Governing Body member is in Australia right now!

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  • possum

    Good South African Boy he is "

    He answers e-mails quite regularly btw !

    Its like a Caffeine High ! -all day !

    sparrowdown an hour ago

    ""Jackson is probably in Oz to give a Churchillian style speech to rally the troops at the Aus Branch.

    " We will fight them in the field, we will fight them at the RC..." kind of thing.""

    But we shall NEVER ADMIT we F---D up !

  • Anonymous1

    Do you think I should pursue this further?

    I'm thinking of writing to some reporters with the following message...


    Hi (name),

    For personal reasons I would like to remain anonymous. First I want to say thank you for covering the Royal Commission case about Jehovah's Witnesses. You did a great job with your research.

    It is extremely important for so many people here in Australia that these horrible policies to do with handling child abuse are changed. Too many people have suffered and are still suffering because of these rules.

    The problem with the Royal Commission is that they are dealing with people at the bottom of the rungs. The only ones that have the authority to make changes are the 7 Governing Body members located at New York headquarters. I'm not sure if you know, but one of the Governing Body members is an Australian - Geoffery Jackson. He is here in Australia at the moment.

    I happen to know exactly where he is staying for the next couple of weeks. He is in a suburb of Toowoomba, Qld.

    Would this information be of interest and use to you?


    These are the contacts I have at the moment...

    [email protected] - From this report:

    Martin McKenzie-Murray (I can't find his email, could anyone help?) - From this report:

    [email protected] - From this report:


    Do you think this is worth pursuing? Any suggestions?

  • sparrowdown
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Lemonp

    Yea man reporters have some semblance honour and they will keep you anonymous

    I called Triple J the other day, they were really nice

  • azor

    The only reason I could think of not sending is if the royal commission has a surprise subpoena. Which I seriously doubt. I imagine these things take months to put together. Even if it jeopardized there subpoena I still think it's worth it. The news coverage of a jw leader dodging the press would be priceless.

    I also wonder of Jackson could be the next Ray Franz. I admit that I don't know him well but he seems to be a genuine true believer. Not one that puts on a show like Lett or Morris.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Should this not be moved to the members only section? Anyone lurking here could tip off Jackson to the content of this thread.
  • Lemonp

    nah leave it, if he finds out it makes him choose between deserting his sick father, and deserting his religion.

    Delicious irony

  • JWdaughter
    Maybe jackson is going to lob some bombshells. God I would go to the kingdom hall in a dress to watch the congregations reaction. That's a looooong vacation from bethel! Isn't that how Franz started? A l.o.a.?
  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I wouldn't want the commission to miss out on the opportunity of grilling him if he suddenly skipped town.

    Can you imagine the fall out if Jackson were to appear and perform on the stand like this bunch of fools we've seen so far?!

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