VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • WingCommander
    "Gun Show Loophole" is a media-hyped MYTH. Everyone selling at Gun Shows is an FFL dealer, and required to do the BATF insta-check, right on the spot. This is where they call in to the state and fed government to verify your ID, your background, etc. There is no "loophole". That is all BS!!!!!
  • WingCommander


    Shooter died at 1:25 pm.

    Also, shooter claims Jehovah told him act & kill these people in suicide notes he left and faxed to people. (No BS, read the article below)

    This was a bi-sexual, paranoid, racist-induced maniac who by his own admission has storms "brewing in him for years".

    Tell me again how being raised a JW didn't contribute to this? Religion is the worst weapon the world has ever seen.

  • LoveUniHateExams
    Aaaaand he just died - good news, if correct.
  • Simon
    Because we're tired of something that is an issue with America's mental health system being turned into an issue about guns.

    If the issue is solely mental health, then you are claiming that America has more mental cases per capita than other counties. We know that is not the case. The real issue is the access to guns.

    You have to rationalize and excuse the senseless deaths as being a price worth paying to keep the guns. Seems difficult when the argument *for* having guns is supposedly "safety".

    Now, I have no intention of providing a platform for gun advocates. If you post such, expect it to be deleted because it is tasteless to always be promoting guns just after every shooting.

    This particular nut seems to be an angry, racist loser. A JW upbringing could certainly have contributed to some resentment and personal issues but I think it's a stretch to lay the blame for actions like this at their door. HE did it and his reasons seems to be mostly focused on race.

  • steve2

    Wingcommander, I like your use of the word "contribute" - as in an organization contriubting to an outcome. That is refreshingly different from saying the organization "caused" the egregious acts of violence or has within it that inevitable outcome.

    I agree with you about raising the issue of how the organization may have in some improtant way contributed to how he developed his beliefs about himself, others and the world.

    Also see my earlier post on the role of "predispoing" and genetic variables as likely being important causative of mental health disorders.

  • freemindfade
    If the issue is solely mental health, then you are claiming that America has more mental cases per capita than other counties.

    I believe that is true lol

    Also there are a lot of guns, so if someone choses to act violently they are probably going to use a gun.

    I don't care about gun control as I have already said, legal or illegal ill have one, and I am not going to use it to shoot a reporter in a mental breakdown.

    Would not having access to guns affect violent crimes in america perpetrated by maniacs???

    I doubt it. Its not going to turn america into some sort of Utopia. The people who want t hurt someone with a gun will get one. This I know.

    Supply and demand

    America wants guns

    America gets guns

    Does the law affect that?

    And if you have any dealings with healthcare in america, and you have worked with or know someone who works in mental health, there is a major problem in this country and it is the worst funded most ignored institutions. Our mental health system is horrible!

    Simon perhaps it is the tone set by America since day one. The mentality of a gun toting country that is deeply ingrained in the psyche of the people. Of freedom. Just like this prohibition didn't end this countries thirst for booze, gun-prohibition wont end it's thirst for firepower, like it or not. So perhaps the amount of guns in this country lends to higher gun violence, sure, the question should be are stricter gun laws going to change the amount and access to guns. I say NO. So your point may have some truth, but I think the solution to it is fantasy. supply and demand, that transcends laws every damn day.

  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress

    "Gun Show Loophole" is a media-hyped MYTH. Everyone selling at Gun Shows is an FFL dealer, and required to do the BATF insta-check, right on the spot.

    No, not Everyone. In California, yes, they would be regulated. In Nevada, Tennesse & Ohio (to name a few) that's NOT the case. There have been been several undercover investigations of this already.

  • Billyblobber
    Mental health -is- a huge problem in America as compared to other places because Reagan pretty much started the ball rolling on completely destroying the mental health support structure in America, with Bush 1 and Clinton putting the nail in the coffin. With most of our large mental health facilities closed, we don't have a very good infrastructure at all in place to handle mental health on the large scale needed across the country.
  • nicolaou
    Cappytan: People all over the world shoot each other. This isn't an American problem. You just hear about it more often because the American media has the motto, "if it bleeds, it leads."

    Yes, people all over the world do shoot each other - but do you think those fatal shooting stats are comparable to the U.S? In South Africa and a handful of South American cities maybe.

    The reason we hear about American shooting fatalities more often is because they happen more often. Much more.

  • WingCommander

    In the 1980's, then President Reagan started the de-regulation and de-funding of our mental health system. It has spiraled out of control since then. My mother was an RN, and worked for 10 years in the psychiatric ward of her hospital. (in the 1990's.) There are not enough places to put all the people, and 99% of the state run hospitals/asylums/institutions have been shut down. Big Pharmacia has promoted this, because they want everyone to be medicated. But guess what? No one can afford their sh*t, and half the nut-cases stop taking the meds once they "feel better." This is especially true of schizophrenics, because the meds make them groggy and feel awful, so they go off them once they feel "normal." They soon relapse, worse than ever! There are more people than ever in this country, and instead of more mental institutions we have less than ever before.....but plenty of drugs which only the elite or people on welfare can afford.

    99% of the "mass murder" or "spree killings" like in movie theaters, schools, etc are committed by paranoid, delusional, schizophrenics, who stole weapons from family that they knew legally had them somewhere. The rest are THUGS and gang-bangers, or addicts using weapons to steal money for illegal drugs.

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