Governing Body member is in Australia right now!

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  • Anonymous1

    Everyone, I just spoke with Alison. She's lovely and really wants to help us.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can we come up with some questions for her to ask Geoff Jackson if she gets to talk with him.

    I'm a bit emotional at the moment to do this all on my own.

  • Anonymous1

    I'll start:

    Did you make that video on last month saying that any child abuse stories were from apostates because you knew this was coming?

    Why do you stick to the 2 witness rule from Deuteronomy 19:15 when the same book of the bible in Deuteronomy 22:28, 29 it says that a woman that was raped has to marry her rapist and you don't follow that?

    Come on guys this is important!

  • Anonymous1

    Why don't you allow parents to sit in on the judicial committee for their under age kids?

    Why do the abused victims have to confront their abuser and with 3 other men?

  • Anonymous1
    They just said that Geoff Jackson has no control to change these policies... who of the top leaders does then???
  • alison123


    Back again... Just for background I work across all ABC programs such as Lateline, 730, Four Corners, 7pm news and all radio programs and online.

    I had to seek advice from management about approaching GJ. I have to ask for an official sit down interview for the 730 program and cannot doorstop him. (That is I can't just turn up on his doorstep.) I don't like my chances but I will give it a try. I still need your questions though.

    Thanks again.


  • nonjwspouse
    whoa it sounded just now as if they are contemplating asking Geoffry Jackson to the RC. The justice just said this unless I heard completely wrong. He was referring to the structure changes being made only by NY, and Mr Jackson would be helpful to be appearing before the commission.
  • Anonymous1

    Another question:

    How is it that elders that are "just following direction from the Branch" with these criminal cases are any different from the Nazi SS officers that were just following direction in WW2?

  • Anonymous1

    Yes they did nonjwspouse. They have his address where he is staying now too.

    Lying sacks of sh*t saying he has no input on changing these policies!!!

  • cognac

    Pants of righteousness just posted this in the other thread:


    Harristown meeting times:

    Thursday, 7:30 p.m. (Congregation Bible Study)
    Saturday, 3:00 p.m. (Public Meeting)
    338 Spring Street
  • millie210

    Hi Allison123!

    My suggested question:

    Do you think that policy will change now that the need for change has become clear?

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