VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress
    Violent crimes and murder in America have DECREASED by 50% over the last 20 years

    YES FREEMINDFADE, that's true. Remember the Miami cocaine wars of the 1980s?? How about the Crips vs Bloods in the early 90s?? Yes, these were indeed bloodbaths, which drove up the overall murder statistics nationwide. Someone earlier stated, rather ignoranty, that "regulations & policing don't work." Well, one reason that the Miami cocaine wars subsided was that the US Justice Dept had the FBI and other agencies infiltrate these cartels. Some might say the violence just moved to Columbia, but the point moved out of Miami. Look at New York City. It was a crime-infested armpit of the US back in the 70s and 80s. Times Square was full of junkies and prostitutes. They they had drugs, thugs, organized crime, petty crime, and the gun violence you'd come to expect from drug deals gone bad, ect. Now look at the place!!! Times Square is a damned TOURIST TRAP.

    OK I am sick of this. One sided stats and facts. Does anyone even understand how statistics work??? You can just throw out a number without context.

    So, you wanna "put it in context" do you??

    Now...let's talk about those gangs and drug dealers for a minute. How many Crips did you ever hear of walking into a Pokemon fest, elementary school, movie theater, mall, a university dorm building, Post Office, workplace, a Luby's, a McDonalds, a Brown's Chicken only to kill a busload of people for sheer entertainment??? How many of them did you hear of sniping at innocent people from long distance, like the DC shooter? I'll gladly answer that...NONE. The fact that gang members & narcos tend to go after one another, seems to elude you. Yes, they are bad. And yes, you'd definitely want a weapon for home defense, if these guys are in, or around your city. But, back to the point, you whine about "one sided stats." Yet, using the whole, tired mantra of: "overall gun violence has dropped" is about as one-sided, and about as LACKING in CONTEXT as one can get!

  • freemindfade

    No they don't do those things, but I guarantee you they account for much more of the murder numbers than the spectacle shootings the media has made so desirable by our cult of celebrity maniacs.

    You know you guys also preach about this stuff like you know so much about crime and criminals, and you do not. I know gang members, i have family that are gang members.

    America has urban problems that a dinky little country like the UK doesn't, it also has a lot of guns, out the two together and you have a problem. I am ok saying that, but you easy chair quarterbacks love to sit back and spew ideas you get from watching action movies and the "if it bleeds it leads media."

    I am not whining about anything, I am saying if you are going to point out a problem why pick one? there are lots of problems with with violence here. Guns are just easy to latch onto for the weak minded as the only and #1 problem. thats all I'm saying

  • LoveUniHateExams

    That me be one of the most shocking things I've heard on this site - and one of the most honest.

    After you've taken a few deep breaths and gotten over your initial shock, perhaps you might like to give me high marks for honesty ...

  • freemindfade
    By the way, the cocaine cowboys are out of jail now, the ones that survived. Also that violence was a transplant to america. I know what they are up to know, its less risky and violent although still illegal, even those ass clowns learned a better way!
  • freemindfade

    @ LoveUniHateExams, honestly I feel kinda bad for you, we all say honest and shocking things, I'm not innocent, but to make a public declaration of bigotry is pretty extreme.

    New York city, and I mean the real New York city, is probably one of the most diverse places and I love it, so for you to have a bigoted view of diversity, its really just sad. For me anyway, but carry on, its your freedom.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @FMF - yeah, you're probably right. I should be more open-minded.

    to make a public declaration of bigotry is pretty extreme - we're all bigots. Some choose to admit this; others do not.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "Bigots" has a bad connotation.

    Use a different term, such as "discriminating person"... oh wait, I forgot, that word ("discriminate" and all its cognates) also lost its neutral and acceptable original meaning. Oh well, you are out of luck. Sorry. You can't voice your opinion, lest it be shocking to some.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    I'm a bigot. I hate everyone who seek to harm others, socially, psychologically or physically regardless of their tools, be it religion, politics, crime or the individual choice to do so.

    On poverty, crime and brutality:

    no one can deny that these three are supreme bedfellows. I have been assigned to countries fom Europe to South America and Asia. There is no boubt that where there is poverty there is sub-par education (if any) and therefore irrational thinking and behavior. All too often crime and brutality are revered, seen as currency for respect and leadership. FMF has a very valid point in that crime is the primary concern and therefore how to eradicate it, vs. the second concern which are the tools for criminals.

    Please bare in mind I am referring to crime in general, not specific crimes like rampage shooting.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    we're all bigots.

    Speak for yourself!


  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress
    No they don't do those things, but I guarantee you they account for much more of the murder numbers than the spectacle shootings the media has made so desirable by our cult of celebrity maniacs.

    Uhh, Freemindfade, that's precisely the POINT I WAS TRYING TO MAKE. So you now seem to agree, that gun violence statistics are driven up, or down by a large host of factors. If gang violence goes up, then so do the stats, if gang violence drops, then so do the stats. Yet, at the end of it all, your still left with the fact that we (U.S.) remain the only developed, "1st world" country, with a CHRONIC mass shooting problem.

    As far as 'celebrity maniacs,' I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. I think that, you might be referring to well-known people who don't share your views. But, I'm not sure.

    You know you guys also preach about this stuff like you know so much about crime and criminals,

    I'm not sure who 'us guys' are. And as for PREACHING, I've heard enough preaching on here in the form regurgitated sound bites, cut & pasted from the NRA's current leadership. Note: I've had hunting rifles since I was a kid. My first was a Remington .22 cal pump that I got for my 11th birthday. Back in those days, the NRA was all about sportsman type shooting & hunting. If you follow the money, and do a little independent research, you can easily see that this organization has morphed into a well-funded mouthpiece of the gun manufacturing lobby. They WANT TO SELL GUNS! And nothing will stand in their way. I challenge you to research this yourself.

    Rather than preaching, I'm only calling you out, for not being willing to parse through the facts, and see beyond the sound-bites. I've already quoted Lincoln once, please don't make me do it again.

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