them to yourselves and within your family, place of worship and group. They have no place in forcing beliefs onto others in our governmental, secular, commercial world. None.

    Am I happy? I"m fukkking delirious. I will be even happier when all types of discrimination end. Right now, in 2015, religion is playing a major, if not the primary, role in discriminating against others.

    The woman was put in jail for intentionally breaking the law on a consistent basis. She violated an oath she took required for her elected office. She got exactly what she deserved.

    Do I wish her any harm? No, and in the end no real harm will come to her. As Morph stated, this is how the process works. Based on historical cases we can research, her chances are very close to 0 in getting any relief from this matter, including having the marriage license changed so that her name isn't on it (yes, I read fundie news as well).

  • DJS



    It is difficult, very difficult, for me to understand how some of you fundies think and process data. Even when I was a dub, i had essentially the exact same views about these types of things when it came to secular, governmental and constitutional issues vs. religious beliefs. I clearly understood the dividing line between the constitution and my religion and would have fought for gay rights even then.

    I want to get you all in a locked room, look at you intently for about 5 minutes, and then scream WTF is wrong with you for the next 8 hours. Z and Junction Guy helped our cause immensely when they jumped in with their bigoted, small minded hatred. Surely you and Rebel can see the bizarre hatred spewing from these two and those like them. Surely.

    Why you can't look in the mirror and see a hate filled Gollum looking back at you mystifies me. You can change. Really, you can. Quickly if you want. You will like yourself so much more if and when you do.

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