VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • SuziDrums
    Once the 23-page manifesto that was faxed to ABC News and turned over to the police is leaked, we'll have a better idea of his motivation. Those of us who have lived the dub experience know darned well it nurtures crazy more than mollifying it.
  • krejames

    To be fair it could be argued that there is a stronger correlation between the shooting and the gun rights than there is between the shooting and being a Jehovah's Witness - so it's fair to comment on it.

    And, of course, this thread had nothing to do with gun rights until someone opposed to those rights decided to bring it up.
  • freemindfade

    Can anyone logically explain to me how stringent gun rights will take guns away from criminals?

    Only facts please. If you say it will take the guns off the streets that's bs. I lived in NYC which had extreme gun laws (for america). And I could have made one phone call and bought all the illegal fire arms I wanted. People were shot regularly with ILLEGALLY acquired firearms.

    lets say they ban guns, someone mechanically explain how that will prevent an insane or criminal person from getting on and using it please.

  • WingCommander

    In the USA, if he had been involuntarily committed to a mental institution, a felon, dishonorably discharged from the military, had any time of domestic abuse charge, PFA against him, open warrants for his arrest, history of drug use, then he would immediately by flagged by the insta-check system that ALL ATF licensed FFL dealers use when selling firearms. Either that, or he obtained the firearm illegally by stealing it, or buying it from someone else on the street who stole it themselves. That, or he obtained it legally because he had no priors (like I mentioned above), and then went nuts.

    Crazy is crazy. If he wanted to kill them, he could have doused them with gasoline and lit a match. He could have run them over with a truck as they walked to their newsvan. He could have dropped cement blocks on their heads from above as they left this interview. If someone is determined to kill, they WILL. Look at all the knife/machette attacks in China, Asia, etc. Sheesh.

  • out4good4

    Wow.....the pro-gun contigent here is on hair trigger defense mode.

  • cappytan
    Wow.....the pro-gun contigent here is on hair trigger defense mode.

    Because we're tired of something that is an issue with America's mental health system being turned into an issue about guns.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    An eye for an eye is a good policy in this instance. Yes, he should die.


  • SuziDrums

    Well, it looks like it's a combination of factors. His jw history is probably a factor in one very messed-up psychology. Having been through management training on how to work with difficult people, I can see why they ultimately fired him, but not without trying to work with him first. He appears to have felt that his personal entitlement was more important than the individual rights of his co-workers.

    Here is more on things he's posted that are pertinent:

  • freemindfade

    My dad was a criminal, so was my half brother, they had guns everywhere, all the time.

    Do you think they bought any of them legally? Nope.

    Could they have bought one legally. Nope

    Did gun control have any bearing on the guns they possessed. Nope

    If it was legal or illegal I will still own one. Criminals don't give a crap about "Gun Control"

    If you really want one, in whatever country you live in, you can get one, even the ones where they are completely banned. People need to think more like criminals before commenting on such a thing I think.

    How will more LAWS take guns away from people who own them ILLEGALLY. They are already ignoring laws. And if someone wants to hurt people they will find away, gun, knife, car, bomb, whatever.

    A crazy person is a crazy person. if guns didn't even exist would this asshole who shot the reporters just have said to himself "well I don't know how I will kill these two people, oh well, guess I'll just do something else". Pretty sure he would have found a way and killed them.

  • brandnew
    Just like prohibition couldnt get rid of alcohol........aint no laws gonna get my gun!!!!!! Just sayin!!!!!

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