What did you do?

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  • Michael3000

    What did I do? I woke up - and realized that I no longer wanted to be a part of an "organization" full of arrogant, self-righteous, closed-minded, drones. I pity you for your blind devotion.



  • Michael3000

    "Is this greed?"

    Uhhh... Aren't you doing it for "everlasting life"? I mean, let's be real about this: living forever in "perfect" bodies, never dying or even getting sick. Hmmm... I would say that's a motivator, right there.



  • Michael3000

    ...and here's why we know you got a "W" on your little Theocratic Ministry School report card:

    "Unloving... oh :(( That's so sad. That reminds me of an assembly
    talk from over a year ago. We're waiting for the bus, at the bus
    stop.. finally it comes, we board the bus, find a seat. You're SO
    happy to find the only vacant seat, 'cause it's a long journey! The
    bus is packed full of people, it's VERY HOT. Then you notice how
    over there on the front seat, the air conditioner is working! Ohhh..
    how you wish you were there, where it's nice and cool. Next, the
    fat woman sitting next to you with two kids on her lap proceeds to
    have her picnic, and spreads her stuff all over the seat, with her
    children annoying you.. and you wish how you were sitting at least
    a few seats away from them...."


  • patio34


    Well you have sure opened an interesting thread. I've been reading it for days now.

    My reason for leaving after 28 years (I'm just inactive) is that everytime I read any intellectual material or had a conversation with the educated folks at work, it was SO at odds with the WTBS. And, like a good jw, I subdued these doubts I had had for most of my time as a jw.

    However, it suddenly struck me that dinasours predated humans and so their violence couldn't possibly be caused by Adam's sin. Moreover, Gen. 1:30 states that all living creatures were given green vegetation to eat--but dinasours who lived before that were already carnivorous. That seems to be a fatal flaw to me.

    I decided to investigate in scientific literature and have really about decided the WTBS is wrong--about more than dinasours too.


  • Michael3000

    "I made it clear in the beginning that if someone needs help
    studying apostate garbage, they can turn to me as I believe I am
    the expert. I told this to our overseer, a very spiritual, respected
    brother, been in da troof all his life. They all know I got a 10mbit
    cable connection to the internet at home, and they know I'm the
    apostate-buster. I haven't heard one negative word about this."

    Your "overseer" must really think you're a jackass. I know I do.



  • Francois

    Esmeralda, you've really got a point with your statement that the J-Dubs want everyone to be the same person. To them, the scripture that says "I will set them in unity like a flock in the pen" really means they will be in uniformity. There's a big, big difference between unity and uniformity. And even though it's a big difference, it's apparently too subtle a point for the geniuses at 124 Adams Street.

    No one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of Jehovah's Witnesses

  • RedhorseWoman

    What did I do? Well, Still, I woke up to the truth about the "truth". I realized that it was a large publishing company masquerading as a prophet of God, and that the principles they used to condemn other religions were exactly the principles that could be used to condemn them as well. There was no "love amongst the brothers", there was no honesty and upholding of Bible principles. The congregations were rife with liars, thieves, fornicators and gossipers.

    I don't smoke. I don't drink. I've never cheated in my marriage. Okay, fine, I occasionally buy a lottery ticket. I'm pretty much now what I always was as a JW.....I just don't have to rationalize away all of the garbage that I've seen within the BOrg. Now I can tell it as I see it.

  • jezebel influence
    jezebel influence

    To still in truth

    What is (in good standing),does it mean you havent gone against the rules?
    good for you!
    the elders will love you- BUT is that enough to (get you a ticket) to the new world? I saw that you have a message that says "one down more to go' on another page.how do you know that gods not hoping you will change your haughty ideas? before he decides to give you any shelter?
    Isnt it people with christlike personalities, that god will invite?
    I realy cant imagine Jesus talking to us on here saying such a thing.
    But hey when JAH sends your invite put it on the net to have a real gloat...we are already wondering what it looks like!

    signing off..and in awe of your holly ness.

  • emancipated
  • BudLight

    What is that supposed to mean?

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