If she doesn't comply an orange jumpsuit is in her future

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  • Django_Unchained

    she already gave a license to a transgender man and woman...

    i'd say she's already crossed that line and then some lol

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The best analogy about this is that of a firefighter - but is it?

    If a firefighter refused to rescue LGBT people death might result. All this silly woman is doing is refusing to marry gay couples. It's no doubt offensive to the gay couples in question but she's not a danger to gay people.

  • truthseeker100

    It's no doubt offensive to the gay couples in question but she's not a danger to gay people.

    This is true but she is not doing her job. The firefighter does not get to screen the ones they rescue they just do their job. Same with the police or a court officer. Weather or not she is a danger to or is offensive to gay people is irrelevant.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I take you point, truthseeker.

    But I was just pointing out that the outcomes these two scenarios (county clerk vs firefighter) could lead to are vastly different.

    I think Lisa Rose's analogy is much better: refusing to marry gay couples is like not allowing black people to sit where they like on a bus.

  • DJS


    No one is keeping this woman and those like her from believing what she wants. But when it comes to following constitutional and state law, public, elected or appointed government officials and business owners providing goods and services to the public can not use their religion as an excuse to violate those laws.

    This isn't a new concept; I'm amazed that the fundies, the irrationals and the right wing/libertarians haven't figured this out. Each time one of these types of issues arise, we hear the same shrill whiney ass complaints from these groups about violating their x-tian or political rights. Cause this is Amurricah by damn.

    We live in a constitutional democracy. As Viv stated a few pages back, some need to learn how this process works in the US and essentially every other constitutional democracy.

    The parents and grandparents of these people were shrieking with the same shrill whiney ass voices in the 1950s and 1960s when discrimination against identified groups was determined to be un-constituional and illegal. How did that work out for them? They have either died, capitulated or STFU. Just as Ms. Davis and the haters will today regarding this issue.

    As Ike and Tina once said: "We can do this nice and easy. Or we can do this nice and rough." SCOTUS isn't playing nice and easy, and neither will the federal law enforcement officers who cuff Ms. Davis and cart her away in the near future if she doesn't comply or quit.

  • Viviane

    Fish person, her motive is hate because Jesus. She has proudly said so. Reading about the case would be your way of knowing. Her claim has no basis. Lice se's are not issued onbher personal whim, but according to the law. She asked for that job and agreed to it.

    You're "very interested" in knowing things right up to the point where it requires reading easily availableinformation, meaning you aren't the least bit interested in knowing, but rather interested in protecting her Jesus based bigotry and hate.

  • DJS

    A more thorough explanation of my earlier comments about Ms. Davis' heritage/DNA and why it is without a doubt a major contributing factor to her furry little feet embedded deeply in concrete stance:

    From the forward for Jim Webb's (former Naval Secretary and a person of ScotsIrish descent) 2005 book "Born Fighting - How the Scots Irish Shaped America" - "It explores how the Scots-Irish culture of isolation, hard luck, stubbornness, and mistrust of the nation’s elite formed and still dominates blue-collar America, the military services, the Bible Belt, and country music."

    My money is on the orange jumpsuit.

  • Diogenesister
    don't they realize its not mandatory?"LOL!!!!!😂

    One of the things I could never get my head around was the whole biblical/JW gay hate thing. Even as a kid, just didn't get it, I used to reason 'why would god make people/animals gay then condemn them for it?'(I had seen my dogs get very gay btw). My best friends saintly mum would explain that you had to date with marriage in mind because otherwise people got hurt, and not hurting people was the first law of being a xtian so the JW procriation/dating/sex rules weren't some stuffy 'moral victorian thing' it was just about respecting others feelings before your lust. That's why it was ok to fancy who you fancied, just not act on it.

    I wonder what excuse she would have used now it's ok for gays to marry?! I guess as long as they date with marriage in mind....

    She also used to say "you are always going to fancy people!", I wonder what she would have made of the 'confess your sinful thoughts to an elder' thought police rules of today?!(she passed away btw).

  • DJS


    Well stated. Your mom seemed fun. Did she also say that life was like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get?

    I always picked the ones that were nutty. But I've a fatal attraction to Lindsay Lohen, so what can you expect?

  • Viviane
    Lindsay Lohan? That's just.... Gross.

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