Governing Body member is in Australia right now!

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  • 3rdgen

    Defender of truth, Thank you for correcting my statement that it was a form. Accuracy is vital at these hearings.

    Nevertheless, can you BELIEVE this asinine question? Defend THAT Watchtower!!!

  • smiddy

    I have sent a pm to Alison123 basically saying if J.C.can have women ruling with him in heaven for 1000 years why can`t the G.B. have anointed sisters serving their or even have leadership roles in the congregations.


  • Listener
    The org is more important than the victims
  • Richard_I

    @Anonymous1, the link you posted had this at the end which I'm sure most would find interesting:

    "As Mr Jackson's role in the church was translation it was unlikely he could help anyway, Mr Tokley [Watch Tower laywer] said."

    That's the governing body at work. "I'm just a translator, even though 8 million believe me to be one of the leaders of the organization on earth and I help make the rules."

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    McLennan had just said that he wants Jackson to testify next week 😁
  • LostGeneration

    Yep, dude saw through all the bullshit and lies.

    Hope he makes it happen, wouldn't be surprised if Jackson hops the next jet back to NYC.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I am sitting in my bed listening to the end of the live feed and grinning from ear to ear. Finally someone is going to hold the governing body responsible for their harmful tyranny.
  • umbertoecho

    Don't worry folks, obviously someone has gotten through, maybe it has been the collective efforts of those here and there. The thing is..........Jackson is being called in to give testimony. The slimy wt thingy lawyer has fought this with everythiing but ........

    His Honour doesn't buy it anymore...Let us hope that they don't come up with something to prevent this happening.

    The thing is.....the Royal Commission had been kept in the dark as to the power of the GB and people have been so angry about it that it has come to light. That, along with the extensive powers of a GB member, were not made clear...Well, it is now....Better shut myself up incase I jinx it....

  • umbertoecho
    Never thought the day would come....I'm so, so,............oh I don't know, I'm very bloody impressed with this team.
  • kairos

    Maybe they can play the clip from the Broadcast of Lett blaming apostates for stories of pedophiles?

    ( while Jackson watches along, too. Of course )

    If there is a "Jehovah", he must be directing this exposure.
    This level of humiliation upon the ones claiming their policies are directed by the Holy Spirit seems to be never ending.
    He's certainly never been leading them. NEVER!

    ( if so, where is the evidence JW site visitors? )

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